Friday, November 22, 2019

Indonesia: Initial Environmental Examination of 55 MW Dieng Unit 2 Geothermal Power Project Available

Geothermal Power Generation Project: Dieng Unit 2 Project Component Draft Initial Environmental Examination (ADB)

Environmentally friendly-Farmer working on potato farms around geothermal installation, Dieng Plateau, Central Java. By Raditya Mahendra Yasa. GRC Photo Contest 2013.
Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) describe the environmental condition of a project, including potential impact, formulation of mitigation measures, and preparation of institutional requirements for environmental monitoring.

This document dated November 2019 is provided for the ADB project 52282-001 in Indonesia. 

P. T. Geodipa Energi (GDE) is a state-owned-enterprise since December 2011 and has requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide financing of additional geothermal generation capacity of 110 MW for Dieng Unit 2 (55 MW) in Wonosobo, Central Java and Patuha Unit 2 (55 MW) in Ciwidey, West Java. GDE owns and manages the existing Unit 1 (55MW) in Dieng and Unit 1 (55MW) in Patuha. 

The Dieng Unit 2 facilities will require the following main components:
  1. A total of six production wells (of which one well is existing);
  2. A total of five new injection wells;
  3. Power plant with an installed capacity of 1 x 55 MW using a combined cycle power plant technology (i.e., back pressure turbine and organic Rankine cycle bottoming for steam and brine);
  4. Steam above ground gathering system (SAGS) consisting of about 9.13 kilometer (km) steam pipelines to connect Unit 2 geothermal power plant to the production wells;
  5. About 5.05 km of injection pipelines to connect Unit 2 to the injection system;
  6. An underground electric transmission line of about 6.9 km to connect Unit 2 to the existing substation in Unit 1; and
  7. Access road of about 1.8 km.