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Canada: Geothermal Symposium at International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics General Assembly

IUGG 2019 - Geothermal Symposium

8-18 July, 2019, The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly, Montreal, Canada.

V16 – From High To Low-Enthalpy: Geothermal Energy At Work

Geothermal energy is considered a renewable form of energy that can partially fill the increasing human demand. Yet only a few countries, located in high heat flow regions of the Earth can benefit from high-enthalpy resources to produce electricity.

However, low to very low enthalpy geothermal resources are increasingly in demand, especially in cold northern countries such as Canada, Norway etc. Here, heat extracted from groundwater can be sufficient for domestic heating/cooling uses, particularly in remote areas.

This symposium will be devoted to all aspects of geothermal energy, from exploration to exploitation and tools (geophysics, geochemistry, geology etc.) needed to evaluate the extent of this resource.

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New Zealand: Public Meeting will Present Results from Exploration for Deep Geothermal Energy Resources in the Taupo Volcanic Zone

Geothermal research shines a light on what lies beneath (News Release)

12 February, from 5.30 pm, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 1125 Arawa St, Rotorua, New Zealand

(Courtesy GNS Science)
GNS Science and Bay of Plenty Regional Council have been investigating volcanic hazards and deep geothermal energy resources in the Taupo Volcanic Zone for the last decade and can now share the latest findings to interested members of the public, at a meeting to be held February 12.

Since 2009, GNS Science has been collecting magnetotelluric or MT measurements to further understand volcanic hazards and the deep geothermal energy resources in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, including Rotorua.

GNS geophysicists Ted Bertrand said the results of the research were proving to be extremely interesting.

“Over the last few years, we have started to see the connection between the shallow parts of geothermal fields and the underlying magmatic systems which provide the heat.

“Results from the Rotorua lakes region and similar research north of Taupo have enabled us to start to understand how geothermal systems like Rotorua work from tip to toe – from the surface features down to their volcanic roots.

Preview of the Next Geothermal Energy Magazine from the GRC

Coming Soon - GRC Bulletin - Vol. 48, No. 1, January/February 2019

The January/February issue of the GRC Bulletin will be published next week. Produced by the Geothermal Resources Council since 1972, the Bulletin is the voice of the international geothermal energy community.

In the next issue:
  • President’s Message, by Andy Sabin
  • Executive Director's Message, by William Pettitt
  • Inside Geothermal: 17 pages of geothermal energy news from around the world
  • Can Geothermal Well Costs be Sufficiently Reduced to Drive Industry Growth? by John P de Wardt
  • A Review of the 42nd GRC Annual Meeting & Expo - Part Two
  • Corporate Focus - Thermochem
  • Geothermal History in the Making - Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Research at the Camborne School of Mines (1989)
  • Publications, Websites, Video & Maps
  • Calendar of Events
The GRC Bulletin is only available online to GRC members. To make sure of your copy join the GRC today!

Europe: Latest News from Consortium Researching Coatings for Challenging Geothermal Applications

Geo-Coat Newsletter - Issue 2 (Blog)

The second issue of the Geo-Coat Newsletter is available. Download the project's 2nd issue to find out more about the project objectives, consortium information, results from sampling studies of geothermal fluids and more such exciting information from the Geo-Coat family.

Sweden: Geothermal Heat Module Pioneer Receives Major Award

Climeon's Founder Thomas Öström Named Swedish Person of the Year (Renewable Energy Magazine)

Thomas Öström
Swedish magazine Fokus has named Climeon's founder and CEO Thomas Öström Swedish Person of the Year in the Innovation category.

Fokus explained its reason for bestowing the honor, saying, “At a time when "climate anxiety" has become a common expression, there are people who do not allow themselves to be paralyzed. This year's innovation winner is one of them. He realized that more than 50 percent of the world's energy consumption is wasted as heat. From this he created a simple method for transforming waste heat and geothermal heat into clean electricity. Few Swedes are still aware of the success, but the world has awakened.

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Indonesia: Consortium Formed to Develop Geothermal Energy on Flores Island

Kembangkan Panas Bumi di Pulau Flores, Badan Litbang ESDM Gandeng Konsorsium Panas Bumi - Develop Geothermal Energy on Flores Island, ESDM Research and Development Agency Collaborates with Geothermal Consortium (News Release)

Eastern Indonesia Geothermal Consortium terdiri dari North Tech Energy, Turboden SpA dan SATE Ltd, yang berminat mengembangkan lapangan panas bumi di Pulau Flores untuk memenuhi listrik di Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur. Kerja sama konsorsium dengan Badan Layanan Umum (BLU) di Badan Litbang ESDM dimaksudkan untuk memfasilitasi investasi konsorsium dalam pengembangan dan pengusahaan panas bumi. 

(From Google Translate) Eastern Indonesia Geothermal Consortium consists of North Tech Energy (Iceland), Turboden SpA and SATE Ltd, which are interested in developing a geothermal field on Flores Island to meet electricity demand in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. The consortium's collaboration with the Public Service Agency (BLU) in the ESDM Research and Development Agency is intended to facilitate the consortium's investment in geothermal development and exploitation.

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Europe: Geothermal News from EGEC

The EGEC Newsletter January 2019 - The Voice of Geothermal in Europe

The January issue of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) Newsletter is now available.

Click here to download. In this issue:

  • The final steps for the post-2020 EU climate and energy policies and regulations kick-starts 2019
  • FlexiRES: The role of flexible renewable generation for a successful decarbonisation of electricity
  • Europe’s Most Innovative Geothermal Projects Of 2018
  • EGEC Factsheet on Geothermal Snow Melting and De-Icing
  • Agreement to establish GEO-ENERGY EUROPE metacluster signed in Dublin
  • Fausto Batini elected new Chairman of the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Science & Technology: Geothermal Snow-Melting or De-Icing Systems

Factsheet: Geothermal Snow Melting and De-Icing (EGEC)

With the coming of winter, snow and ice can cause delays and disruptions of private and public traffic. A geothermal snow-melting or de-icing system is a smart, local, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution.

Geothermal Energy Photos 2018

Best Geothermal Energy Photos of 2018 (GRC)

All 66 entries from the 2018 Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Geothermal Photo Contest.

GRC 2018 - Photo Contest

You are free to re-use any photo from the collection of 7,925 Photos - with suitable attribution.

Indonesia: Video of the 330 MW Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant

Sarulla Geothermal PLTP Terbesar di Dunia - Sarulla Geothermal: Biggest PLTP in the World

(Video 5:46 Minutes)

Sarulla Geothermal merupakan pembangkit panas bumi terbesar di dunia dalam satu kontrak yang berada di Tapanuli Utara, SUMUT, berkapasitas 3x110MW, pembangkit ini menggunakan teknologi siklus kombinasi antara single flash dengan binary sistem.

(From Google Translate) Sarulla Geothermal is the largest single contract geothermal power plant in the world. Located in North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, with a capacity of 3x110 MW, this generator uses cycle technology, a combination of single flash and binary systems.

Kenya: Geothermal Developer Receives Award for “Continued and Deliberate Focus on Renewable Energy"

KenGen Managing Director & CEO, Mrs.
Rebecca Miano (left) receiving the award
 from KenGen Regulatory and  Corporate
Affairs Director, Eng. Simon Ngure (right).
Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has been named the best sustainable power producer in East Africa in the London-based Capital Finance International Awards ( Awards).

The Nairobi bourse-listed KenGen earned the top spot among regional electricity producers for its “continued and deliberate focus on renewable energy – which now accounts for 84 per cent of the company’s power sources.” 

Geothermal is currently at 533.8 MW (of which 81.1 MW is from wellheads technology) representing about 32% of the total installed capacity. 

It comes at a time when KenGen is putting finishing touches to its 165.4 MW Olkaria V Geothermal Project in Naivasha, which is due for commissioning in July this year. The new plant will expand KenGen’s geothermal capacity to 699.4 MW from the current 534 MW.

Netherlands: One Day Conference on Geology and the Energy Transition

EuroWorkshop: Geology and the energy transition (EFG)

23 May 2019, Delft, the Netherlands
Co-organisers: CHPM2030 project, Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG), European Federation of Geologists (EFG)

The world is changing, the energy industry is changing, and geologist needs to change with it. As we consider renewable energies, new models on how to distribute energy to its users, policies to encourage initiatives and our remaining dependency on the traditional energy industry, it remains uncertain how our society will come through the energy transition and where geoscientists will fit in the mix. Will they still have a central role and how will geoscientists adapt to this new world?

The world is trying to find a way through these issues by diversifying into different types of energy, such as biofuels, hydrogen, solar and wind. We will show examples that geoscientists are showing the path on how renewable energy benefits from the knowledge of geoscientists. This geological knowledge enables a durable and safe transition.

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Europe: Project Seeking to Combine Geothermal Energy Production with Metals Extraction to Present Project Fundings in May

EU geothermal energy production and metals extraction project on final stretch (International Mining)

An ambitious research project funded by the European Union to develop a novel technology combining geothermal energy production with metals extraction from the geothermal fluid in a single interlinked process is entering its final stages.

The Combined Heat Power and Metals (CHPM2030) technology project is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation, a platform set up to lower the costs and environmental impact of energy production, while decreasing the dependence on imported strategic raw materials.

The 42-month project is now entering its final stage, with many important tasks already completed and the project team working on the last elements to conclude the project by the end of June.

Preliminary outcomes and results will be presented to the public at the CHPM2030 final conference to be held on May 23, 2019 in Delft, the Netherlands, in the framework of the EuroWorkshop Geology and the Energy Transition.

Germany: Good Progress at 50 MWth Munich Geothermal District Heating Project

Munich's second geothermal well exceeds expectations (Industry Europe)

Munich’s publicly-owned utility company, Stadtwerke München, has completed the drilling of a second well for the city’s geothermal heating plant, reaching a depth of 3,044 m and temperatures of 108°C.

The successfully completed well, reports Stadtwerke München, was completed as part of a planned heat and power station for the city. At a depth of 3,044 m, boiling water was discovered. “At 108°C, the temperature is significantly higher than expected,” said Stadtwerke München’s Technical Director Helge-Uve Braun.

It was previously assumed when drilling for the geothermal plant’s second of six wells that the temperature at this depth would be around 102°C. With this unexpected higher temperature, meaning a higher output, now the well is complete, Braun is certain that the site on the River Isar will ultimately play host to the “most powerful and largest geothermal plant in Germany”. It was estimated that the plant could deliver up to 50 MW of thermal.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

USA, Texas: Talk on Geothermal Energy at South by Southwest Conference & Festival

The Sun Beneath Our Feet: Our Geothermal Future (SXSW)

10 March, 3:30- 4:30pm, Fairmont Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas

  • Jamie Beard, Managing Dir, Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization; Asst Dir, Blackstone LaunchPad, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Bob Metcalfe, Professor of Innovation & Faculty Director, Cockrell School of Engineering; Partner Emeritus, Polaris Partners, The University of Texas at Austin
We are literally standing on the sun. The core of the earth is 6000C, and drilling only 5-10 miles down would give us access to temperatures that far exceed what we need to create unlimited, CO2 free, clean energy. So why haven't we done this? Because a set of technical and engineering problems related to high temperature, deep drilling technologies are currently holding us back. These problems are solvable, and addressing them will enable our energy "silver bullet." A consortium has formed at the University of Texas at Austin, combining legacy drilling engineering expertise with our robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our aim is to catalyze a geothermal renaissance, enabling baseload capable geothermal energy by 2030. We want to invite the world to engage with this problem set and process.

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USA, Idaho: New Legislation Would Allow More Direct Use of Geothermal Heat from Wells

Legislation aims for exemption for some geothermal wells (Idaho Statesman)

Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would allow a well driller who hits geothermal water to use that water for uses other than its heat value in some cases.

The House Resources and Conservation Committee voted unanimously on Tuesday to OK the legislation that will next come back to the committee as a bill where its merits can be debated.

Republican Vice Chairman Terry Gestrin of Donnelly told the committee that if a well driller hits water higher than 85 degrees at the bottom, then the well falls into a geothermal category and must be sealed if not used for its heat.

The legislation would allow the director of the Idaho Department of Water Resources to allow an exemption in some instances.

Finance: More Private Companies Buying Renewable Energy - Report

Corporate Clean Energy Buying Surged to New Record in 2018 (News Release)

BloombergNEF (BNEF) finds in its 1H 2019 Corporate Energy Market Outlook, published today, that some 13.4 GW of clean energy contracts were signed by 121 corporations in 21 different countries in 2018. This was up from 6.1GW in 2017, and positions companies alongside utilities as the biggest buyers of clean energy globally.

More than 60% of the global activity in 2018 occurred in the U.S., where companies signed PPAs to purchase 8.5 GW of clean energy, nearly triple the amount signed in 2017. Facebook spearheaded a contingent of experienced U.S. corporate energy buyers, purchasing over 2.6 GW of renewables globally in 2018, primarily with utilities in regulated U.S. markets through programs known as green tariffs. This was three times that of the next biggest corporate energy buyer, AT&T.

Italy: Geothermal-Powered Beer from Larderello

Clean-Power Beer Takes Tuscany by Storm, and California Is Next (Bloomberg)

Edo Volpi, owner of Vapori di Birra, takes
a sample from a tank in his brewery.
Photographer: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg
Edo Volpi finally figured out how to combine his work with his passion. The retired energy technician has joined Italy’s craft brew movement, and his beer comes with a twist: it’s produced entirely with steam power.

For Volpi, 66, the long days working at one of Enel SpA’s geothermal plants in central Italy often culminated at his home in the Tuscan town of Larderello, feet up, a cold pint in hand. The beer was even more satisfying, he found, when it was home-brewed, a hobby he experimented with in a backyard operation.

By 2013, Volpi was using the same geothermal steam that powers Enel’s turbines to set up a zero-emissions beer operation at his hillside house overlooking Tuscany’s Devil’s Valley, named for the steam rising from underground sources that’s thought to have inspired Dante’s “Inferno.”

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Editor's Note: Klamath Brewery in Klamath Falls in southern Oregon also uses geothermal heat for it's brewing operations.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Turkey: Zorlu Energy's Denizli Geothermal Power Plant to Provide Heat for Greenhouses

Geothermally heated greenhouses to be built in three cities (FreshPlaza)

Ali Kindap, head of the Geothermal Power Plant Investors Association (JESDER) announced that 165 hectares of greenhouse fields will be built in Manisa, Aydin and Denizli. Kindap said that a total of 132 million 500 thousand Euro is invested in these areas to build greenhouses. "Three geothermally heated greenhouses will create employment for 3,000 people. Local people will be recruited and they will also work in the logistics." Kindap added.

The greenhouses will be heated by the waste water from Zorlu Energy's geothermal power plant in Saraykoy, Denizli. According to Kindap, all the infrastructure work is completed and that in Saraykoy in an area of 65 hectares 2 thousand people will start working.

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Iceland: Abstract Submission Deadline for World Geothermal Congress is This Thursday

World Geothermal Congress - Abstract Submission Deadline is 31st January

The World Geothermal Congress (WGC) will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in April 2020 in the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

WGC is finally coming to Iceland, a country that has shown so clearly to the world how renewable energy can power a modern economy in the 21st century. The Icelandic geothermal community has played a vital role in the technological development of geothermal power for the past decades, not only in power generation but also in district heating and direct use.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts and share their latest findings, research and experience with the global geothermal community.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

USA, Hawaii: Photo of New Access Road to Puna Geothermal Venture

Lava Update | January 25, 2019 (Hawaii Lava Update)

Access to the Puna Geothermal Venture facility has been restored, as a road has been cut through the perched channel and lava field. Steam continues to rise from the area near Hwy 130, as ground settling/shifting continues.

Access roads to the Puna Geothermal Venture facility have been cut through the perched channel.
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Finance: Good Visual Demonstrates the Decreasing Cost of Renewable Energy

Visualizing the Global Transition to Green Energy (Visual Capitalist)

Indonesia: PT Geo Dipa Energi Targeting Additional Geothermal Energy Capacity

Geo Dipa Targets Complete Expansion of the Dieng and Patuha PLTPs in 2023

PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero), a geothermal development company under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance, is targeting an additional installed capacity of 130 megawatts (MW) of Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) to 250 MW in the next four years.

Currently the installed capacity of the Geo Dipa plant is still 120 MW from the Dieng Unit 1 PLTP, PLTP Unit 2 and Dieng Small Scale or the expansion of the Dieng PLTP with a capacity of 10 MW.

In 2021 the capacity will increase to 130 MW as additional expansion of Dieng or Dieng Binary of 10 MW and 2023 enter additional capacity from the Dieng Unit 2 PLTP and Patuha PLTP Unit 2.

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Europe: Project to Explore for Deep Geothermal Energy in North West Europe

La géothermie pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique?
 - Geothermal energy to fight against global warming? (L'Echo)

Où et comment exploiter la géothermie profonde en Belgique mais aussi dans les pays limitrophes comme l’Allemagne, les Pays-Bas et la France? Ces questions sont au centre du projet de recherche européen "DGE-Rollout" qui vient de démarrer. Ce projet vise à diversifier d’ici quatre ans nos sources d’approvisionnement en énergie et ainsi à réduire nos émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

(From Google Translate) Where and how to exploit deep geothermal energy in Belgium but also in neighboring countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and France? These questions are at the center of the European research project "DGE-Rollout" which has just started. This project aims to diversify our sources of energy supply within four years and thus reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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Republic of Ireland: Successful Conference on Geothermal Resources in Éire

Geothermal Energy in Ireland & the GEOFIT solution (Geofit)

A CPD Event open to the public, was held on January 24th at the National University of Ireland, Galway, on Geothermal Energy in Ireland and the solution of the GEOFIT project. The presentation was led by Ric Pasquali, President of the Irish Geothermal Association, and followed by talks on the GEOFIT project by Thomas Messervey from R2M and Gisela Soley from COMSA.

The aim of this presentation was to discuss in detail the issue of geothermal energy, a largely untapped resource to date that has a great deal of potential. More particularly, the presentation discussed the potential of geothermal energy in Ireland, which will help in the near future to move towards sustainability.

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Commonwealth of Dominica: Citizenship by Investment Program Helps Pay for Construction of Geothermal Power Plant

Dominica to provide nearly entire population with geothermal energy, funded partly by its citizenship programme (Caribbean News Now)

In December, Dominica’s energy minister, Ian Douglas, addressed the government’s plans to build a geothermal plant in the third quarter of 2019. Construction will be set on the outskirts of the capital city of Roseau. It hopes to power 23,000 homes with clean geothermal energy, which represents approximately 90% of the entire population.

Funding for the geothermal project was partly acquired through Dominica’s citizenship by investment (CBI) programme. Additional funds came from the World Bank, Caribbean Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. Each eligible person to become a citizen of Dominica adds at least US$100,000 to the EDF. 

Mexico: Employment Opportunity in Geothermal Sales for Baker Hughes

Business Development Manager for Geothermal Business (Baker Hughes)

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

At Baker Hughes (BHGE) - Customer facing staff responsible for winning business.

Within the geographic area of Central America (Panama, Salvador, Costa Rica, etc.) this person is responsible for identifying opportunities for pumps to operate in Geothermal projects, selling product(s) (ESP, SPS, etc.), services, parts, solutions, or projects.

Develop sales plan for ALS catalogue in Geothermal Business, some customization to client conditions can be done. Cooperates with technical support to realize sales.

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Europe: Five Finalists Announced for Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award

Europe’s most innovative geothermal projects of 2018 (EGEC)

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) is pleased to announce the five endorsed nominations for the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award 2019. The final candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • Climeon (Sweden), for the Fludaorka geothermal plant, Iceland, where a HeatPower module of 2x2x2 m and 150 kW can produce electricity from low temperature geothermal resources (80–130°C).
  • Geofluid (France), for their anti-corrosion well concept implemented at the district heating grid of Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France.
  • GPC Instrumentation Process (France), for the validation of the sub-horizontal doublet and reservoir evaluation concept at the district heating system in Cachan, Paris.
  • Jansen AG (Switzerland), for the Jansen HIPRESS borehole heat exchanger for applications in depths of 300+ meters.
  • Turboden (Italy), for the first 5 stages large axial ORC turbine, as installed on the Velika Ciglena geothermal power plant, Croatia.
This year as well, the high-quality of submitted applications for projects developed within the previous year made for a challenging competition, showing that the geothermal sector is brimming with unceasing innovation.

USA, Washington D.C.: Presentation on the Power Market in Central America

Briefing on Central American Power Markets: Lessons Learned and Policy Recommendations with Particular Emphasis on Competitive Procurement (USEA)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
United States Energy Association, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Ste. 550, Washington, DC 20004, United States

This briefing will discuss the key policies and lessons learned from the report Central American Power Markets. The authors, Juan A.B. Belt and Silvia Alvarado de Córdoba, will present their analysis of the power sector reforms that have taken place in Central America countries and will identify measures to increase the efficiency of the region’s power markets. The paper focuses on the use of competitive bidding (auctions) for power and discusses the issues around the functioning of the Regional Central American Interconnected Market (Mercado Eléctrico Regional or MER). The authors argue that given the size of the Central American markets, their level of development, and the socioeconomic environment they face, lessons from those countries can be applicable to a wide range of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa. Register........

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Europe: New Partnership to Develop Geoscience, Geo-energy and/or Geothermal Energy

Agreement to establish Geo-Energy Europe metacluster signed in Dublin (EGEC)

Pole AVENIA and 6 out of its 7 partners in the Geo-Energy Europe project have signed a Partnership Agreement in Dublin last Monday, January 21, 2019 to formalize the creation of the Geo-Energy Europe metacluster and sustain its life beyond the end of the ongoing project timeframe (2018-2019).

The Geo-Energy Europe project is coordinated by French competitiveness cluster Pole AVENIA and funded by the European Programme for the COmpetitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (COSME), under the “Clusters Go International” call for projects. It started in January 2018 and will run until end of 2019.

As stated in the first article of the Partnership Agreement, “the Geo-Energy Europe metacluster is an open and voluntary alliance of complementary innovation cluster organizations or equivalent business network organizations from across Europe, involved in geoscience, geo-energy and/or geothermal energy that are committed to working together on a common vision.” That vision is to gather and brand most key players in the field of sustainable geo-energy in Europe under a common “Geo-Energy Europe” banner, and represent European know-how & technologies in this field in world markets, with a focus on the skills and services offered by its Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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Geothermal Event - Book Your Rooms Now for GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

Reserve Your Hotel Rooms for GRC Annual Meeting & Expo (News Release)

Hotel room reservations can now be made for the biggest geothermal energy event of the year to be held September 15-18 in Palm Springs, California, USA.

Reservations can now be made for hotel rooms for the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Annual Meeting & Expo, being held in Palm Springs, California, USA from September 15-18, 2019. All the events are in one central location, at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The official hotels are either connected to the convention center or just one block away.

The GRC has contracted with the Renaissance Palm Springs and Hilton Palm Springs hotels for a discounted block of rooms. At both hotels there is a choice of rooms with either two double beds or a king bed starting at $150 a night excluding taxes and fees.

Attendees can make their reservations on secure websites prepared specially for the GRC. The links are available from the GRC Annual Meeting website at:

The GRC strongly encourage you to stay at one of the conference hotels to gain the benefits of networking with colleagues, being close to the event venue, and relaxing in nice hotel properties.

We make every effort to negotiate the best possible rates. When you stay at the conference hotels, you help GRC meet our contractual obligations, avoid paying financial damages for this meeting, secure suitable venues and preferred dates-and-rates for future conferences.

The GRC Annual Meeting is the industry’s largest annual gathering of leading geothermal energy scientists, producers, renewable energy industry stakeholders, regulators, utilities, and key associated business leaders. The four-day event will offer technical, policy, and market conference sessions, educational seminars, tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects, and numerous networking opportunities.

Over 1,000 attendees came to the 2018 GRC Annual Meeting and Expo from over 40 different countries, highlighting the GRC’s role in connecting the global geothermal energy community. With increasing interest in geothermal as a reliable source of renewable energy providing both flexible and baseload power production around the world, the GRC is looking ahead to an even stronger international attendance in 2019.

For information on how to sponsor this event, contact Anh Lay, GRC at (530) 758-2360 X100 or

For more information about the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo in Palm Springs, California, USA, visit or call (530) 758-2360.

Latin America: Today is Deadline for Third Call Geothermal Development Facility - Expression of Interest

Geothermal Development Facility - Expression of Interest Sign-Up (GDF Latin America)

Third Call will end today, Monday, January 28. Sign up now to be considered! Don’t wait!

Dear Developer, do you have a geothermal project for Surface Studies or Confirmation Drilling in one of these countries?

The GDF will terminate its third call for Expressions of Interest on January 28, 2019. We are interested in knowing about your project. Do not miss this opportunity, it can be the beginning of great opportunities for your project and the development of Latin America.

Go ahead and be part of the change!​​​​​​​ Register Now.........

Friday, January 25, 2019

USA: GRC Executive Director Presents the State of the Geothermal Energy Industry

State of the Geothermal Energy Industry 2019

GRC Executive Director William Pettitt gave a presentation at the USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum on January 24, 2019.

GRC - State of the Geothermal Industry - January 2019 from Geothermal Resources Council

The presentation is also available as a PDF that includes Will Pettitts transcript to accompany the slides. 

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

Global Geothermal News - Weekly Update (Geothermal Resources Council)

A round-up of this week's international geothermal energy news.......

Click on the links below
to view the whole story and other news on Global Geothermal News.

USA, California: Community Choice Associations Gaining Ground in Golden State

California Community Choice Association - Q4 2018 Update

While no new Community Choice Association (CCA)s will launch this year due to new rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission, there will still be significant enrollment activity as CleanPowerSF, Clean Power Alliance, and San Jose Clean Energy continue their service roll-outs to well over 1.5 million customers accounts. 

Looking beyond 2019, Western Community Energy and the cities of Baldwin Park, Commerce, Hanford, Pomona, Rialto, and Santa Paula have submitted CCA implementation plans to the CPUC with an eye toward launching new CCA programs in 2020. Monterey Bay Community Power is planning to initiate service to the cities of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo in 2020, and MCE is expanding in Solano County. Desert Community Energy also plans to begin serving customers in 2020. Indeed, our map of CCA in California just keeps getting greener.

Community Choice Aggregation in California - An Opportunity for the Geothermal Industry [July/August 2016 Bulletin] by Paul Brophy, Past-President, Geothermal Resources Council, and Community Advisory Committee, Sonoma Clean Power.

Science & Technology: Method for Laser-Assisted Mechanical Drilling in Hard Rock Could Boost Geothermal Exploration

Geothermie-Bohrungen: Hochleistungslaser lässt Hartgestein bröckeln - Geothermal drilling: High-power laser makes hard rock crumble (Fraunhofer IPT)

Drill bit of the laser drill string with emerging laser water jet (Courtesy Fraunhofer IPT)
Erdwärme ist eine erneuerbare Energiequelle, emissionsarm und kann im Energiemix einen Teil der Grundlast übernehmen. Wird tief in die Erdkruste gebohrt, steigt die Temperatur im Schnitt pro 100 Meter um etwa drei Grad Celsius an. Allerdings treffen die Bohrer bei tiefen Geothermiebohrungen auf unterschiedliche Materialien, darunter auch Hartgesteine. Diese lassen sich nur mit geringen Vortriebsraten bohren und verschleißen die Bohrkrone schneller. Das führt zu hohen Kosten, die Investoren oft davon abhalten, Geothermieprojekte tatsächlich umzusetzen. Das Fraunhofer IPT hat deshalb gemeinsam mit Partnern im Forschungsprojekt »LaserJetDrilling« ein Verfahren zum laserunterstützten mechanischen Bohren in Hartgestein entwickelt und im Feldversuch erfolgreich getestet.

(From Google Translate) Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, low in emissions and can provide part of the base load in the energy mix. Drilling deep into the earth's crust, the temperature on average rises by about three degrees Celsius per 100 meters. However, with deep geothermal wells, the drills encounter different materials, including hard rock. These can only be drilled with low advance rates which wears out the drill bit faster. This leads to high costs, which often prevent investors from actually implementing geothermal projects. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT has therefore, together with partners in the research project "LaserJetDrilling", developed a method for laser-assisted mechanical drilling in hard rock and has successfully tested it in field trials.

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Kenya: Naivasha Flower Grower Uses Geothermal Heat to Win International Accolade

Oserian named world’s best grower of cut flowers (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation)

Naivasha based Oserian Development Company Limited, has won the top prize in the cut flower & bulbs category  at this year’s International Grower of the Year awards held in Germany.

The company utilizes the integrated pest management (IPM) system, hydroponics to reduce water and fertilizer consumption and has the world’s largest geothermal heating project for maintaining temperature in its greenhouses and for injecting vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) needed to stimulate healthy, strong plant growth.

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From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Germany: Good Progress at 50 MWth Munich Geothermal District Heating Project

Kochend heiß - Probebohrung stößt auf Wasser mit 108 Grad Celsius - Boiling Hot - Test drilling encounters water at 108 degrees Celsius (Sueddeutsche)

Die Stadtwerke München sind in 3044 Metern Tiefe auf einen Schatz gestoßen: kochend heißes Wasser. "Mit 108 Grad ist die Temperatur deutlich höher als erwartet", sagt Helge-Uve Braun, Technischer Geschäftsführer der SWM.

(From Google Translate) Stadtwerke München has discovered a "treasure" at a depth of 3,044 meters: boiling hot water. "At 108 degrees Celsius, the temperature is significantly higher than expected," says Helge-Uve Braun, Technical Director of SWM.

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St. Lucia: Project Manager Needed for Geothermal Energy Project

Request for Expressions of Interest - Renewable Energy Sector Development Project Manager - Saint Lucia

Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form by February 6, 2019.

Saint Lucia has received financing from the World Bank towards the Renewable Energy Sector Development Project (RESDP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services for engagement of a Project Manager. The proposed Project objective is to support the Government of Saint Lucia to assess the viability of harnessing indigenous renewable energy resources, in particular geothermal energy.

The consulting services include the day to day management and coordination of activities related to the implementation of the Project. The Project Manager among others will be required to use effective project management tools to plan, direct, manage, monitor and control project activities and resources as it relates to risk, scope, quality, cost and time of the project, Work closely and collaborate with the existing Project Coordination Unit (PCU) of the Department of Economic Development, the World Bank, the Exploration Management Consultant, Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC), the National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC), Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulators Agency (ECERA), and other relevant line Ministries and Agencies. The Project Manager will be engaged on a full-time basis and will work from the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy.

From the Global Geothermal News archives:

Climate Change: Nuclear Energy Agency Argument for Decarbonising the Electricity System

Decarbonising the Electricity System: Time to Act Now (Nuclear Energy Agency)

Many nations have committed to ambitious goals to limit emissions. Yet the world is not on track to achieve these environmental goals, nor are countries pursuing these policies in a cost effective way, concludes the Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in its new report The Costs of Decarbonisation: System Costs with High Shares of Nuclear and Renewables.

The report highlights that the increased share of variable energy sources has resulted in large inefficiencies imposed on the entire electricity system. These system costs are not properly recognised by current market structures and are currently borne by the overall electricity system in a manner that makes it difficult—if not impossible—to make well-informed decisions and investments.

Without the introduction of new, robust energy market policies, this situation is unlikely to change. Given the massive investments that the realisation of the decarbonisation transformation requires, it is of paramount importance to create long-term frameworks that provide stability and confidence for investors in all low carbon generation technologies. It is also imperative to realign electricity systems and electricity markets to ensure security of supply and system reliability in a cost effective manner.

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Iceland: Financial Support Available for World Geothermal Congress Attendees

Fellowships Available for World Geothermal Congress

The World Geothermal Congress (WGC) will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in April 2020 in the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

The IGA Fellowship grant programme provides financial support for those who will be presenting at WGC 2020 but have limited financial means.

Applicants are kindly informed that grants awarded are only a contribution towards their expenses and not a full reimbursement.

All IGA members from a number of countries are eligible for fellowships as long as they have submitted an abstract. List of Countries........ Detailed application forms will be available from 1 January 2019 with applications possible until 8 December 2019.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts before 31st January and share their latest findings, research and experience with the global geothermal community in one or more of the themes.

By clicking this link, you will be directed to the submission system (hosted by Stanford University, California) and there, you will be guided through the submission process step by step. A video has been provided to help you understand the process.

Send questions and comments on the Technical Program to

Latin America: Deadline Nears for Third Call Geothermal Development Facility - Expression of Interest

Geothermal Development Facility - Expression of Interest Sign-Up (GDF Latin America)

Third Call will end on Monday, January 28. Sign up now to be considered! Don’t wait!

Dear Developer, do you have a geothermal project for Surface Studies or Confirmation Drilling in one of these countries?

The GDF will terminate its third call for Expressions of Interest on January 28, 2019. We are interested in knowing about your project. Do not miss this opportunity, it can be the beginning of great opportunities for your project and the development of Latin America.

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Education: Learn More About the Geothermal Design Challenge - Webinar Today

Webinar - Geothermal Design Challenge™ Data Analytics (Utah FORGE)

Friday, January 25, 2019,
11 a.m.-12 p.m.(Mountain Time)

Join Utah FORGE for a live webinar discussion on data analytics – cleaning data, inferring insights and visualization.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a competition for students interested in geothermal energy.

The DOE will award USD 11,000 in cash prizes to teams of currently enrolled students in high school, undergrad or graduate school. The Geothermal Design Challenge asks students to research datasets, interpret information and create a data visualization portfolio that tells a compelling story about the search for clean, renewable geothermal energy.

The top 3 winning teams will be awarded as follows: USD 5,000 for 1st place team / USD 3,500 for 2nd place team / USD 2,500 for 3rd place team.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

USA: Energy Information Agency Projects Over 8,000 MW Geothermal Energy by 2050

Annual Energy Outlook 2019 (EIA)

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)'s Annual Energy Outlook 2019 (AEO2019) provides modeled projections of domestic energy markets through 2050, and it includes cases with different assumptions about macroeconomic growth, world oil prices, and technological progress.

Natural gas prices remain comparatively low based on historical prices during the projection period, leading to increased  use of this fuel across end-use sectors and increased liquefied natural gas exports.

The power sector experiences a notable shift in fuels used to generate electricity, driven in part by historically low natural gas prices. Increased natural gas-fired electricity generation; larger shares of intermittent renewables; and additional retirements of less economic coal and nuclear plants occur during the projection period.

The AEO2019 Reference case represents EIA’s best assessment of how U.S. and world energy markets will operate through 2050, based on many key assumptions. For instance, the Reference case projection assumes improvement in known energy production, delivery, and consumption technology trends.

In projecting generation from geothermal energy the report estimates an average annual 3.9% increase in capacity from 2018-2050:
  • 2018 - 2.46 GW
  • 2019 - 2.49 GW
  • 2020 - 2.61 GW
  • 2030 - 4.86 GW
  • 2040 - 7.29 GW
  • 2050 - 8.37 GW
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Indonesia: Green Climate Fund Approves USD 100 Million to Finance Public and Private Sector Geothermal Development

GCF supports Indonesia's energy transition with de-risking geothermal development (Green Climate Fund)

At its twenty first meeting in Bahrain, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board approved the first tranche of USD 100 million out of the USD 185 million requested from GCF to finance public and private sector geothermal development in Indonesia.

The first tranche of the GCF multi-year support facility will mobilise USD 410 million with contributions from the World Bank, the Government of Indonesia and private sector developers to achieve 600 MW to 900 MW of additional geothermal capacity.

The full project facility will mobilise USD 760 million to support exploration and resource confirmation for 1GW to 1.5 GW geothermal energy. This translates to 187-281 million tCO2eq mitigated over the lifetime of the generating assets.

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United Kingdom: Two Day Conference With Geothermal Energy Interest in London

4D Subsurface Modelling: Predicting the Future (The Geological Society)

20-21 February 2019, Burlington House, London, UK

As geoscientists, we strive for an integrated view of the Earth beneath our feet. Yet, barriers are created by technical disciplines, prevailing methods and data availability. This unique workshop examines what can be gained from building shared models through time and how challenges that lie in their way can be overcome.

By inviting subsurface professionals - engineers and geoscientists - from the three industrial sectors of mining, civil engineering and energy (petroleum, geothermal, gas storage), we aim to not only bridge technical silos within given sectors but across industries to seek better approaches to geomodelling through time and optimising its value for its customers in engineering.

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Africa: African Development Bank Group Announces Investment in Renewable Energy Including Geothermal

African Development Bank Group approves $25 million Equity Investment in Fund for Renewable Energy Projects in Africa (News Release)

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved an equity investment of up to US$ 25 million in ARCH Africa Renewable Power Fund (ARPF), a US$ 250 million private equity fund for renewable energy projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.

ARPF will provide equity for the development and construction of 10 to 15 greenfield renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, adding approximately 533 MW of installed energy generation capacity from renewable sources in the region. This will provide both base load and peak load power in underserved markets.

ARPF projects will focus on mature technologies including wind, solar PV, small to medium hydro, geothermal and biomass. These would include grid-connected independent power producers (“IPPs”), and decentralized energy projects (commercial & industrial solar, mini-grids and solar home systems companies). The Fund’s strategy is to prioritize projects with a clear timeline to financial close, with emphasis on de-risking early stage greenfield projects.