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Science & Technology: Geothermal Energy Can Help Desalination Process

Thermal desalination potential with parabolic trough collectors and geothermal energy in the Spanish southeast (Applied Energy)

Desalination industry has become essential for the survival of the population in places with shortages of fresh water. Because is a costly process, the constant search for the best local renewable energy sources is a necessity.

A theoretical Multi-effect distillation plant of 9000 m3/d located in the southeast Spanish (Almería) is intended to fed thermally with solar (parabolic trough collectors) and geothermal energy.

Starting from the history of solar irradiation and temperatures of the province of Almería from 1994 to 2016 provided by Solargis database, a discrimination of the profile of temperatures is obtained at the exit of the solar panels. Putting in common the profile exit temperatures and the potentiality of the geothermal resource at the depth in the area under study, a series of possible configurations are obtained.

The theoretical results of the study indicate that during 76% of the annual time is achieved with both resources (solar and geothermal) at that depth of the well in that specific climatological zone (490 m, t = 41.8 °C).

Since the thermal gradient in the area is 8.87 °C per 100 m depth according to the studies carried out, only geothermal energy would be necessary at deep of 790 m to obtain working temperatures of the desalination plant at 70 °C.

Applying the results to the existing desalination plants of the Spanish project named Actions for the Management and Utilization of Water is obtained 6 years of amortization and 510,387,920 kg/y CO2 avoided to the atmosphere for all of these plants.

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Thermal desalination potential with parabolic trough collectors and geothermal energy in the Spanish southeast, by Antonio Colmenar-Santos, Elisabet Palomo-Torrejón, Francisco Mur-Pérez, Enrique Rosales-Asensio, Applied Energy, Volume 262, 15 March 2020, 114433,

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

Global Geothermal News - Weekly Update (Geothermal Resources Council)

A round-up of this week's international geothermal energy news.......

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USA, California: High-Temperature Well Cementing and Integrity Workshop - Early Bird Rates End On Sunday!

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The joint Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) workshop will highlight cement formulae and slurry blends, placement methods, remedial procedures and result evaluations. Case studies will be discussed and analyzed.

All drilling personnel, both geothermal and oil & gas drilling and production engineers, well-site supervisors, cementing engineers and interested personnel are encouraged to register.

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Kenya: Tax Savings from Completion of 165 MW Olkaria V Geothermal Project Helps KenGen Profits

Tax savings on Olkaria V project doubles KenGen’s profits (Capital FM Kenya)

Kenya Electricity Generating Company, KenGen, has posted a 98 percent increase on its profit after tax to hit Sh8.17 billion for the first half of the 2019/2020 financial year ending December 2019.

The company has attributed the growth to tax savings arising from the completion of 165MW Olkaria V geothermal project which also resulted in a tax credit of Sh1.89 billion, compared to a tax expense of Sh1.9 billion in the previous period.

USA, Washington DC: Murkowski-Manchin Geothermal Research and Development Bill Will Serve as the Legislative Vehicle for Advancing Energy Package

Massive new bipartisan Senate energy legislative package could see vote as early as next week (Utility Dive)

The Senate stands adjourned until 3:00pm on Monday, March 2, 2020, and will resume consideration of Calendar #357, S 2657: Advanced Geothermal Innovation Leadership Act. 

The 555 page legislative package combines almost all the 50 energy bills that were reported to the Senate in 2019, and is intended to increase innovation in clean energy technologies. The bill will focus on energy efficiency, renewables, energy storage, carbon capture, nuclear power and electric vehicles, while supply chain security provisions include establishing a domestic rare earth supply chain, cybersecurity and grid modernization.

"This bill is our best chance to modernize our nation's energy policies in more than 12 years," Murkowski, who chairs the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (ENR), said in a statement. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is planning to bring the legislative package to the Senate floor for a possible vote as early as next week.

McConnell filed to proceed next week on a Murkowski-Manchin geothermal research and development bill, which will serve as the legislative vehicle for advancing this package, according to ENR. Once senators vote to proceed on the geothermal bill, Murkowski and Manchin plan to introduce a substitute amendment with the full text of their legislative package.

Ethiopia: Toshiba to Supply 5 MW Geothermal Wellhead Plant at Aluto Langano

Toshiba Wins Order In Ethiopia For Small Scale Geothermal Power Generation System For Wellhead (News Release)

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) today announced that the company, Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Turkish engineering company Egesim Energy Electro-Mechanic Construction Contracting Co., Ltd. have received an order of engineering, procurement and construction for Aluto Langano Geothermal Wellhead Power System in central Ethiopia, which is developed by the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP). Toshiba ESS will be in charge of supplying the steam turbine and the generator.

This project will proceed under the Grant Aid scheme of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Aluto Langano Geothermal Wellhead Power System is a 5 MW small scale geothermal power plant where EEP plans to commence commercial operations in August 2021. Toshiba ESS will deliver its small scale geothermal power generation system at this power plant.

Policy: How to Reform Geothermal Policy - Clearpath

Geothermal thermal energy is an underutilized hot resource! (ClearPath)

Clearpath is a member of the GRC Policy Committee

Geothermal energy can be incredibly diverse. Historically, there have been two main ways to harness geothermal resources – through geothermal heat pumps or hydrothermal resources. Geothermal heat pumps are an example of direct-use, which captures the heat from geothermal resources and redirects the energy for beneficial uses such as space heating and cooling, which utilizes the temperature difference between the ambient air and the temperature of the geothermal resource. 

Hydrothermal resources use existing hot water or steam in naturally occurring regions, where the resource is at the Earth’s surface or comes close to the surface. Hydrothermal steam or hot water can also be captured to drive a turbine, similarly to thermal electric power generation or hydropower, generating clean electricity.

Geothermal energy is a clean, renewable resource available in most regions. A recent DOE study, GeoVision, highlighted the potential to combine other energy sector technologies with geothermal energy to tap into regions once thought impossible. These are called enhanced or engineered geothermal systems (EGS), where existing and safe oil and gas technology is utilized to access larger geothermal resources or to create artificial reservoirs through the injection of water in hot rocks.

How to Reform Geothermal Policy
  1. Reorient and bolster geothermal research, development, and demonstrations
  2. Streamline permitting and regulatory requirements to reduce costs and increase installed geothermal capacity.
  3. Improve stakeholder collaboration and knowledge sharing between relevant industries.
  4. Geothermal energy should be incentivized to encourage further investment and development.
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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Colombia: Great Potential for Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy in Colombia as of 2018 (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)

Colombia is a country with great potential for the exploitation of geothermal energy due to its high volcanic activity caused by the subduction between the Nazca and South American tectonic plates. However, this energy is yet to be exploited.

This article seeks to describe, by means of a literature review and information processing, the current status of geothermal energy in Colombia, including the current regulations, the limitations, the recommendations to develop the geothermal energy, and some of the most important projects, studies, and research papers that have been emerged on the discovery, exploration, and exploitation of geothermal energy within the country, emphasizing the areas where exploration projects have been initiated, such as the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the Tufiño–Chiles–Cerro Negro volcanic system, the Azufral volcano geothermal area, and the Paipa geothermal area.

Over the years, energy vulnerability in Colombia and a government policy of fostering sustainable development in different territories have generated favorable conditions for the exploitation of geothermal resources. Nevertheless, there are several technical, infrastructural, legal, and institutional barriers that slow the proper development of these projects.

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Moreno-Rendón, D., López-Sánchez, J., & Blessent, D. (2020). Geothermal Energy in Colombia as of 2018. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 24(1).

USA, California: City of Glendale Signs PPA for 15.5 MW Geothermal Power from Open Mountain Energy

Glendale Water & Power Enters Into Agreement To Purchase Geothermal Energy, Increasing Its Renewable Portfolio (News Release)

The Glendale City Council adopted a resolution on Tuesday to enter into a set of long-term Power Sales Agreements (PSA's) with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) to purchase geothermal energy. 

The projects, Whitegrass No.1 Geothermal and Star Peak Geothermal, under the management of Open Mountain Energy, LLC located in Nevada, will commence on April 2020 and April 2021 respectively. The two projects combined will bring 15.5 MW of 100% renewable energy to Glendale and GWP customers, and will move Glendale significantly further towards meeting the State of California's mandates of Senate Bill (SB) 100. 

Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian stated, "This agreement marks another successful milestone in Glendale's path towards its clean energy goals while maintaining a reliable power supply for Glendale. Instead of only generating power when the sun is shining or when the wind is blowing, a geothermal project produces energy continuously, so we can rely on it for power around the clock; a partnership and achievement we are very proud of." Geothermal energy is consistent and has high capacity factor at approximately 90%, as compared to the lower capacity factors of intermittent resources like solar and wind, which are at 25% and 34% respectively.

USA, Washington DC: American Energy Innovation Act Would Boost Geothermal Energy Development

Murkowski, Manchin Introduce American Energy Innovation Act (Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee)

After a full year of hearings, business meetings, and bipartisan negotiations, U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., today released the text of their energy innovation package.

The American Energy Innovation Act (AEIA) will modernize domestic energy laws to ensure the United States remains a global energy leader while also strengthening national security, increasing our international competitiveness, and investing in clean energy technologies.

Section 1203. Advanced Geothermal Innovation Leadership.

Section 1203 directs the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to

  • update its geothermal resource assessment; 
  • establishes a program to transfer and adapt key oil and gas technologies for geothermal development; 
  • creates a prize competition for the production of critical minerals from geothermal brines; 
  • expands research into enhanced geothermal systems; 
  • establishes a research program for heat pumps and direct use; 
  • defines the thermal component of geothermal energy as renewable;
  • reauthorizes DOE’s geothermal R&D program for five years; 
  • reauthorizes a program for geothermal development in locations with high utility prices; 
  • directs the Secretaries of the Interior, Energy, and Agriculture to establish national goals for geothermal development; 
  • allows noncompetitive leasing for geothermal energy on federal lands if it will be coproduced from an existing oil or gas well; 
  • provides for expedited geothermal energy exploration on public lands under certain strict, environmentally protective parameters; and 
  • directs the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to coordinate with the Forest Service, Department of Defense, and EPA on permit processing. 
For the full bill text, please click here. For a high-level summary, please click here. For a section-by-section, please click here.

Iceland: Landsvirkjun to Provide Geothermal Power to Reykjavík Data Center

Landsvirkjun and Reykjavík Data Center Announce a Green Power Purchase Agreement to Provide 100% Renewable Power and Sustainability Benefits (Businesswire)

The National Power Company of Iceland will deliver 100% certified renewable energy to the high-performance computing data center.

Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s national power company, and Reykjavík Data Center (Reykjavík DC), a high-performance computing data center, have signed a Green Power Purchase Agreement guaranteeing certified renewable energy at the data center. Located in Reykjavík, the data center will utilize 100% hydro-electric and geothermal renewable energy from Landsvirkjun in Iceland.

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Philippines: Energy Development Corp Looking to Binary Technology to Boost Geothermal Production

EDC eyeing to build binary plants (Business Mirror)

The Energy Development Corp. (EDC) is targeting to put up binary plants in each of its existing geothermal plants in the country to boost its power-generation capacity by the end of the year.

The company said the binary plants will allow the company to enhance its power-generation capacity without building new power plants outside existing geothermal concessions.

EDC currently operates geothermal plants in Kananga and Ormoc Leyte; Valencia in Negros Oriental; Bacon in Sorsogon and Manito in Albay; and Kidapawan in North Cotabato.

Interviewed at the sidelines of the 3rd Philippine Environmental Summit in Cagayan de Oro City, Allan V. Barcena, head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Frances L. Ariola, specialist Corporate Communications of EDC bared that this year, the company is focusing on binary plants.

“When you say binary plants, these are low-capacity plants with 5 to 20 megawatts. They are easy to set up,” said Barcena. “We plan to have one per site. The source of binary plants is geothermal steam. We are now complying with the permit requirements.”

Compared to big capacity conventional power plants with a capacity of 100 megawatts  or more, binary plants do not need huge investments, as these are located inside existing geothermal concessions.

USA, California: High-Temperature Well Cementing and Integrity Workshop - Early Bird Rates End On Sunday!

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The joint Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) workshop will highlight cement formulae and slurry blends, placement methods, remedial procedures and result evaluations. Case studies will be discussed and analyzed.

All drilling personnel, both geothermal and oil & gas drilling and production engineers, well-site supervisors, cementing engineers and interested personnel are encouraged to register.

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Kenya: Conference Theme is "Investing in Safety for a Sustainable Geothermal Industry"

East Africa Conference on Occupational Safety and Health (EACOSH)

Investing in Safety for a Sustainable Geothermal Industry
  • Conference Date: Thursday, 26th March 2020
  • Field Excursion Date: Friday, 27th March 2020
  • Event Address: Naivasha, Kenya
Event organised by Kipya (Africa) Limited in Collaboration with the Geothermal Association of Kenya (GAK)

The East Africa Conference on Occupational Safety and Health (EACOSH) is an inaugural conference that aims to provide a platform for deliberations on performances, policies, industry best practices and much more related issues of Occupational Safety and Health by key stakeholders and the best brains towards a vision of zero accident in the East Africa Extractives Industry.

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USA, California: Video of California’s Lithium Recovery Initiative Symposium

California’s Lithium Recovery Initiative – Symposium (California Energy Commission)

Held on February 12, 2020 at Stanford University

Global: Update of Global Geothermal Alliance Activities

Global Geothermal Alliance - Presentations and summary of GGA thematic meeting - 12 January 2020

The Geothermal Resources Council is a member of the Global Geothermal Alliance

We would like to express our gratitude to the Members and Partners participating in the thematic meeting “Global Geothermal Alliance: Enabling Frameworks for Accelerated Geothermal Energy Development”, held on 12 January 2020 in the framework of the 10th Session of the IRENA Assembly.

In this regard, please find links to the two presentations given during the meeting.

Finland: Opportunity for Geothermal to Provide Sustainable City Heating Solutions for Helsinki

Helsinki Energy Challenge (City of Helsinki)

Helsinki searches sustainable city heating solutions: Global one million euro challenge competition launches today

In a drastic turn to eliminate coal as the main source of district heating, The City of Helsinki today kicks off the Helsinki Energy Challenge – a global one million euro (about USD 1,100,000) competition to find the future of urban heating. With the aim to find a solution sustainable in the long term, ideas presented must not rely on fossil fuel or biomass fired heating.

The goal of the challenge is to find solutions that can be implemented in Helsinki by 2029 and that potentially could contribute to decarbonising city heating around the world. The City of Helsinki is committed to openly sharing the solutions and knowhow gathered from the challenge. Cities such as Toronto, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Leeds as well as organisations like the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council and C40 City Solutions Platform, are already supporting the initiative, to name a few.

With the aim of becoming carbon-neutral by 2035 and with coal banned from energy production in Finland from 2029, Helsinki is strongly dedicated to the decarbonisation of cities. Several cities already have ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions. The City of Helsinki takes things one step further in declaring that it will not rely on biomass-fired heating, making the city’s energy production not just fossil free, but truly sustainable.

The Helsinki Energy Challenge is a challenge competition, open globally to anyone who can propose a sustainable heating solution for Helsinki – consortiums, start-ups, larger and more established companies, research institutions, universities, research groups and individual experts. The only requirement is that participants should join the competition as a team.

The challenge is open for submissions from February 27, 2020 until May 31, 2020. By early July, finalists will be invited to a co-creation phase, which includes a 3-day boot camp, where they are provided support to develop their proposals, before presenting them to an international jury of experts who will name the winner(s). The winning solution(s) will be presented in November and awarded with one million euros.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

USA, Nevada: Outgoing Ormat CEO Updates on Geothermal Energy Projects

Ormat Technologies, Inc. CEO Isaac Angel on Q4 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript (Seeking Alpha)

Isaac Angel, Ormat CEO: "We remain on track with our near-term growth, and we plan between 180 and 200 megawatts of geothermal and solar power plant by the end of 2022 from organic growth.

In mid-2019, we began operation of our first ever geothermal and solar hybrid project, a 7-megawatt AC solar expansion of our Tungsten Mountain geothermal project in Nevada. The electricity generated from the tungsten solar power plant is used to offset to -- the equipment energy use facility, thus increasing the renewable energy delivered by the project.

The Steamboat Hills, a part of our Steamboat complex, we are replacing the old power plant equipment with our new advanced technology equipment that will eventually increase the capacity of the complex by approximately 19 megawatts and reduced maintenance costs. Equipment has been delivered to the site and construction is ongoing. We expect commercial operations to begin in the first half of 2020.

In Heber Complex in California, we are in process of repowering the Heber 1 and Heber 2 power plants. We are replacing the steam turbine and the older equipment with our advanced technology equipment that will add a net capacity of 11 megawatt, following these enhancement, we expect capacity of the Complex to reach 92 megawatt. Permitting, engineering and procurement are on board. Manufacturing, construction of equipment commence in the fourth quarter of 2019, with expected commercial operation in early 2021.

We plan to develop the CD4 30-megawatt air cool geothermal binary power plant near our Mammoth Complex, California. We recently announced the signing of an additional two PPAs, and now we have secured the full capacity expected for this project. These two PPAs were signed with Silicon Valley Clean Energy and Monterey Bay Community Power that will purchase 7 mega each and 14-megawatt power together.

Engineering and procurement for the construction of CD4 projects have started, and we expect this project to come online at the end of 2021. At North Valley in Nevada, following exploration activities, we reduced the expected generation capacity due to recent indication of world free injection limitation."

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USA, Nevada: Ormat Reports Continued Growth in Geothermal Capacity

Ormat Technologies Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results; Announces Transition of Senior Management (News Release)

Ormat plans for an additional 156 MW geothermal capacity by 2022

USA, Massachusetts: Treating Unstable Control of Geothermal Power Plant Production Wellhead Valves

Success Story – Production Wellhead Valves, New Zealand (Rexa)

Rexa is a regular exhibitor at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

(Courtesy Rexa)
Regardless of plant design, everything begins at the Wellhead. Often separated from the plant by significant distances, production wells include Emergency Shutoff Valves (ESVs) and flow control valves – both of which play key roles in the process. Therefore, they need to function reliably to ensure no interruption of the flow of steam or brine to the plant.

A Geothermal power plant in New Zealand recently experienced unstable control of their Production Wellhead valves and sought out REXA - headquartered in Massachusetts, USA - for a solution. The previously-installed pneumatic actuators could not control the valves well enough during both start-up and normal operation. This caused large pressure swings in the process and immense water hammer down the line. Consequently, this resulted in bending pipework and broken pipe brackets – causing unnecessary expenses for repairs.

Leaks within the valves’ stem packing required tightening, making it even harder for the pneumatics to overcome the packing stiction to control the valves. This stiction caused the water hammer as the pneumatic actuator built up pressure in the piston and dramatically jumped up once it overcame the stiction.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

USA, California: Geothermal / Oil & Gas Workshop - Save $100 by Registering before Sunday!

Last Week For Early Bird Pricing! Register For The GRC/SPE High-Temperature Well Cementing and Integrity Workshop (News Release)

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The workshop will highlight cement formulae and slurry blends, placement methods, remedial procedures and result evaluations. Case studies will be discussed and analyzed.

All drilling personnel, both geothermal and oil & gas drilling and production engineers, well-site supervisors, cementing engineers and interested personnel are encouraged to register.

This workshop provides a great networking opportunity as we have people from all over the world signed up. Don't miss out, register today!

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Reach Out to the Global Geothermal Community

USA, Nevada: Isaac Angel to Retire as Ormat CEO - Doran Blachar to Succeed

Ormat Technologies Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results; Announces Transition of Senior Management (News Release)

Puna to re-start operations in the second half of 2020 due to a delay in a building permit

Ormat Technologies, Inc. today announced financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2019 and a transition of its senior management.

Mr. Isaac Angel has decided to retire from his position as Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1, 2020, after six years of successful service to the Company, its employees and its shareholders.  It is intended that Mr. Angel will become a member of Ormat’s Board of Directors before his retirement as Chief Executive Officer and will continue to be employed by the Company through December 31, 2020 in order to assist with the management transition.

Ormat’s Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Doran Blachar, the Company’s President and Chief Financial Officer, to succeed Mr. Angel.  Mr. Blachar will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer on July 1, 2020 upon Mr. Angel’s retirement. Mr. Blachar has served as Chief Financial Officer of Ormat since 2013 and was instrumental in the strategic development and growth of the company during that period. Previously, he held senior managerial positions with Shikun & Binui Ltd., A.D.O. Group Ltd., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Amdocs Limited.

Science & Technology: Oil & Gas Crossover Technologies On Offer for Geothermal Energy

Opinion - Fueling Progress Blog - The Future? (Society of Petroleum Engineers)

By Tom Bradley, Baker Hughes

Joint GRC/SPE Workshop
March 30 - April 1, 2020
Could it be argued that our time as an industry is limited? Should we look at the history of the coal industry in the last century as a parallel to predict our future? 

I propose we look at it another way: Could the energy transition actually be an incredible opportunity for our industry? Traditionally, oil and gas, and green energy have operated in two very separate worlds and almost viewed as opposites – one polluting the planet, and one trying to save it, with few common interests and little communication between the two. But is it so simple? I believe the reality is much more complicated. 

For industries such as geothermal and carbon capture, the overlap with oil and gas is obvious. Their objective is to make the best use of a subsurface resource, exactly what we’ve been doing in the oil industry for decades! Geothermal, for example, requires a subsurface energy source to be produced safely and economically, although the energy is in the form of heat rather than hydrocarbons. Sound familiar? Even the subsurface knowledge needed is the same.

At present, geothermal is a high cost and low return business, and new projects often disappoint in terms of their energy production. Many geothermal projects will not even break-even, often relying on subsidies to make them viable.

However, I believe this is an area where the oil and gas industry can make a significant impact on the viability of geothermal projects. After all, we have decades of experience working with the subsurface and realizing an economic return on an asset. As counterintuitive as it may seem, I believe the extraordinary steps the shale gas industry took during the downturn can be used as a prime example of an approach to make geothermal a viable option. The adoption of standardization, technology, and best practices allowed this previously high-cost industry to realize efficiencies, reduce costs, and survive in a low oil price world. 

Even extracting shale gas relies on much of the same technology necessary for geothermal development, such as closely spaced directionally drilled wells, fracture properties, stimulation, and so forth. The parallels with geothermal are almost too good to be true.

USA, Nevada: Employment Opportunity as Geothermal Resource Engineer

Vacancy - Resource Engineer (Ormat)

Regular Full-Time, Reno, Nevada, USA

This position is responsible for conducting engineering studies on Ormat’s geothermal fields for purposes of forecasting and optimizing resource usage.

Essential functions include:
  • Design, specification, optimization, and performance monitoring of Ormat's fleet of downhole production pumps; diagnose problems, propose improvements, plan remedial action and assist with execution of the work.
  • Analyze performance of production and injection wells, diagnose problems, propose improvements, plan remedial action, and assist with permitting and execution of the work
  • Analyze performance of reservoir models, collect data to improve models, and retain an understanding of how Ormat's geothermal reservoirs operate.
  • Assist in the Evaluation effects of any corrective action or change in field operations considering power generation, revenue and long-term resource performance.

Science & Technology: Geothermal Energy Opportunities On Other Planets

Geothermal Outside of (the Box) This World (The Heat Beat)

By Dr. Ken Wisian and Jamie C. Beard, Esq.

Powered By Light, by Thomas Ratouis, Reykjavik, Iceland - THIRD PLACE 2019 GEOTHERMAL PHOTO CONTEST
Human travel to and settlement of Mars is the latest buzz, but a sustainable and economical power source on the planet is so far elusive. Solar is obvious, proven and has worked for relatively low power density rovers, but if colonization is the goal, a more plentiful, constant energy source generated using in-situ resources will be needed.

With the core of Mars estimated to be in excess of 1000C, geothermal energy could be the solution. Questions remain about the extent of crustal heat flow, and producible geothermal resources are likely to be more sporadic and isolated than on Earth. Still though, this is an area of active inquiry with the NASA Insight Mission hoping to take direct subsurface measurements of Martian heat flow. This Mission is already producing a steady stream of interesting headlines.

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Indonesia: Countdown to International Geothermal Workshop

ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2020

Advancing the Prospecting and Utilization of National Geothermal Sector Through Best Practice Management, Investment, and Technology

30 March-3 April, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2020 is a masterpiece event organized by ITB Geothermal Master Degree Program as a contribution to the geothermal development all around the world especially Indonesia.

This event held many activities such as pre-workshop course, plenary session, technical session, field trip, and field camp from March 30th – April 3rd, 2020.

More Information and Register.........

Global: Geothermal Photo Contest Announced

The Geothermal Resources Council 2020 Photo Contest (News Release)

Winners will be announced at the GRC Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada, USA. 

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is pleased to announce this year’s Geothermal Photo Contest. The contest serves to showcase the talent of the geothermal community as well as the beauty and intrigue found in every aspect of the geothermal industry.

The winners will be announced and prominently displayed at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo being held in Reno, Nevada, USA from October 18-21.

Geothermal provides our communities long-term jobs and economic benefits while supplying low-cost, low-impact energy with innovative technologies. For the 2020 photo contest, GRC is soliciting submissions in 3 categories that help raise awareness of the benefits of geothermal energy:
  • Jobs: Providing long-term, wage earning jobs
  • Low Impact: Providing low geographic impact, water use & emissions
  • Innovation: Showcasing research & development of new technologies
Awards will be presented to the winners at the GRC Annual Meeting. Winners of each category will receive $100. The award checks will be drawn from a U.S. bank.

More information on the GRC Geothermal Photo Contest, including a Submission Form, can be found on the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo website.

The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2020.

Philippines: EDC Receives Major Safety Award for Mount Apo Geothermal Project

Safety award (Manila Standard)

Geothermal power producer Energy Development Corp. (EDC) is chosen as the National Occupational Safety and Health Champion at the Department of Labor and Employment’s 11th Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan Award.  

The recognition is given to EDC’s 108-megawatt Mount Apo Geothermal Project for the exemplary implementation of its safety and health programs and promotion of occupational safety and health toward zero accidents in the workplace. 

Receiving the award are members of EDC’s health, environment and safety team led by Joel Handugan, Ronnie Andador, Drigo Rizo, Engellau Flores and Paulo Gooco.

Canada: Excellent Overview of Mount Meager Geothermal Exploration

Searching for Mount Meager’s Geothermal Heart (EOS)

After being dropped off, researchers carried heavy equipment plus survival gear, often hiking along mountain goat trails, to reach sites inaccessible by aircraft. Credit: Stephen E. Grasby

To encourage geothermal energy exploration, the Geological Survey of Canada, with support from Geoscience BC, a nonprofit geoscience research organization, and the Natural Resources Canada Emerging Renewable Power Program, initiated a new project in 2019 focused on reducing exploration risk. A highlight of this project is a recent multidisciplinary field program aimed at developing novel tools to predict the occurrence of highly permeable zones within the Mount Meager volcanic complex, Canada’s only currently active volcano.

The data are currently being processed (into projects by three postdoctoral fellows, six doctoral candidates, one master’s candidate, and one undergraduate at universities in Canada) and will be integrated into a new 3-D model of the geothermal and volcanic plumbing system of the Mount Meager complex. This model should greatly reduce the risk associated with drilling for geothermal reservoirs in volcanic systems of British Columbia and help support Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

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Citation: Grasby, S. E., and C. Salas (2020), Searching for Mount Meager’s geothermal heart, Eos, 101, Published on 25 February 2020.

Also...A New Boost for the Geothermal Industry In British Columbia? - New insights from the past could re-ignite the South Meager Geothermal project [September/October 2019 Bulletin] by members of the GRC Student Committee.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Kenya: Drilling to Resume at Akiira Geothermal after KenGen Geoscientific Surveys - Company

Centum turns to KenGen in fresh geothermal quest (Business Daily)

Centum-owned Geothermal Akiira has signed a geo-scientific contract with KenGen on exploration for geothermal resources near Olkaria.

Akiira will tap KenGen’s expertise to conduct geoscientific surveys to gather relevant data in planning for viable exploration of geothermal resources in Naivasha.

Centum and its partners announced earlier plans to resume exploration for geothermal steam in Naivasha after previous two wells yielded little resource.

Indonesia: Geothermal Cost Recovery Contract Scheme Helping to Attract New Investors

Indonesia to raise capacity of geothermal projects to 1GW (sggpnews)

(Courtesy CIA .gov)
Indonesia strives to raise combined capacity of geothermal projects to 1 gigawatt (GW) in 2030, according to the country’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR).

Based on the official data, the geothermal potential in Indonesia may reach 28.5GW. However, the total capacity of geothermal power plants across the country only stood at 2.1GW.

Earlier, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif stated that the ministry continues to attract investors to invest in the new renewable energy sector through the cost recovery contract scheme in the geothermal sector.
He noted that the geothermal sector’s development poses a higher risk than other sectors, so incentives are needed to encourage investment in the field.

Executive Director of the Institute for Essential Services Reform Fabby Tumiwa noted there were a number of obstacles in developing geothermal energy in the country, such as high investment costs due to high exploration and engineering and procurement costs.

It also takes a long development time of up to 11 years to 15 years, Tumiwa said, adding that geothermal price policy has changed six times since 2008.

He said to encourage geothermal utilisation and reduce project development time, the Indonesian government needs to complete a number of things, like a concise and one-door licensing process and a power purchase agreement process.

Philippines: EDC Contributes Revenue from Leyte Geothermal Power Plants to Local Communities

EDC inks MOA with host communities (Business Mirror)

Tanganon Geothermal Plant at Tanganon Field,
Ormoc City, Leyte Island, Philippines
by Cepi Budi Mansyur.
Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has committed to set aside one centavo per kilowatt-hour (P0.01/kWh) of its total electricity sales to its host communities.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was signed recently between EDC and its beneficiaries in compliance with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Circular DC2018-08-0021 that requires energy generation companies and energy resource developers to directly provide their Energy Regulation (ER) 1-94 benefits.

Signatories to the memorandum included: barangay captains Eric Gonzaga of Lim-ao, Kananga, Leyte; Angelito Napoles of Tongonan, Kananga; Wilma Taneo of Tongonan, Ormoc City; Hilario Singson of Milagro, Ormoc City; Richard Impas of Lake Danao, Ormoc City; and Rodelito Cantay of Cabintan, Ormoc City.

These barangays are hosts of EDC’s 711-megawatt (MW) Leyte Geothermal Project, the company’s biggest geothermal facility that also possesses the world’s largest geothermal steamfield.

“Being able to directly disburse our partner communities’ benefits as hosts of our geothermal facilities will also help us strengthen our relationship with them as we provide them with the necessary guidance on the use of the funds for community projects” said Atty. Allan V. Barcena, head of EDC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and public relations group.

USA, Colorado: Opportunity to Research in Geothermal Energy

Vacancy: Group Manager, Thermal Energy Science and Technologies (NREL)

Location; Golden, Colorado, USA
Requirements: Experience or familiarity with geothermal energy systems and components.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) located in Golden, CO is the nation’s primary laboratory for research and development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. NREL’s Buildings and Thermal Sciences Center has an immediate opening for a Group Manager for the Thermal Energy Science and Technologies. This position will provide leadership for this newly formed group with research foci in the areas of thermal energy components engineering, science, and materials.

The position reports to the Buildings and Thermal Sciences Center Director.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing work, resources and projects for the Group in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Center, the Laboratory, and NREL’s Geothermal and Concentrated Solar Power Programs, including complex projects with high visibility.
  • Developing and conducting research related but not limited to high-temperature components and materials related to concentrating solar power (CSP), pumped thermal energy storage for utility-scale power, and geothermal energy science.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Global: Free Article from the GRC Bulletin - The Vikings and Geothermal Iceland

The Latest Geothermal News from the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)

Free article from the GRC Bulletin - Volume 49, No. 1 - January/February 2020

The Vikings & Geothermal Iceland
by Susan Fox Hodgson

This brand new article looks at why and when did the Vikings come to Iceland—the land of fumaroles, geysers, thermal waters, and volcanic eruptions. And what happened next? It’s quite a story. This is our gift for anyone going to the World Geothermal Congress 2020 in Reykjavík. Enjoy!

USA, New Mexico: Intern Opportunity in Geothermal Research

Intern- Geothermal Research Technical Graduate (Sandia National Laboratories)

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Part-Time, Temporary

On any given day, you may be called on to perform:

  • Geospacial analysis of field site (underground gas storage, production fields, geothermal sites, etc)
  • Geomechanical studies of relevant formations
  • Data acquisition and processing

The Geothermal Research Department is an organization that delivers unique solutions for customers who require components and systems capable of operating in harsh and often high-temperature environments. 

The historical mission of the department was to address technology needs related to the development of geothermal energy (a baseload renewable energy resource); in particular accessing, monitoring and engineering of geothermal resources in subsurface geologic environments. This mission continues, but the capabilities of the organization have also been leveraged to address other issues of national importance. 

Current activities are broad in scope and require the efforts of multidisciplinary technical teams with expertise in mechanical engineering, drilling technologies, electronics, geosciences, materials, sensors, and explosives/propellants. 

Examples of areas being addressed by the department include:
  • Improving the performance of drilling technologies in hard-rock environments.
  • Development of high-temperature electronic and electromechanical systems for drilling, logging and monitoring.
  • Environmentally friendly reservoir simulation technology development. 
Our customer base spans a wide variety of governmental and private sponsors, and we work closely with the geothermal power industry, oil & gas developers, service companies, other national laboratories and academia. In addition, the department maintains and continually updates a wide variety of unique testing capabilities for evaluation of technologies in simulated downhole environments.

Bolivia: Tender for Consultancy Services for Construction of 5.6 MW Sol de Mañana Geothermal Pilot Plant

Bolivia relaunches geothermal call (BN Americas)

Bolivia’s state power company Ende has issued a second call for expressions of interest to provide consultancy services for the 100 MW Laguna Colorada project.

The original process was declared void after none of the proposals fulfilled requirements.

The work includes planning, supervising and evaluating well drilling, and carrying out the basic engineering as well as and preparing bidding documents to select contractors, according to procurement information, available here.

Ende will accept documents until March 9, after which a shortlist of least three firms will be prepared.

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