Friday, November 22, 2019

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

Global Geothermal News - Weekly Update (Geothermal Resources Council)

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Monday, November 18
Kenya: Geothermal Development Company Receives GRMF Funding for Baringo-Silali Exploration - Currently, GDC is drilling for geothermal steam at Paka. In August, the company struck a successful first well that confirmed the area as productive.

Croatia: Tender Announced for Geothermal Exploration in Virovitica Area - The chosen bidder will receive a permit for the extraction of geothermal water for energy purposes, states a press release from AZU.

Tuesday, November 19
USA, Washington D.C.: GRC Executive Director Represents Geothermal Energy on The Hill - The geothermal industry is helping build a future where geothermal power and heat can be rolled out across the nation as a critical source of renewable energy.

USA, Washington D.C.: Advanced Geothermal Innovation Leadership Act (AGILE) Advances out of Committee - Agenda Item 17: S. 2657, a bill to support innovation in advanced geothermal research and development, and for other purposes. (Sen. Murkowski, R-AK)
Passed by voice vote.

USA, Washington D.C.: Hope for Geothermal Energy in Draft of Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act - The production tax credit (PTC) for geothermal energy is revived and extended through the end of 2019. Separately, geothermal is made eligible for a higher investment tax credit under § 48 starting in 2020. See sec. 102 of the discussion draft.

Croatia: 16.5 MWe Velika Ciglena Geothermal Plant Officially Unveiled - The Velika 1 geothermal power plant was put into operation in December 2018, and has been operating at full capacity since March 2019, supplying electricity to almost the entire city of Bjelovar.

Wednesday, November 20
USA, California: Grant Funding Opportunity for R&D on Geothermal Energy and Lithium Co-Production - Funded projects will help improve production and flexibility of existing geothermal facilities and demonstrate the economic capture of lithium from geothermal brines.

Thursday, November 21
South Africa: Discovery of Hotspot Could Lead to Geothermal Energy Development - In South Africa, the hotspot pushes the crust upwards, generating the distinctive landscape, which consists mostly of tablelands more than one kilometre above sea level, the researchers say.

Friday, November 22
Indonesia: Initial Environmental Examination of 55 MW Dieng Unit 2 Geothermal Power Project Available - Power plant with an installed capacity of 1 x 55 MW using a combined cycle power plant technology (i.e., back pressure turbine and organic Rankine cycle bottoming for steam and brine).

Iceland: Plans to Re-Inject More CO2 and H2S from Geothermal Power Plants - ON Power will double the amount of CO2 and H2S currently reinjected into the subsurface using the CarbFix method at the HellisheiĆ°i Geothermal Power Plant.

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