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Geothermal Event! Opportunity for Exposure at GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

Sponsor The Geothermal Event Of The Year!

Sponsorships for the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo are now available. These are great opportunities for companies to get more exposure at the largest annual geothermal gathering in the world.

The 2019 meeting will take place in Palm Springs, California from September 15th through the 18th.The four-day event will offer technical, policy, and market conference sessions, educational seminars, tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects, an expo and numerous networking opportunities.

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Europe: EU Announces Innovation Fund for Low-Carbon Technologies

Towards a climate-neutral Europe: EU invests over €10bn in innovative clean technologies (News Release)

The European Commission has announced an investment programme worth over €10 billion for low-carbon technologies in several sectors to boost their global competitiveness.

EU innovative climate action, as announced today, has a range of benefits for the health and prosperity of Europeans with an immediate, tangible impact on people's lives – from the creation of local green jobs and growth, to energy-efficient homes with a reduced energy bill, cleaner air, more efficient public transport systems in cities, and secure supplies of energy and other resources.

The Commission aims to launch the first call for proposals under the Innovation Fund already in 2020, followed by regular calls until 2030.

The Innovation Fund will pool together resources amounting to around €10 billion, depending on the carbon price. At least 450 million allowances from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) Directive will be sold on the carbon market in the period 2020-2030. The revenues of these sales depend on the carbon price, which is currently around EUR 20.

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Chile: Important Geothermal Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean

GEOLAC 2019 - 6th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (New Energy Events)

July 16-18, 2019, Santiago, Chile

The Geothermal Resources Council is pleased to partner with New Energy Events for GEOLAC 2019, the only annual gathering of the region’s leading geothermal stakeholders.

GEOLAC 2018 brought together 200 delegates from 30 countries, and this year’s conference is expected to be even more substantial. Join government officials, utilities, developers, and capital providers as they showcase projects and funding programs, facilitate critical new relationships, and tackle obstacles to development in LAC.

Registration and agenda details available soon at

Geothermal Event! Latest Update on the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo 2019

GRC Annual Meeting & Expo 2019

Geothermal: Green Energy for the Long Run

Call for Papers - Deadline: March 15
The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has issued a call for papers for the world’s biggest annual geothermal energy conference of the year. The 43rd GRC Annual Meeting will highlight Geothermal: Green Energy for the Long Run - as a clean, dependable renewable energy, geothermal energy offers a long-term solution for the supply of low-carbon emission electricity. More Information.........

Hotel Accomodation - Book by 21 August
The GRC Annual Meeting & Expo will be held in the Palm Springs Convention Center. The GRC has contracted for a discounted block of rooms at two host hotels. The Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel is attached to the convention center and the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel is just one block away. Rooms are available starting at $150 per night. More Information........

Exhibitor Registration Now Open! - 23 Exhibitors have signed up already!
The GRC invites you to exhibit at our annual geothermal energy conference. Exhibiting at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo offers a tremendous opportunity to meet and network with other members of the geothermal energy community, as well as keep up on the newest advances in relevant technology. More Information.........

Indonesia: Opportunity to Provide Consultancy Services to Geothermal Power Projects on Flores

Consulting Services, Geothermal Power Plants - Prequalification (Germany Trade & Invest)

Deadline: March 29, 2019. Country: Indonesia

Implementation Consultant for the Drilling, Well Testing, and Construction of Geothermal Power Plant in Ulumbu (20 MW) and Mataloko (20 MW) Geothermal Working Areas (on Flores Island) (drilling campaign stage and engineering design, procurement of contractor, construction, and post-construction stage)

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Europe: Geothermal News from EGEC

The EGEC Newsletter February 2019 - The Voice of Geothermal in Europe

The February issue of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) Newsletter is now available.

Click here to download. In this issue:

  • Progressing on the energy system modelling in the European Union
  • Consultation on the sustainable finance regulation
  • Review of the EIB energy lending criteria
  • European Commission launches tenders on heating and cooling
  • The success story of geothermal development in The Netherlands
  • EGEC Annual Report 2018
  • Jansen, the geothermal innovator of the year
  • Enel Green Power expands geothermal heat sales to greenhouse operations
  • Finnish project achieve deepest hole ever drilled in the country
  • SMARTSPEND: A key project to increase the efficiency of European funding for clean energy
  • RHC-ETIP Geothermal panel’s working groups and minutes
  • Recordings available for the GEORISK webinar on risk assessment and risk mitigation measures 
  • The HRE 4 project wraps up

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

USA, Nevada: No Sign of Negative Impact on Pressure at Puna Geothermal Venture - Ormat CEO

Ormat Technologies, Inc. CEO Isaac Angel on Q4 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript (Seeking Alpha)

Initial test to the geothermal injection wells at Puna indicate higher temperatures at the reservoir with no sign of negative impact on pressure. 

Isaac Angel: We continue with our efforts to resume operation. We have already constructed a new access road to the power plant, drilled a new fresh water well and started to open production wells that were plugged due to the lava eruption. Also an additional rig is being dispatched to the island to enable us to drill additional wells, if it is necessary.

Along with this rapid and hard work come some encouraging news. Initial test to the geothermal injection wells at Puna indicate higher temperatures at the reservoir with no sign of negative impact on pressure. We are working with HELCO, the local utility, to replace the substation that was destroyed by lava, and we believe that they are doing everything that is required to be ready to take our power online. In light of that, we currently estimate that we will be ready for the operation towards the end of 2019.

Last week, I was in Hawaii, visited the power plant, and I talked with both the governor and the mayor as well as with the management of the Hawaiian utility. And they assured me that they are doing everything that they can to help us meeting our target to resume operation by the end of the year. Obviously, the successful operation of Puna power plant is significantly dependent on the results we will receive from the geothermal wells after we open them and from the operation of the power plant equipment towards the end of the rebuild process.

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Science & Technology: Masses of Hot Mantle Material Discovered

The Unsolved Mystery of the Earth Blobs (EoS)

Researchers peering into Earth’s interior found two continent-sized structures that upend our picture of the mantle. What could their existence mean for us back on Earth’s surface?

Researchers speculate that the blobs may feed hot spot volcanoes, which form ocean island chains like Hawaii. And other scientists wonder if the blobs could have fueled supervolcanoes in the past, potentially contributing to Earth’s biggest extinction events. But mineral physicist Dan Shim from Arizona State University said that until the density of the blobs is understood, “we cannot go to the next level of questions.”

Two recent studies, which found a way to measure density without traditional seismic methods, suggest a more complex view than before.

Citation: Duncombe, J. (2019), The unsolved mystery of the Earth blobs, Eos, 100, Published on 27 February 2019.

Netherlands: Conference on Geophysics for Geothermal and Renewable Energy Storage

Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2019 (EAGE)

8-12 September, The Hague, Netherlands

Includes 1st Conference on Geophysics for Geothermal and Renewable Energy Storage

Recent developments suggest extended capability of geophysics in exploration of geothermal fields and renewable-energy storage, using both surface and downhole measurements. This conference will be the first one to focus specifically on the geophysical developments dedicated to this goal.

Case studies showing application and challenges of geophysics for exploration and evaluation of geothermal and renewable-energy storage, as well as research results indicating trends, important solutions, and future possibilities are welcome.

Professionals from academia, research centres, service companies, operators, and energy companies are invited to take part and present in this conference, which is to be held between 8 and 12 September, 2019 in The Hague, a city where geothermal energy is chosen to play a major role in the coming decades.

Europe: Important New Geothermal Energy Dataset Released

Earth's geothermal hotspots: new dataset launched (European Commission)

The top three global countries are the U.S. (3.4 GW capacity), the Philippines (1.8 GW) and Indonesia (1.6 GW).

We know this because of a global geothermal energy dataset the Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been updating since 2014.

The data has now been made publicly available, with a wealth of information for assessing the global market for geothermal power.

The dataset covers all 366 geothermal power plants that exist across the world.

It shows how the cumulative capacity of geothermal power has increased steadily and almost linearly since 1985, reaching about 10.4 GW in 2017.

Beyond capacity, there's also a wealth of technical and market information about geothermal power plants, including turbine type, reservoir information and turbine manufacturer.

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USA, Nevada: Puna Geothermal Venture Will be Ready for Operation by Year End - Ormat CEO

Ormat Technologies Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2018 Financial Results (News Release)

Ormat Technologies, Inc. today announced financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2018.

“Ormat overcame significant challenges to deliver another successful, record year,” commented Isaac Angel, Chief Executive Officer, “Electricity generation grew nearly 7% and electricity segment revenue increased 9.5%, meeting our guidance and demonstrating the strength of our portfolio as we delivered record levels of electricity, revenue and EBITDA despite a prolonged shutdown of our Puna power plant in Hawaii. Revenues from our product segment were slightly above our guidance, and we enter 2019 with a strong and growing backlog and a diversified pipeline of business opportunities in Turkey, New Zealand, the United States, the Philippines and China. Our energy storage activity is progressing under new leadership, albeit at a slower pace than we anticipated, and we are continuing efforts to build a solid pipeline of opportunities”

Mr. Angel continued, “With regards to Puna, work is underway to resume operation of the plant. We have constructed a new access road to the power plant, drilled a new fresh water well and started to open a production well. Initial tests from the geothermal injection wells indicate higher temperatures at the reservoir with no sign of any negative impact on pressure. In light of that, we currently estimate that we will be ready for operation by year end 2019. On the property insurance coverage, all the insurers accepted and started paying for the costs to rebuild the destroyed substation and other damaged property. However only some of the insurers accepted that the business interruption coverage started in May 2018. We are still in discussions to reach an understanding with all of our insurers to start paying for the business interruption as of May 2018.”

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

USA, Washington D.C.: Leading Pan-Technology Renewable Energy Summit to Address Federal and State Policy

Renewable Energy Policy Forum (ACORE)

20 March, 2019, Washington, D.C., USA

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)’s Renewable Energy Policy Forum is the leading pan-technology renewable energy summit to address federal and state policy. Featuring engaging discussions between industry leaders and key elected officials, the forum offers a pragmatic perspective on challenges and opportunities in the new Washington landscape.

The Renewable Energy Policy Forum convenes 250 industry executives from more than 160 companies in the renewable energy sector. Featuring financiers, developers, energy experts, policymakers, and other senior officials, The Policy Forum is the can’t miss event for the latest on policy, investment, and market trends.

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USA, Massachusetts: East Coast Geothermal Energy Developer Aims For Over 10 GW of Renewable Energy Infrastructure Over the Next 30-years

Eden GeoPower Seeks Investors (News Release)

(Video 1:45 Minutes)

Eden GeoPower Inc. is revolutionizing the energy industry by combining renewable energy and blockchain to develop off-grid geothermal resources. The value created will be in the form of a security token built, designed, and distributed by Eden.

Our strategy is to:
  1. Take advantage of the low-hanging fruit which is to use existing geothermal resources for energy production and 
  2. support and develop future technologies for commercialization of “Enhanced Geothermal Systems”. 
Our company's goal is to be directly involved with the development of over 10 GW of renewable energy infrastructure over the next 30-years. Each geothermal power plant that we develop will be capable of producing up to 50 MW of renewable geothermal energy, for up to 30 years, and at a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) below 5c/kWh.

To do so, Eden GeoPower will be financing each of its power plants’ capital investment through the digital issuance of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This digital SPV will take the form of a token, and will grant its holder (investor) ownership of a project, as well as recurrent dividends from that project’s net earnings.

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United Kingdom: Great Video from the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project

Update from the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project

Spain: The Abandoned Mines of Asturias Can be Repurposed for Geothermal Energy

¿Qué es el agua de mina? Las minas de Asturias, fuente de energía geotérmica - What is mine water? The mines of Asturias, source of geothermal energy (La Informacion)

Una vez cesa la actividad minera, todas aquellas zonas que anteriormente se desaguaban para poder desarrollar la actividad pasan a inundarse de forma natural, convirtiéndose en un gran embalse subterráneo.

Las condiciones físicas, como la profundidad (la temperatura aumenta con la profundidad), la estanqueidad o el aislamiento, proporcionan una determinada cantidad de calor al agua acumulada. Ese calor hace que el agua de las minas sea idónea para su aprovechamiento geotérmico.

(From Google Translate) Once the mining activity ceases, all those areas that were previously dewatered to carry out the mining go on to flood naturally, becoming a large underground reservoir.

Physical conditions, such as depth (temperature increases with depth), pressure or insulation, provide a certain amount of heat to the accumulated water. This heat makes the water in the mines suitable for geothermal use.

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China: Icelandic Company to Help Establish Geothermal Power Plants

Arctic Green Energy And Beijing Research Institute Of Uranium Geology Sign An MOU (News Release)

On Friday, February 22, Arctic Green Energy and Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (BRIUG) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of geothermal exploration and utilization. The cooperation will be focused on high-temperature geothermal fields in China with the goal of developing electric power generation projects.

BRIUG is a multi-disciplinary and well-equipped research institute. It is the only national uranium geoscientific center in China. BRIUG is supported by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) which is a large state-owned enterprise founded in 1955 in Beijing. BRIUG employs approximately 600 scientists, engineers, support staffs and students. It is authorized to confer master’s degree and doctor’s degree and serves as a work station for post-doctoral scientists. BRIUG is also responsible for geothermal resource exploration in high-temperature areas in China.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Drilling at 10 MW Geothermal Power Project to Start Soon

Geothermal project drilling to begin in April (Searchlight)

Drilling related to this country’s geothermal project is expected to begin in April this year, and by June, the government will have an idea of the full extent and quality of our geothermal resources.

According to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, US$15 million, a soft loan, has been secured from the Abu Dhabi Development Fund (ABDF) and that money will be utilized in the drilling phase of the geothermal project.

The Prime Minister said on Tuesday that the drill rig is on its way to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and by April 2, over 100 containers of equipment will arrive here.

Monday, February 25, 2019

New Zealand: Geothermal Powered Milk Plant to Open Soon

Geothermal milk plant nearing completion (Rural News Group)

Kawerau industrial site (Courtesy Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets)
New Zealand's second Māori-owned dairy plant project is on track to start producing in July.

Poutama Trust chief executive Richard Jones told Dairy News that export grade products like organic whole milk powder, milk protein concentrates and butter will be produced at the plant.

The plant, located at the foot of Pūtauaki, a volcanic cone in the Te Moana o Toi region, will be geothermal powered. The combination of a focus on the people, land and customers will give Kawerau Dairy a point of difference and enable it to be a value-add niche producer rather than a commodity seller.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

USA, California: Geothermal has Unique Traits to Help Ease Transition to Renewable Energy - GRC Member

Transitioning to renewable energy (Stanford University)

Jack Norbeck
“It’s essential that the world makes the transition very quickly to renewable energy. We know that there are a lot of systemic issues involved. Geothermal has unique traits that can help to ease that process,” said Jack Norbeck, Energy Resources Engineering PhD ‘16, also a GRC Member.

Norbeck is working on bringing geothermal energy to the world in his role as co-founder of Fervo Energy. Geothermal is a zero-carbon emission, renewable energy source. However, it isn’t used as commonly as solar or wind in many places because “current technology is limited to niche geological locations,” he said. “The technology we’re working on at Fervo Energy would allow us to further explore and utilize these sources.”

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

United Kingdom: British Company to Coordinate Project on Highly Flexible Operational Capability for Geothermal Installations

TWI Wins €17 Million Geosmart Project (News Release)

TWI, a U.K.-based independent research and technology organisation, will coordinate part of a new €17 million collaborative project to develop technologies to allow geothermal plants to cost-effectively respond to network heat and power demands.

The project, which is funded through the EU’s H2020 fund, has 19 partners across Europe, with TWI overseeing a €3.8 million budget to combine thermal energy storage with flexible organic rankine cycle (ORC) solutions to provide a highly flexible operational capability for geothermal installations.

The project aims to find methods to store heat energy when demand is low so that it can be released later at times when demand is high. This will not impact critical infrastructures under variable energy generation as the approach will not influence the flow condition at the wellhead.

The project also plans to create a hybrid cooling system for the ORC plant that will prevent efficiency degradation due to seasonal changes and thereby improve efficiency.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Netherlands: Geothermal Heat Continues to Boost Horticulture

"Before the energy transition became a hot topic, geothermal energy was already on the agenda" (Hortidaily)

Nowadays no one is really surprised by the news about the drilling of a well to extract geothermal energy, but geothermal energy actually does not have such a long history at all in the Netherlands. Only in 2007 was the first well connected to tomato grower A & G van den Bosch from Bleiswijk.

Meanwhile, the 'club' has grown and all partners together can tackle a geothermal energy project in all its aspects. Actually just like it was done at the very first project, for which the first discussions were held in 2005.

Ten years later, the industry is increasingly able to meet the growing demand for geothermal energy safely and with high-quality installations. In the meantime, 23 projects have been started, of which also a number have come to a halt last year.

Ethiopia: Chinese Firms and KenGen to Provide Drilling Services for 75 MW Aluto Langano Geothermal Expansion Project

Ethiopia signs deal to develop 70 MW geothermal energy project (Xinhua)

Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant
(Courtesy BGR.Bund.De)
State utility firm Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) on Monday signed an agreement with two Chinese firms and one Kenyan firm for the 70 MW geothermal energy drilling project.

The two Chinese firms are Shandong Kerui Oilfield Service Group and Shandong Kerui Oilfield Service Group Co. Ltd. Another firm Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) was also part of the agreement.

In a press statement, EEP said the two Chinese firms and one Kenyan firm are expected to supply drilling materials as well as drill wells for possible geothermal energy sources in central Ethiopia.

Named the Aluto- Langano geothermal project, it's part of the Ethiopian government's plans to generate up to 5,000 MW of geothermal energy in the coming few years. Ethiopia currently produces only 7.3 MW of geothermal energy.

EEP said the agreement with the three firms will see the drilling initially of 22 wells to probe their geothermal energy generation potential.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Europe: Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy Project in North-western Europe

German state NRW explores options to replace coal with geothermal energy for heating (Clean Energy Wire)

An international research project aims to assess the potential of geothermal energy as a replacement for coal-powered heating in Germany’s western state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). 

Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in North-western Europe” is co-funded by the European Union and will look into the large-scale use of geothermal energy in four countries. “The Rhenish region (in NRW) should become a model for the switch to modern, innovative and climate-friendly industry,” NRW’s economy minister Andreas Pinkwart said in a press release from the Geothermal Research Centre Bochum. 

Working with industry partners including energy company RWE, researchers aim just how much geothermal energy would be available NRW -- thought to be more than anywhere else in Europe. A first deep-drilling trial will be carried out near the Weisweiler coal plant, which currently provides much of the energy used for heating in western NRW.

Italy: Mayor Protests Delay in Renewing Incentives for Geothermal Production

Tuscany Mayor Plans Hunger Strike on Geothermal Incentive Delay (Bloomberg)

Nicola Verruzzi, mayor of Montieri.
Italy’s government is dragging its feet on incentives for geothermal power and one local politician has decided to take his protest to the extreme.

Nicola Verruzzi, mayor of a small Tuscan town (Montieri) that runs entirely on geothermal power, says he’s going on a hunger strike to raise awareness about a new strategy that doesn’t include continued incentives for the energy source, which provides about 30 percent of Tuscany’s electricity.

Veruzzi, 35, says he’s yet to receive replies to the dozens of letters he wrote to Economic Development Minister Luigi Di Maio and to Davide Crippa, the undersecretary responsible for energy policy, in protest at the delay in renewing incentives for geothermal production.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Make Sure of Your Booth at the Geothermal Energy Event of the Year

GRC Annual Meeting & Expo - A Geothermal Event!

15-18 September, Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California, USA

In conjunction with the prestigious Annual Meeting, the GRC will also host an expo in which companies can promote projects, equipment, services, and technology to leading geothermal energy scientists, producers, renewable energy industry stakeholders, regulators, utilities, and key associated business leaders around the world.

23 exhibitors - so far - have signed up for the geothermal energy event of the year:

A.W. Chesterton Company Nevada Division of Minerals
AMSA, Inc. Ormat Technologies, Inc.
Boart Longyear Company PCC Metals Group
BS&B Safety Systems, LLC Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc.
EvapTech, Inc. POWER Engineers, Inc.
Expro Americas PowerChem
Fuji Electric Rexa, Inc.
Geothermal Resources Council Scientific Drilling
Geothermal Resource Group Seequent
GeothermEx Sinclair Well Products
Horizon Well Logging Thermochem, Inc.

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Contact Ann Lay Email:, Phone: (530) 758-2360 ext. 100 if you have any questions.

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

Global Geothermal News - Weekly Update (Geothermal Resources Council)

A round-up of this week's international geothermal energy news.......

Click on the links below
to view the whole story and other news on Global Geothermal News.

Italy: Brewery Says ‘Cheers’ to Geothermal Energy

“Vapori di birra”, where hops meet geothermal energy for sustainable production (Enel Green Power)

In the heart of Tuscany, beer is flavored with sustainability. In addition to water, malt, barley and hops, the brewery “Vapori di Birra” in Sasso Pisano, in the province of Pisa, uses a special ingredient in its recipe: geothermal energy.

Located in the heart of the Tuscan geothermal area, “Vapori di birra” is the first Italian brewery to use the heat from the earth for its production, continuing the centuries-long history that links Tuscany to geothermal energy.

Not far from the brewery, you can find Enel Green Power’s historic Sasso 2 geothermal plant, remodeled in 2009 and equipped with 20 MW of installed power. 

Through a system of carefully studied ducts that are shared with district heating, the vapor from the plant is routed toward the brewery, which uses it for all the beer production phases that require heat.

The vapor gets to the brewery at about 230° and, with a heat exchanger, is turned into water heated to 136° and inserted in a closed circuit. 

Editor's Note: Klamath Brewery in Klamath Falls in southern Oregon also uses geothermal heat for it's brewing operations.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Europe: Mapping the Potential of Near-Surface Geothermal Energy in the Alpine Region

A Treasure Map for the Energy Revolution (Global Energy World)

Near-surface geothermal energy could cover a large portion of our energy requirements. Nevertheless, this regenerative energy source is not used optimally. In order to change that, scientists in the EU project GRETA (Geothermal REsources in the Territory of the Alpine space), led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), have mapped the potential of near-surface geothermal energy in the Alpine region and have formulated guidelines for its use.

An invisible wealth of regenerative energy is concealed beneath the ground we walk on: geothermal energy. Inside the earth temperatures range up to several thousand degrees centigrade. And even if the temperature drops towards the earth's surface, there is still enough warmth to be used efficiently. At depths of up to 400 meters, experts refer to near-surface geothermal energy.

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Kenya: Grant will Facilitate Drilling of up to Six Wells at Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project

Geothermal company to get Sh1.3b to drill more wells (Capital FM Kenya)

The grant which will facilitate the drilling of up to six geothermal wells and support the development of key infrastructural works at the Baringo – Silali Geothermal Project in Kenya’s North Rift region.

The Baringo – Silali Geothermal Project being developed by GDC, covers three geothermal prospects (Silali, Paka and Korosi) from which the company is looking to produce a total of 300 MW by 2030.

The GRMF grant will fund 40 per cent of the costs associated with the drilling of two geothermal wells in each of the three prospects and 20 per cent of the total costs incurred during the development of requisite infrastructural work in the project area.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

USA: Update from the Geothermal Technologies Office

GTO Quarterly Update Now Available Online (EERE/GTO)

The Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) hosted its first Quarterly Update of the year on February 19, 2019. GTO Director Dr. Susan Hamm and Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Daniel Simmons updated the geothermal community on progress and priorities at the U.S. Department of Energy.

If you weren't able to attend the webinar — or if you'd like to review the topics again — the full presentation is now available on the GTO website.

Topics discussed during this Quarterly Update included:
  • GTO's FY 2019 budget overview;
  • the Geothermal Student Competition; and
  • the FORGE Roadmap.
GTO welcomes ideas for topics to be discussed at future Quarterly Updates. Feel free to email topics to the GTO mailbox:

Geothermal Event! Reserve Your Booth at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

Register For Your Booth Now!

The Geothermal Resources Council is pleased to invite you to exhibit at our annual geothermal energy conference. Exhibiting at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo offers a tremendous opportunity to meet and network with other members of the geothermal energy community, as well as keep up on the newest advances in relevant technology.

This year, the conference will be held from September 15-18 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California. The Expo will be showcased in the Oasis 1 & 2 Ballroom. We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

The 3-day expo will provide ample opportunities for networking. The GRC Expo presents exhibitors with the opportunity to maximize their exposure at the largest annual geothermal gathering in the world.

This is the event to learn about the latest developments in geothermal energy. Last year, the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo hosted more than 1,000 representatives from 34 countries. In 2019, we anticipate an even larger audience.

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Indonesia: 8th ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2019 is Next Month!

Register Now for IIGW 2019!

20-21 March, 2019
8th ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2019
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia

Workshop Agenda ~ Pre and Mid Workshop Courses ~ Field Trip ~ Field Camp ~ Registration ~ Hotels Nearby

Germany: Nominations Open for International Geothermal Association Board

Nominations For IGA Board Term 2020 – 2023 Now Open

Help shape the global geothermal agenda and join the Board of the International Geothermal Association (IGA). Nominations for Board Term 2020 – 2023 are now open. Get the guidelines, get nominated, and run for election. We want diversity, passion and commitment. If that sounds like you, join us! Deadline 16 April 2019, 0:00 CET.

The IGA is an ´Association of Associations´ and acts as the umbrella organization for 35 affiliates. In total, the IGA currently has around 4,500 members. The majority of our membership is funneled through our affiliated associations (about 4,200) and about 300 are direct individual members, institutional members and corporate members. The Geothermal Resources Council is the largest of these affiliates and has provided 11 of the current IGA Board Members.

BoD Nomination Guideline (pdf, 335 KB)

Austria: Third Well to Supply Geothermal District Heating Project

Groß-Geothermie: Dritte Bohrung bald am Netz – folgt weitere Bohrung?
 - Large geothermal: Third hole soon on the grid - further drilling follows? (Nachrichten)

Die dritte Bohrung zur größten Geothermie Österreichs, die weite Teile Rieds und Mehrnbachs mit umweltfreundlicher Heizenergie versorgt, soll dieser Tage via Pumpversuch ans Netz gehen.

Eine dritte Bohrung war wegen großer Nachfrage nötig geworden. Der Bohrturm ist bereits abgebaut, in wenigen Tagen soll die Verrohrung an der Oberfläche abgeschlossen sein, so Helmut Binder, Geschäftsführer der Energie Ried, auf OÖN-Anfrage.

(From Google Translate) The third well at Austria's largest geothermal energy project, which supplies large parts of Ried and Mehrnbach with environmentally friendly heating energy, is due to go online after pumping trials these days.

A third hole became necessary due to high demand. The derrick has already been dismantled, and in a few days the piping on the surface will be completed, according to Helmut Binder, Managing Director of Energie Ried, at the request of the OÖN.

Weiterlesen.........                              Read More.........

Kenya: Ormat Subsidiary is Top Independent Power Producer in Kenya

Kenya’s largest private power producer Orpower pockets Sh11.3bn in geothermal sales (News Release)

American geothermal firm Orpower4 pocketed Sh11.3 billion ($113 million) in geothermal power sales in the last financial year, cementing its spot as the top independent power producer (IPP) in Kenya.

OrPower4 is a subsidiary of US-based Ormat Technologies Inc. and is currently the only private company generating geothermal electricity in Kenya. The American firm has an installed capacity of 139 megawatts (MW) of steam power in Naivasha’s Olkaria steam fields, accounting for 20 per cent of Kenya’s total installed geothermal capacity of 690 MW. OrPower4 operates Olkaria 3 Unit 1-9 plant, along with wellheads.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Chile: Video of Cerro Pabellon Geothermal Power Plant

New Heights for Geothermal Power (Climate Investment Funds)

Cerro Pabellon is South America's first geothermal power plant and the world's highest geothermal power plant.

Global: Opportunity to Advertise in the Geothermal Energy Magazine

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USA, California: 20 MW Non-Hydro Geothermal Power Plant Project Moves On

GeoGenCo's Zero Water Geothermal Technology Helps Imperial Irrigation District Achieve Green Energy Goals (News Release)

Mud Volcanoes at the Davis-Schrimpf Seep Field
with the John L. Featherstone geothermal power plant
in the background. Photo Ian Crawford  2013.
GeoGenCo, LLC, of Las Vegas, Nevada, has completed their semi-final designs for their next generation True Geothermal 20-megawatt (MW) power plant in Imperial Valley, CA. GeoGenCo has a 15 MW Power Purchase Agreement with Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and expects to be providing power by June of 2020.

GRC Member Jim McIntosh (Mac), GeoGenCo's CEO and COO states, "The project is identified as True Geothermal because all current geothermal projects require substantial amounts of water or steam as part of their power generation process. and are therefore, more appropriately known as hydro-geothermal since water is a mandatory part of the geothermal process (either in the form of brine or steam) for both the extraction of heat and for the disposal of the residual brine."

True Geothermal does not utilize any water in their power generation process.  Rather than extracting the geothermal fluids, a high-performance heat exchanger is inserted into an existing (but non-performing) geothermal well where only heat is extracted from the geothermal formation, not from water, brine or steam.  While a permit application for approximately six acre-feet of water has been filed, about one third of this water will be utilized for dust control and the other two thirds reserved for emergency fire-fighting purposes. Zero water will be utilized for the power generation process.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Global: Promote Your Business in the Registry of Geothermal Services & Equipment

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Japan: Video on 5 MW Takigami Geothermal Power Plant

Takigami Geothermal Binary Power Plant (Fuji Electric Corp. of America)

Learn about "Fuji Electric and Takigami Geothermal Binary Power Plant Project" and how Fuji Electric's innovative technology fulfills customer's requirements.

(Video: 2:53 minutes)

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

USA, Maine: Company Receives Funding Award for Monitoring Software for Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Introspective Systems Wins Key DOE Award for Geothermal Research in Reducing Carbon Emissions (News Release)

Introspective Systems, LLC of Portland, Maine, announced today that the company has received a $149,935 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award for work in support of the Department of Energy’s Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) project. 

Introspective Systems will develop monitoring software that enables EGS systems to be cost competitive and fully integrated into the electrical grid. The project researches new algorithms and analytics methods to provide enhanced precision in the understanding of the complex Geothermal systems being developed in the future.

France: Drilling for Geothermal District Heating Project to Begin This Year

Champs-sur-Marne : la géothermie bientôt au cœur de la Cité Descartes - Champs-sur-Marne: geothermal energy soon in the heart of Cité Descartes (Le Parisien)

Les travaux de forage sont programmés au cours de l’année 2019, avec l’implantation d’un doublet géothermique. Le puits de géothermie se situera au niveau du Bois Carré, rue Alfred Nobel, au cœur de la Cité Descartes, cluster de la ville durable.

(From Google Translate) Drilling is scheduled for 2019, with the installation of a geothermal doublet. The geothermal well will be located at Bois Carré, rue Alfred Nobel, in the heart of Cité Descartes, a sustainable city cluster.

Switzerland: Suburban Basel Geothermal District Heating Plant to be Expanded

«Nur geringes Risiko» – rund um Basel wird Geothermie wieder aufgewärmt - "Low risk" - geothermal energy is being rehabilitated around Basel (bz Basel)

Während in der Stadt Basel die Geothermie auf Jahrzehnte hinaus als risikoreich gebrandmarkt sein dürfte, sieht es in der Nachbargemeinde Riehen anders aus. Hier soll eine seit 1994 bestehende Geothermie-Anlage, die 7700 Einwohner mit Wärme versorgt, durch eine neue Bohrung erweitert werden. Dadurch könnten weitere 4000 Einwohner mit Erdwärme heizen. Die Suche nach der geeigneten Gesteinsschicht wird bis in eine Tiefe von 2000 Metern gehen. Ende Jahr wurde eine Machbarkeitsstudie abgeschlossen.

(From Google Translate) While in the city of Basel, geothermal energy is likely to be branded as risky for decades, things look different in the neighboring municipality of Riehen. Here, a geothermal plant, which has been in existence since 1994 and supplies 7700 inhabitants with heat, is to be expanded by a new borehole. This could heat another 4000 inhabitants with geothermal energy. The search for the appropriate rock layer will go to a depth of 2000 meters. At the end of the year, a feasibility study was completed.

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United Kingdom: The Granite of South West England has the Highest Subsurface Heat Flow of any Rocks in the UK

Cornwall’s granite ‘could see geothermal energy really hotting up’ (Energy Live News)

Cornwall’s granite could see the south-west of England’s geothermal energy potential really hotting up.

That’s the verdict from the British Geological Survey, which is working as part of a £1.8 million research project, named Geothermal Power Generated from UK Granites (GWatt).

The programme, which is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and due to be completed by 2022, will also be undertaken by scientists at Heriot-Watt University (HWU) and the Camborne School of Mines at Exeter University, working with partners Geothermal Engineering Limited, GeoScience and Computer Modelling Group and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.

The organisations say the granite of South West England has the highest subsurface heat flow of any rocks in the UK, leading to the highest temperatures at depth.

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