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USA, Alaska:

Pilgrim's Progress: An Update on Geothermal Potential in Alaska (EERE/GTO)

"Steaming Pilgrim Lagoon, Fall Colors and Kiqluiak Mountains" - Dick Benoit

A resource in central Alaska is showing promise for geothermal development—the renewable energy that draws on Earth’s natural heat for electricity and other uses. The myriad benefits of this clean, domestic power source make geothermal exploration an attractive proposition for this state, where off-grid demand means that Alaskans often use expensive, polluting diesel power. Today, progress at an Energy Department investment on Native American lands is generating a lot of excitement for geothermal power, turning up enough heat resource to meet the electricity needs of surrounding communities and industries.

At Pilgrim Hot Springs, 50 miles northeast of Nome, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) has found a sufficient geothermal resource from exploration drilling to tap geothermal energy for a spectrum of uses, including on-site power generation. In fact, experts consider the resource at Pilgrim to be the largest identified geothermal resource on the Seward Peninsula. Developments there could also potentially allow the native community to develop the geothermal resource in order to relocate at Pilgrim. To conduct this exploration work, ACEP partnered with the Energy Department’s Geothermal Technologies Office.

GRC Annual Meeting:

GRC Annual Meeting Venue Embraces Farm to Fork ( & KRNV)

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Expo will be held at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno, Nevada, USA from September 20 -23, 2015

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is introducing locally-sourced food and products in multiple areas of the Resort including restaurants and Spa Toscana, becoming the first Reno casino to incorporate local food into daily operation.

Four Peppermill restaurants lead the integration of locally-sourced produce which includes kale, romaine, rainbow chard, heirloom tomatoes, micro greens, butternut squash, acorn squash, and spaghetti squash. Produce will be sourced from numerous local farms including Hyde’s Herbs, Spanish Springs Greens and Snyder Onions. This produce will be used daily in popular dishes such as the Kale Salad and Classic Caesar salad served at Biscotti’s. Additionally, Bimini, Romanza and Oceano will also use locally grown staples to complement other seasonal items.

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European Union:

European Geothermal Energy Council Suggests EU Invests More in Geothermal Energy (EGEC)

Next week European Commission President Junker is to unveil his plan to re-launch the EU economy (by mobilizing EUR 330 bn in total).

In a letter sent today, the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) calls on the European Commission to earmark a substantial part of its investment package for deploying geothermal cogeneration and  heat projects.

In particular, investments in the energy sector should go in priority to:

  • Building renovation with energy efficiency measures and fuel switch to renewable heating.
  • District heating and cogeneration generation units and distribution networks, including for their refurbishment with RES integration;
  • Low temperature process heat from RES to decarbonize the industrial sector.

The full letter is available here.


Fuelling the Future: Energy Outlook for Asia-Pacific

Asia’s continued prosperity is intrinsically bound to the major ongoing conversation in the energy markets. Simply put, what needs to happen to ensure energy security at an affordable price for an ever increasingly populous in Asia? This question has become increasingly important for governments and key stakeholders to answer.

Fuelling the future: Energy outlook for Asia-Pacific’ was commissioned by Norton Rose Fulbright, and the research conducted by Remark, the research and publications division of Mergermarket.

The report roadmaps the major challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region in securing its long-term energy needs and some of the possible answers to these challenges. The report deep dives into the mindset of energy sector practitioners to offer insightful data into what does the short to long-term look like for investors in the Asia-Pacific region. It seeks to understand how new technologies, a changing fuel mix, and a shifting regulatory landscape will shape this sector over the next twenty years.

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BacMan Geothermal Facility Now Completely Operational (Philippine Star)

EDC settles dispute with Siemens, Turbocare

All three units of the Bacon-Manito (BacMan) geothermal plant in Albay are now fully operational after more than a year of intermittent operations due to problematic test results and maintenance shutdowns.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, BacMan owner Energy Development Corp. (EDC), said with all units now operational, “the facility is producing a gross output of approximately 130 megawatts.”

"As of today’s date all Units at BacMan are operational and the facility is producing a gross output of approximately 130MW. The permanent fixes have now been completed on both BacMan Unit 2 & Unit 3, whilst BacMan Unit 1 will continue to operate with its interim solution until 27 December 2014 when it will then be shut down to install the new steam turbine rotor from Toshiba. It is planned that BacMan Unit 1 will be returned to service by 20 March 2015."

Claims filed against the contractors of the rehabilitation of the facility have also been settled after EDC filed an arbitration case before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

EDC said it would discontinue the arbitration following the settlement of the claims.

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USA, California:

Geothermal Tweets its Success in the Golden State


Indonesia Clears Path for Geothermal Energy as Power Needs Rise (Jakarta Globe)


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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Indonesia Clears Path for Geothermal Energy (Reuters)

Indonesia plans 25 tenders for new geothermal sites next year

Indonesia has unveiled ambitious targets to triple geothermal power output this decade, introducing a series of land and regulatory reforms aimed at becoming the world's largest producer of the fossil fuel alternative. Indonesia aims to up its capacity by 4.9 GW by 2019.

Yet progress has been slow due to red tape, uncompetitive power tariffs and uncertainty over asset ownership. The 25 years it has taken from the planning stage to breaking ground on its latest project show the formidable barriers the sector faces.

The government says reforms to curb the power of regional authorities to intrude on projects, as well as to make it easier to build in forest areas, should accelerate development of 25 project sites due for tender in early 2015.

"There are no more obstacles in this sector. It's time for us to work. It is a business opportunity," said Tisnaldi, director of geothermal, directorate general of renewable energy and energy conservation at the energy and mines ministry.

Indonesia's plans could see geothermal meet 10 percent of power demand by 2020, up from 3 percent today. Currently about half of power supplies are met by coal, a fuel it is keen to use less in order to boost exports. Gas makes up about 20 percent and oil 12 percent.

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Rocks Get Super-Heated to 1000C Under New Mountains (BBC)

As mountains are gradually forced up, the rocks deep underneath them can heat up to a roasting 1000C

Deep underneath newly-forming mountains, the rocks can heat up to over 1000C. Geologists have suspected this happens for some time. Now a study of ancient rocks reveals that they really were once heated to these unimaginable temperatures.

Mountains form when rocks are forced upwards. But before this happens, the rocks that will make up the mountains first melt, over many millions of years.

In effect, these forming mountains have roots, "rather like icebergs floating in the sea", says Simon Redfern at the University of Cambridge in the UK, who was not involved in the new study. "If you build up a mountain it needs to have an equivalent amount of mountain root at its base."

Now a new study, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, gives the strongest evidence yet that the temperature in these deep parts of the Earth's crust can exceed 1000C.

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Climate Change:

New Research Quantifies Health Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Berkeley Lab)

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which result from the burning of fossil fuels, also reduces the incidence of health problems from particulate matter (PM) in these emissions.

A team of scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), RAND Corp., and the University of Washington, has calculated that the economic benefit of reduced health impacts from GHG reduction strategies in the U.S. range between $6 and $14 billion annually in 2020, depending on how the reductions are accomplished. This equates to a health benefit of between $40 and $93 per metric ton of carbon dioxide reduction.

Strategies considered by the team encompassed efficiency improvements in light- and heavy-duty vehicles, buildings and coal power plants; reducing light-duty vehicle-miles traveled; and substitution of coal electricity with lower-carbon energy sources.

A wedge-based approach to estimating health co-benefits of climate change mitigation activities in the United States John M. Balbus, Jeffery B. Greenblatt, Ramya Chari, Dev Millstein, Kristie L. Ebi.

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United Kingdom:

Core 2014 - The Deep Geothermal Local Authority Event

2 December 2014, The Eden Project, Cornwall, United Kingdom

(Courtesy The Eden Project)
Cornwall Council with support from other local authorities is hosting the first Deep Geothermal Local Authority event organised by energyshare.         Program (PDF)

The free event will bring together industry experts, government departments and decision makers to discuss Geothermal potential, opportunities, challenges and working together.

If you would like to attend or find out about sponsorship packages, please contact

Nicaragua, Iceland:

Nicaragua, Iceland To Develop Geothermal Projects (Prensa Latina)

Iceland Officials Meeting with President Daniel Ortega
(Courtesy La Voz del Sandinismo)
Nicaragua and Iceland signed two agreements of cooperation and investment in geothermal projects during a meeting between president Daniel Ortega, members of the government, and a delegation from the European country.

These agreements led to a series of actions and decisions that will surely come to fruition soon, asserted Ortega.

Among the common projects are included the establishment of a geothermal park and other initiatives for the utilization of such resources.

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EDC Eyeing Project in Mt. Mandalagan (Sun.Star)

Energy Development Corp. (EDC) is eyeing to conduct drilling operations for another geothermal power in in Mt. Mandalagan, Negros Occidental.

Mt. Mandalagan, which is part of the Negros Volcanic Belt, is listed by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) as a potentially active volcano.

Vice Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson said Wednesday that his office received the project description for the Geoscientific Study on the Mandalagan Geothermal Prospect from EDC.

The Mandalagan Geothermal Prospect is one of the identified areas of the Department of Energy that has potential for power generation for renewable energy specifically geothermal energy.

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Geothermal Energy in Switzerland - Tiefengeothermie in Der Schweiz - Géothermie Profonde en Suisse

Video summarizing the TA-SWISS study on the opportunities and risks of geothermal energy


Study Recommends Pursuing Geothermal Energy (

Despite recent seismic events related to drilling for geothermal power sources, a new study has concluded that Switzerland should continue to pursue geothermal energy as part of its future strategy.

The study from the Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS argues that energy production from geothermal sources is environmentally friendly, reliable and well-priced. However, the organisation also found certain risks involved.

Exploratory geothermal power projects in St Gallen and Basel were recently stopped after unusual seismic activity was found to have been linked to the drilling. However, despite those incidents, TA- SWISS urged Swiss officials not to write off geothermal energy as a power source too quickly.

Energy from the Earth: Deep Geothermal as a Resource for the Future? (PDF)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Geothermal 101 Workshop (CanGEA)

18 December, 2014, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

The Calgary Petroleum Club, The Trophy Lounge, Calgary

Geothermal energy is delivering clean, base-load and low cost electricity in 25 countries as well as commercial heating in 70 countries. While not yet fully utilized, geothermal energy is an important part of Canada’s energy future, creating new investment and jobs in Canadian communities while also contributing to a cleaner environment for future generations.

Not familiar with the environmental, social and economic benefits of geothermal power, or would like to learn more?

Speaker Craig Dunn of Borealis GeoPower
Join Chief Geologist of Borealis GeoPower, Craig Dunn, to explore the Canadian energy industry’s efforts to develop geothermal energy.

Early bird tickets available for $80! Purchase through the CanGEA powEARTHful2 crowdfunding campaign starting November 25. Limited spots available! For reservations before November 25, contact Alexa MacDonald at Workshop cost after December 5: $150 (plus GST).


Geothermal: Leasing Woes Stall Industry Development, Even in Hotbeds (Environment & Energy Publishing)

Despite the bipartisan potential, geothermal leasing has declined in Nevada and nationwide in recent years, with Silver State sales bookending the demise of the energy source's leasing glory years.

In 2008, one sale of 35 Nevada parcels banked BLM a record $28.2 million in total revenue. Fast-forward to 2013, when BLM made only $42,870 all year on nine Nevada parcels.

What happened? For industry and BLM, it goes back to the age-old question of the chicken or the egg.

The geothermal industry blames the chicken -- years of regulation between exploration and power production -- for dissuading interest. But BLM points to the egg -- a lack of bids at recent geothermal lease auctions.

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Climate Change:

CO2 Emissions Must be Zero by 2070 to Prevent Climate Disaster, UN Says (The Guardian)

The world must cut CO2 emissions to zero by 2070 at the latest to keep global warming below dangerous levels and prevent a global catastrophe, the UN warns.

By 2100, all greenhouse gas emissions – including methane, nitrous oxide and ozone, as well as CO2 – must fall to zero, the United Nationals Environment Program (Unep) report says, or the world will face what Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientists have described as “severe, widespread and irreversible” effects from climate change.

The Unep report published on Wednesday is based on the idea that the planet has a finite ‘carbon budget’. Since emissions surged in the late 19th century, some 1,900 Gigatonnes (Gt) of CO2 and 1,000 Gt of other greenhouse gases have already been emitted, leaving less than 1,000 Gt of CO2 left to emit before locking the planet in to dangerous temperature rises of more than 2C above pre-industrial levels.


Canada: An Alternative Energy Oasis (Greener Ideal)

In Canada, there are many different alternative power technologies, but those that are more affordable and offer better technology maturity are: geothermal, biomass, wind and solar.

As of yet, there is no geothermal generation of electricity on Canada’s Pacific coast, but Western Geo-Power Corporation is in the final stage of the evaluation to generate electricity for Yukon Energy Corporation and Yukon Cold Climate Innovation Center.

Most geothermal resources are distanced from populations, but recent technologies have been working on expanding the reach of this energy to the distant communities.

Investors are seriously looking into Canada’s geothermal energy production and planning development projects. It’s estimated that development for geothermal installations will take only about three years, whereas it takes five or more to create a large coal plant.

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Geothermal, a Powerful New Hope (The Worldfolio)

As Indonesia works to complement its hydrocarbons base with a mix of renewable sources, innovative companies like Star Energy have risen to the occasion.

Star Energy has successfully branched out into geothermal power. In line with its long-term strategy of creating value for all its stakeholders, the company moved into the sector with the acquisition of its first facility in 2004.

A Joint Operation Contract (JOC) with the national oil and gas company, Pertamina, gives Star Energy the right to develop up to 400 MW of electricity in power hungry West Java.  “Star Energy took over the Wayang Windu project in West Java to operate geothermal assets,” Mr. Suparman explains. “We have since worked to develop this site and in February 2009, we had a major breakthrough when we built our own additional geothermal power unit. As a result, since this time we are operating two units at Wayang Windu, supplying Indonesia with more electricity generated through clean, green renewable means.”

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USA, Colorado:

Drilling for Electricity, Part Five - A Personal Perspective on the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Project (Pagosa Daily Post)

According to Wikipedia, Dakota Formation rocks “lie unconformably atop Paleozoic and Precambrian rocks, and are the oldest Cretaceous rocks in the northern Great Plains, including Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It consists of sandy, shallow-marine deposits with intermittent mud flat sediments, and occasional stream deposits. The Dakota Formation is an important aquifer in some areas of the Great Plains.”

I was intrigued by a comment made by Colorado Geological Survey geologist (and GRC Member) Paul Morgan during our visit to the Pagosa Verde drilling site. He mentioned the “nonconformity” of the geology underlying much of the Rocky Mountains. As I understand the geology (from Mr. Morgan’s brief summary) the Pagosa Verde core samples are likely going to include Entrada Sandstone (dated at maybe 180 million years ago) and then are going to skip a billion years of geologic history and start drilling into Precambrian rock — which the geologists date at maybe 1,400 million years old. That’s jump of a billion years.

Which might raise the question, where did a billion years worth of solid rock disappear to?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Workshop: New Vision on Geothermal Energy in Mexico

24 November, 2014,  9:00 am - 3 pm, Ministry of Energy (SENER), Centro de Capacitación de la Secretaría de Energía (CECAL) Auditorium, Mexico City

Objective: Introduce the geothermal potential of Mexico, not only from a geological perspective, but also from the new opportunities offered by the recently undertaken Energy Reform, specifically the new Geothermal Energy Law and its Regulation, as well as the financial mechanisms for mitigating risks in exploration. 

Background: Mexico has an important comparative advantage in Geothermal resources. However, just like in the rest of the world, geothermal energy is a renewable energy resource that does not have the same development compared to those of solar energy, biomass, hydroelectric and wind power in recent years. The main reasons of it are the uncertainty to ensure the resource, the high investments that are at risk in exploration and the lack of legal certainty according to the previous risks. However, the Energy Reform recently undertaken by the Mexican government has provided mechanisms to mitigate such effects, which are expected to relaunch the development of this type of energy, which if applied only on the power production, will result in a basic reliable power source and besides, it will be environmentally friendly.

Please confirm and register to e-mail address: and/or

Climate Change:

Opinion: A Carbon Tax Could Bolster Wobbly Progress in Renewable Energy (New York Times)

If a carbon tax were to be imposed next year, starting at $25 and rising by 5 percent a year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates, carbon dioxide emissions from American power plants would fall to only 419 million tons by 2040, about one-fifth of where they are today. Total carbon dioxide emissions from energy in the United States would fall to 3.6 billion tons — 1.8 billion tons less than today.

By providing a monetary incentive, economists say, such a tax would offer by far the most effective way to encourage business and individuals to reduce their use of fossil fuels and invest in alternatives.

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Opinion: Why BC’s Future Should be a Geothermal One (The Vancouver Observer)

In BC, the Site C dam debate seems to be begging for forward-thinking action. The future is not in flooding some of the province’s best agricultural, but rather in looking to BC’s enormous renewable energy potential that does not involve outdated mega-dam technology. Given BC Hydro’s apparent insistence on the need for massive base load power generation to meet rising industrial demand from extractive sector operators – mining and natural gas extraction - the government should consider geothermal energy options.

Globally, the U.S. has the largest installed geothermal power capacity, and transferred their knowledge in this area to the Philippines, which is now the world’s second largest geothermal energy producer. So, the U.S. shared geothermal technology with the Philippines while leaving us to make oil from sand in Alberta, and inject the earth with a toxic chemical slurry in exchange for natural gas in BC. Perhaps now is the time to start doing things differently?

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East Africa:

Papers from Fifth African Rift Geothermal Conference Made Available

Just over 90 papers presented at the Fifth African Rift Geothermal Conference held in late October in Arusha, Tanzania, have been posted online.

The theme of this year's ARGeo-C5 was “Geothermal: Solution to Africa Energy needs”. The main objective of this conference was to promote regional cooperation, create an information exchange platform on exploration, development, investment and utilization of the geothermal resources in the region and elsewhere in the world.


U.S. Economic Census Statistics Now Available for the First Time on Wind, Geothermal, Biomass and Solar Electric Power Generation (Financial Content)

In 2012, Geothermal electric power generation in the U.S. had revenues of just under $1 billion

Revenues for electric power generation industries that use renewable energy resources rose 49.0 percent from $6.6 billion in 2007 to $9.8 billion in 2012, according to new economic census statistics released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

These industries that use renewable energy resources consist of hydroelectric power generation, four newly delineated industries — wind, geothermal (NAICS 221116), biomass and solar electric power generation — and one newly defined category of other electric power generation.

Some highlights from the recent survey:
  • In 2012, Geothermal electric power generation had revenues of just under $1 billion ($995.4 million). 
  • Nuclear electric and geothermal electric power generation establishments reported the highest average annual payroll per employee in 2012 ($111,468 and $101,100, respectively) for the electric power generation industry.
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USA, Colorado:

Drilling for Electricity, Part Four - A Personal Perspective on the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Project (Pagosa Daily Post)

(Video: 4:18 Minutes)

The problems at the drilling site, located across Highway 84 from the Archuleta County Road and Bridge offices, had to due with hitting artesian water. As we mentioned yesterday, drilling company DOSECC Exploratory Services had been hired by local alternative energy company Pagosa Verde LLC to produce maybe 2,000 feet of geologic core samples at each of six exploratory sites. Each drilled well would then be utilized by geologists to run a series of temperate and sonic tests, with the idea of understanding the composition of the rocks underlying this particular area of Archuleta County — thinking that, maybe, this understanding will then lead Pagosa Verde and the Pagosa Area Water and Power Authority to find the Holy Grail of Geothermal Water. That is to say, water that is hotter than 250 degrees, hot enough to run an electric turbine…

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52.5 MW Olkaria I Unit 5 Begins Generation (all

The official commissioning of the final phase of the 280 MW geothermal power project is expected next month.

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has connected the Olkaria I unit 5 to the national grid, paving the way for the completion of the 280 MW geothermal power project.

The unit, still being tested, is now feeding 52.5 MW of electricity to the national grid and marks the final phase in what is seen as a major step toward significantly lowering the cost of electricity in East Africa's largest economy. Final tests were ongoing to ensure system stability.

The Olkaria 280 MW project, the largest of its kind in the world, comprises the 140 MW Olkaria IV and the Olkaria I units 4 and 5, each with a capacity of 70 MW.

The official commissioning of the final phase of the 280 MW geothermal power project is expected next month.

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USA, California:

Get Ready to Bid for New Baseload Renewable Contracts in the Imperial Valley (IID)

IID’s Base Load Renewable Solicitation for future contracts will post within the next two months

The Imperial Irrigation District (IID), a municipal utility that provides power and water services to about 150,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the southeastern part of California's desert, is looking for new baseload renewable energy supplies.

IID’s Base Load Renewable Solicitation for future contracts will post within the next two months and in order to download the documents and receive an electronic notification that this solicitation is ready for download, you must be an approved vendor on their bidding site. Follow the instructions below and create a profile for your firm.

The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Purchasing Section invites you to sign up for On-line Solicitation Services.  This internet-based method of notification will enable you to view and receive information about newly posted solicitations.

 As a registered user, you can automatically receive notification of new solicitations via e-mail, view invitations for Formal Invitations to Bid, Requests for Quotation and Proposal opportunities, download bid documents in electronic form, submit requests for information, view plan holders lists, sign up for pre-bid meetings and view bid and quotation results and contract awards.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Peru to Unveil Plans for Renewable Power Auction (Bloomberg)

Peru’s government is set to announce plans for a renewable-energy auction during a global climate conference to be held next month in Lima.

The auction will be held in the first half of next year and will allow bids for solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy projects, said Pedro Gamio, energy coordinator for the United Nations-organized climate talks.

The country is seeking to double its renewable-energy capacity and reduce its use of fossil fuels. Renewable energy produces about 2.7 percent of the country’s power, according to Gamio. The government has set a goal of 5 percent.

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Climate Change:

G20 Pledges Lift Green Climate Fund Towards $10 Billion U.N. Goal (Reuters)

A promise by Japan on Sunday to give up to $1.5 billion to a U.N. fund to help poor nations cope with global warming puts the fund within sight of a $10 billion goal and brightens prospects for a U.N. climate pact next year.

Japan's pledge, at the G20 meeting of world leaders in Australia, raises the total promised to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to $7.5 billion, including up to $3 billion by U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday.

The Seoul-based GCF Secretariat in a statement hailed the pledges as a turning point before a first donors' conference in Berlin on Thursday. The United Nations has set an informal target of raising $10 billion this year.

The cash, to help emerging economies curb their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to changes such as heatwaves, mudslides and rising sea levels, is widely seen as vital to unlock a U.N. climate deal meant to be agreed in late 2015 in Paris.

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Tourism Boost for Victoria Town from Geothermal Energy (The Standard)

The south-west Victoria town of Portland would benefit from a new wave of tourism via hot water pools if a planned $3.25 million project to reopen a decommissioned geothermal bore goes ahead.

Glenelg Shire Council has earmarked $1.625m  for the project which would be matched by the Napthine government if it wins the November 29 elections.

Member for South West Coast Denis Napthine announced on Friday a commitment to back the shire’s plan to sink a new bore to tap into the natural supply of hot underground water which would be used to heat civic buildings, the hospital, police station and other facilities — just as it did before it was shut down in 2006.

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Mexico's Energy Reform Ends its Regulatory Stage (Power Engineering)

Geothermal energy will receive special treatment. 

The energy reform carried out in Mexico has reached the final stage of its regulatory period. The approval of the rules that will develop the reform is imminent. This was announced by Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Energy secretary of the federal government. Coldwell said during Mexico's Business Summit 2014 that there will be approved 25 rules.

Geothermal energy will receive special treatment. This renewable energy source has a potential of 61,178 GWh per year, but currently only 10 per cent of that amount is generated, according to figures from the National Energy Institute. Mexico is the world's fourth country with biggest geothermal reserves. This fact drove the approval of a Geothermal Law that establishes specialties for this energy source. For instance, exploration permits and concessions will be directly negotiated with the Secretariat of Energy. Before the Geothermal Law it was compulsory to talk to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

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Resumption of Geothermal Plants Fuels Increase in First Gen's Profit (InterAksyon)

Profitability at First Gen Corp rose by more than half in the third quarter as its geothermal assets turned in better revenue.

In a financial report, First Gen said net income hit $105.4 million in the July to September period, higher by 73.3 percent than the $60.8 million in the same three months of last year. For the nine month period ending September, the Lopez-led company’s earnings rose 55.5 percent to $274.9 million from $176.8 million in 2013.

The increase was primarily brought about by additional revenue from First Gen's geothermal (Energy Development Corp) and natural gas subsidiaries (First Gas Power Corp and First Gas Corp).

First Gen's geothermal and natural gas units turned in additional revenue after facilities under maintenance and repair work a year ago returned to the grid this year.

The turnaround was the result of the transfer and commissioning of EDC’s shattered Northern Negros Geothermal Plant in Negros Occidental to a new site in Negros Oriental.

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USA, Colorado:

Drilling for Electricity, Part Three - A Personal Perspective on the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Project (Pagosa Daily Post)

(VIDEO 4:51 minutes)

Paul Morgan, a senior geologist with the Colorado Geological Survey — a state-funded scientific agency — had come to Pagosa Springs to help with ‘logging’ the core samples that DOSECC Exploratory Services was pulling out of the earth, in one meter segments. Pagosa Verde had invited the agency to assist with their search for boiling hot geothermal water, which might reside in a hot pool or as a hot, flowing river, somewhere under the ground in Archuleta County.

One such water source already is known, and has numerous well-developed water rights attached to it. This search is for a new (and better) underground resource.

Part One......       Part Two.....     

USA, California:

Yesterday, Geothermal Energy Was Number One in California

Geothermal energy in California supplies a steady 1,092 MW, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The weather here in California has been warm and dry for a few weeks now. A high pressure system sits over the west coast and refuses to budge. This leads to calm, occasionally cloudy days, quite common at this time of year before the storm season begins.

This affects electricity generation especially wind and solar. When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine these renewable energy providers suffer.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) measures the output from renewable energy providers to the State grid. As you can see in the graph on the left it never got very windy in California yesterday. There was enough sun to energize solar panels for 10 hours. The weather wasn't cooperating. 

However, geothermal energy was still plugging away, supplying a constant supply of clean, dependable, renewable energy 24/7, 365 days a year.

In fact, yesterday in California, geothermal energy was the biggest provider of electricity to the CAISO grid, with over 26,000 MWh. Solar energy (PV and thermal) peaked at 11 in the morning and only supplied 25,000 MWh. Wind provided just over 25,000 MWh.

Geothermal energy was the number one renewable energy provider - and this is not the only day when it supports the economy here in California.


Halliburton Agrees to Buy Baker Hughes (Wall Street Journal)

Companies also provide drilling services for geothermal energy

As suggested a few days ago Halliburton Co. agreed to buy rival Baker Hughes Inc. in a stock-and-cash deal valued at $34.6 billion, ending weeks of discussions and merging the world’s second- and third-largest oil-field services companies.

The deal, seen helping the companies contend with falling oil prices, comes after weeks of discussions that turned hostile. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Halliburton and Baker Hughes were in talks for a possible tie-up. On Friday, Halliburton moved to overthrow the Baker Hughes board after discussions broke down.

The companies face a world where drilling for oil and gas has become increasingly expensive and competitive—and falling crude prices are only adding to the pressures on oil-field services firms. Those trends, industry experts say, likely spurred Halliburton to approach its smaller rival.

Combining the companies will create a new oil-field-services giant that can offer lower prices to customers, executives from both companies told analysts Monday morning.

A takeover of Baker Hughes would create a global giant better able to compete with Schlumberger NV for huge overseas projects. The three companies “have been in a knife fight the past few years,” analysts at Tudor, Pickering Holt & Co. said.

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Friday, November 14, 2014


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New Zealand:

Visiting a Geothermal World in Taupō (New Zealand’s Department of Conservation)

Exploring the Ngā Awa Purua power station
Conservation Week was the perfect chance to round up a group of locals and take them to see how conservation is working right on their doorstep—in particular, how geothermal energy production and the conservation of a geothermal area can work side by side.

20 interested visitors gathered for a full day Sulphur and secrets expedition—putting aside their busy lives for a unique experience.

Organised by DOC, in conjunction with the Rotokawa Joint Venture (a partnership between Tauhara North No. 2 Trust and Mighty River Power) the day began with a tour of the Ngā Awa Purua power station, followed by the exploration of the neighbouring Lake Rotokawa geothermal area.

USA, California:

SCE Issues Renewable & Alternative Power - Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Request for Offer

Pursuant to the QF/CHP Settlement Agreement effective November 23, 2011, Southern California Edison (SCE) is issuing its 2014 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Request for Offers to solicit offers from owners and operators of CHP Facilities and Utility Prescheduled Facilities.

SCE is issuing its 2014 CHP RFO in accordance with the Qualifying Facility and Combined Heat and Power Program Settlement Agreement and related documents (including the CHP Program Settlement Agreement Term Sheet) approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) on December 16, 2010 in Decision 10-12-035.

Participants interested in participating can find all documents and instructions at the following vanity URL:

Questions relating to this RFO should be addressed to SCE by email at (with copy to the Independent Evaluator at or by telephone to Benny Wu at (626) 302-3230 or Gene Lee at (626) 302-3081. Questions of a general nature will be posted on this website as appropriate.

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Ormoc City Recognizes EDC’s Post-'Yolanda' Response (Balita)

The Ormoc City government recognized geothermal energy developer Energy Development Corporation (EDC) for their emergency response in the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda which struck the Philippines in November 2013.

EDC President and Chief Operating Officer Richard B. Tantoco received the plaque of appreciation, handed by Mayor Edward C. Codilla and Vice Mayor Leo Carmelo L. Locsin, Jr.

EDC provided generator sets with free fuel to city hall that supplied power to the command center and a local hospital. The company also provided generator sets to the water pumping stations restoring 80 percent of the city’s water services a few days after the typhoon. Other items distributed by EDC immediately after the typhoon were rice, food packs, household items and assorted medicines. In host villages of their geothermal plant, the company distributed solar lamps.

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Africa Opens Its First Geothermal Energy Research Center for Workforce Development (Renewable Energy World)

Africa is set to open its first ever-geothermal energy research center at the Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology (DeKUT) in Kenya. As interest in the African geothermal market grows, the region is now focused on building a strong workforce to spur exploration and development of the increasingly important source of renewable energy.

The institute will offer a wide variety of comprehensive training and research programs, according to DeKUT’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Ndirangu Kioni. Experts from around the globe will offer knowledge on subjects ranging from resource discovery, utilization, drilling, engineering and plant design to environmental impacts and business principles. A training curriculum has been drawn up in partnership with UNEP and the GDC.

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The New Geothermal Resources Act (International Law Office)

On August 26 2014 the Indonesian House of Representatives passed new legislation concerning geothermal energy. The new Geothermal Resources Act is a revised version of the 2003 Geothermal Energy Act, with major changes that are meant to ease development of the country's geothermal energy industry.

In a major change from the 2003 act, the new act does not categorize geothermal exploitation as a form of mining activity. This means that geothermal activities can be conducted in forest conservation areas, which cannot be used for mining activities. The new legislation also allows concessions on state lands, registered lands (lands with a title certificate), tribal lands and water areas.

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GDC Seeks 350 Million USD to Develop Steam Field (Coastweek)

Location of Silali in the Turkana county
Geothermal Development Company (GDC) is seeking 350 million U.S. dollars towards steam field development in Silali and Suswa areas in northwest region.

“We are seeking 100 million dollars and 250 million dollars towards steam field development in Silali and Suswa respectively with negotiations at an advanced stage,” GDC Managing Director Silas Simiyu said in Naivasha on Wednesday, adding the funding would be made by government and development partners.

Simiyu noted that the country has 14 geothermal sites that have a combined potential of about 10,000 MW. “Eight of these geothermal sites are being developed and they include Olkaria, Eburru, Menengai, Suswa, Longonot, Akiira and the Baringo-Silali block.”

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Geothermal Power Firm Grants 400 Scholarships (Manila Standard Today)

EDC scholars from Valencia, Negros Oriental.
Geothermal energy company Energy Development Corp. has granted scholarships to 400 deserving high school students from its host town in Valencia, Negros Oriental, this school year.

Bright but underprivileged students from San Pedro Academy-Recoletos, Balugo National High School, Pulangbato National High School, and Valencia National High School gathered at the Valencia Gym recently to receive their scholarship certificates and to celebrate another year in school.

EDC has been implementing its high school scholarship program in all its operating facilities in Negros, Leyte, Bicol and North Cotabato for almost 10 years now, and thousands of EDC scholars have graduated in high school with flying colors and gone on to study in the country’s top colleges and universities.

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USA, Idaho:

Growing with Geothermal Energy (Greenhouse Management)

Ward’s Greenhouse in Garden Valley, Idaho taps into geothermal heat to improve growing operations.

"Geothermal heat is the cleanest and smartest way to heat a greenhouse. Cost efficiency is unmatched and there are no industrial wastes created in this process. Geothermal heat allows us to flow fresh air and sunlight through our greenhouses day and night."

The mountain-shaded location of Ward's Greenhouse presents challenges, from limited sunlight to occasional mudslides. But the Wards prevailed by tapping into the unique geography — specifically, into natural hot water from a nearby creek to generate geothermal heat.

Douglas Ward keeps innovating to maximize the competitive benefits of geothermal heat – which differentiates the greenhouse and its products.

“We can use more heat than almost all of our competitors, because we have it available,” Ward says. “This time of year, when it’s getting cold and you’ve got 50,000 poinsettias growing, you don’t have to worry, ‘Should we grow them two degrees colder or should we heat them up and pay the price on heating oil or gas?’ We’re immune to that problem, so we can grow a quality product and we can afford to put more fertilizer into the product because of our savings on heat.”

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USA, Colorado:

Drilling for Electricity, Part Two - A Personal Perspective on the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Project (Pagosa Daily Post)

When one is engaged in developing a potential $26 million electric power plant — especially, an innovative plant based on geothermal water that one has not yet located — one expects things to occasionally go wrong. But as I suggested yesterday, Pagosa Verde’s joint Town-County-Private Business exploration and electricity-generating project has thus far seen only minor hiccups.

The hoped-for federal and state government grants have arrived; a state law has been revised to better support geothermal exploration; the necessary matching funds from the Town of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County have been forthcoming.

Let the drilling commence.            Read Part One.

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USA, Nevada:

Ram Power Announces 2014 Third Quarter Results (News Release)

Ram Power, Corp. has announced its operating results for the quarter ended September 30, 2014. The Company reported revenue of $12.9 million and a total loss and comprehensive loss of $3.6 million, or $(0.01) per share, compared to revenue of $11.2 million and a total loss and comprehensive loss of $13.9 million, or $(0.05) per share, for third quarter 2013.

The Company recognized a net loss of $16 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2014 compared to a net loss of $45.9 million for the same period in 2013, which resulted in a decreased loss of $29.9 million due to various factors, including $21 million decrease related to impairment losses on the Geysers project and $5.8 million decrease related to unrealized other gains and losses from foreign exchange and valuation of the Company’s derivatives.

On November 10, 2014, the Power Purchase Agreement between Ram Power and Disnorte-Dissur for the San Jacinto project, was amended to modify a penalty formula by: (i) reducing the capacity factor from 90% to 70%; (ii) changing from a binomic charge to a mononic charge; and (iii) defining parasitic consumption as undelivered energy not attributable to the seller.  As a result, as long as the amount of electricity generated by the plant at its San Jacinto project is above 45 MW (net)/day, the Company will not be in violation of the covenants in its exploitation agreement relating to production.  However, this change does not affect the minimum electricity production required under the Company’s credit agreements, which minimum is an average of 55 MW (net)/day.

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USA, Idaho:

U.S. Geothermal - Third Quarter 2014 Results and Updates 2014 and 2015 Guidance (News Release)

GRC Company Member U.S. Geothermal Inc. announced today its financial and operating results for the first 9 months ending September 30, 2014, and provided updated guidance for 2014 and 2015.

Revenue for the first nine months of 2014 was $21.08 million, compared to $17.82 million for the prior year period. EBITDA for the first nine months of 2014 was $9.69 million, compared to $7.92 million in the prior year period. Net Income for the first nine months was $1.93 million, compared to $0.45 million in the prior year period.

Recent Achievements:

  • Generated fleet wide total of 69,004 megawatt-hours in the third quarter of 2014, yielding a total fleet wide generation for the first nine months of 2014 of 242,276 megawatt-hours compared to 213,184 megawatt-hours for the prior year period
  • Delivered third quarter average availabilities of: Neal Hot Springs - 99.1%, San Emidio - 96.1%, Raft River - 99.7%
  • Completed drilling of wells OW-14 and OW-15 for San Emidio II plant expansion
  • Completed construction of new San Emidio I to II pipeline and connected it to well 61-21 (OW-10), installed a production pump, and began long term flow testing the well to San Emidio I plant
  • Initiated drilling of resource confirmation well 18-10A at the Gerlach project in Gerlach, Nevada
  • Finalized negotiations and signed agreement to acquire Earth Power Resources company
  • Executed a new lease agreement for 80 acres of surface property, which brings the total to 97 acres of surface under lease, and constructed the EC-2 well drill pad at El Ceibillo