Thursday, August 25, 2016

East Africa: US Agency to Work With Japan to Advance Geothermal Energy

Power Africa Launches New Partnership With The Government Of Japan (News Release)

Will collaborate on advancing the geothermal sector in East Africa

Today, Power Africa announced a new partnership arrangement with the Government of Japan focused on reducing energy poverty and increasing access to sustainable energy in sub-Saharan Africa. The Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between the United States and Japan -- signed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) -- includes commitments to share strengths, expertise and resources in an effort to accelerate access to renewable energy in Africa.

Through Power Africa, USAID and MOFA seek to further align the Power Africa initiative and Japan’s relevant efforts in the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) process and will provide a foundation for collaboration in the energy sector. Through this MOC, the Government of Japan is committing to bring an additional 1,200 megawatts (MW) of power to sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2018.

Power Africa and the government of Japan will collaborate on advancing the geothermal sector in East Africa. Recognizing that geothermal is an integral aspect of sub-Saharan Africa’s renewable energy supply, Power Africa and MOFA endeavor to support sub-Saharan African governments in developing their geothermal potential. Support may include co-leading a stakeholder coordination group, facilitating private sector-led investments, working to improve the enabling environment, and conducting strategic assessments.

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Costa Rica: On Course for 372 MW Geothermal Energy by 2025

Costa Rica se ubica entre líderes de la producción geotérmica en América - Costa Rica is among leaders of geothermal production in America (GobiernoCR)

El ICE inaugurará en 2019 su sétima planta geotérmica –Las Pailas II– y para 2025 planea contar con el aporte del Campo Borinquen, con dos adicionales. Esto aumentará la capacidad instalada actual de 207 megavatios a 372 megavatios.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) will inaugurate its seventh geothermal plant (Las Pailas II) in 2019. Following that, two plants at the Boriquen field will come on line in 2025. At that time, Costa Rica’s installed geothermal generation capacity will reach 372 MW.

(Thanks to GRC Member Marcelo Lippmann, Staff Scientist (retired) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the submission.)

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Tanzania: Potential 5,000 MW of Geothermal Energy Can be Developed

Tanzania Can Learn From Iceland Geothermal Energy Strides (All Africa)

Geothermal energy, if properly developed will be able to power the industries in environmentally friendly way and will pave a way to meet the country industrialization objectives as stated in Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and as advocated by President John Magufuli.

According to the available geoscientific data and current technology, the crude estimated potential of above 5,000 MW of electricity has been established in Tanzania.

The government of Tanzania has already established the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC), which is a subsidiary company of Tanesco and is a 100 per cent state-owned agency. The aim of TGDC is to accelerate the development of geothermal resources in the country and to realize its ambitious vision of 2025.

However, the current geothermal regulatory framework is not well coordinated. There is still no geothermal policy and no legislation that can link together all the existing structure.

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Tanzania: Government to Support Development of Renewable Energy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Tanzania to reduce gas emission by a fifth (CCTV-Africa)

Tanzania is set to implement climate change mitigation actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 10 to 20 percent by the year 2030 reports the Citizen.

The mitigation actions will be implemented in the energy, transport, forestry and waste management sectors, in order to achieve low emission.

Tanzania government is looking to reduce emissions in energy by exploring and investing in diversification of energy system to reduce the gas emissions and encourage economic development by making energy more available, affordable and reliable.

In addition, there will be promotion of clean energy technologies such as geothermal, wind, solar and renewable biomass.

USA, California: Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Should Help Renewable Energy

Lawmakers, Jerry Brown claim major political victory on climate change bills (Sacramento Bee)

Surmounting political obstacles to policies that have made California a national model on fighting climate change, lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a pair of bills to sustain the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the measures, Senate Bill 32, would require California to slash greenhouse gas levels to 40 percent below their 1990 levels by 2030, extending the state’s authority to enact sweeping climate policies beyond an approaching 2020 limit. Brown is certain to sign both.

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Kenya: Geothermal Development Company Has Vacancies for Seven New Managers

Geothermal agency opens search for new chiefs after shake-up (Daily Nation)

The Geothermal Development Company (GDC) has opened the search for seven senior managers to replace executives kicked out last November mainly over tendering irregularities.

The State-owned firm Wednesday advertised all the positions of general managers – despite having sent home five top managers – signalling a major shake-up at the geothermal producer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ - The Location

Share a Day with Sacramento, California (Visit Sacramento)

Location for the 40th GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+, October 23-26, 2016.

Iceland: Two-day Geothermal Workshop Announced

GEORG Geothermal Workshop 2016

November 24- 25, 2016, Reykjavik, Iceland

The GGW 2016 will bring together players in international geothermal sector including: science, research and industry to one place for a two day event.

The agenda will include conference sessions, workshop and seminars to present and discuss new developments in science, technology, and  industry of geothermal energy in Europe and Iceland.

Side events organised by our partners are also planned and will be announced in late August 2016.

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Global: Provision of Renewable Energy Consulting Services

IRENA calls for expression of interest for Renewable Energy Consultancy Services World Wide

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is calling for a worldwide Expressions of Interest (EoI) to compile and expand IRENA’s vendors’ database for future consultancy services in renewable energy, which will be utilized by procurement in solicitation for future bidding requirements.

E-mail applications to the EoI shall be accepted only by filling in the information in table “A” and “B” including the certificate of registration

Submission of EoI to be sent only to:

Deadline for submissions: 12:00 hrs. Abu Dhabi Local time, 30 September, 2016.
P.S: You are also required to register your entity under procurement at IRENA’s website

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USA, Arizona: State Geologist Passes Away

Dr. M. Lee Allison (1948–2016)

Dr. M. Lee Allison, State Geologist and Director of the Arizona Geological Survey, passed away Tuesday, August 16th, at noon after suffering a critical head injury from a fall at his home on Saturday. 

Lee’s passing is a tragic loss for his wife, family, staff of the Arizona Geological Survey, the geologic and geoinformatics communities, and Lee’s broad circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances around the world. He was an incredibly dynamic leader of our agency, and a world-wide leader in many areas that were important to him. We mourn his passing, and will do our best to carry on his legacy.

There will not be a memorial service. Lee’s family has requested they not be contacted. Any messages of condolence can be addressed to AZGS team members; we will pass them along to his family.

Lee’s wife, Ann, suggested donations be made to the Association for Women Geoscientists/Salt Lake Chapter or to a scholarship fund that will be established at UMass to honor Lee.

USA: Geothermal Infographic Winner is Looking Forward to Attending GRC Annual Meeting

Tiffany Lai conquers a geothermal challenge (

Tiffany Lai combined two seemingly different interests, earth science and design, and created an infographic that took the top prize in a competition offered by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Geothermal Technologies Office in partnership with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and Idaho National Laboratory.

The grand prize awards the team with $2,500 and a trip to Sacramento, Calif., to attend the Geothermal Resource Council’s 40th Annual Meeting, where they will present their infographic.

Of this trip, Lai stated, "My team and I are so excited and honored to attend the Geothermal Resource Council Annual Meeting in October. I really hope to learn more about geothermal energy and its benefits, as well as interact with those who are knowledgeable about this topic. The convention will have lectures and workshops about different aspects of geothermal energy, so I hope it will be a great opportunity to connect with people, learn, and have fun."

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Peru: Meetings to Discuss Development of Geothermal Energy

Meetings Announced on "Geothermal energy for sustainable development of Peru" (America Economia)

The Ministerio de Energía y Minas República del Perú has announced a series of meetings on developing geothermal energy in Peru. They will be held in Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna from September 8-29.

The meetings were requested by the company EDC Peru Holdings a 100 percent owned subsidiary of Energy Development Corporation Hong Kong Limited and will bring together specialists in geothermal energy to talk about the future prospects of energy development in the country.

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Philippines: Name Change for Geothermal Energy Company

Phinma Energy name change approved by SEC (BusinessWorld Online Edition)

Phinma Energy Corp. said on Tuesday that it obtained regulatory approval to change its name from Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp. to Phinma Energy to better reflect its current activities.

The listed company received the approval on Aug. 22, 2016 from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or about four months after its majority shareholders approved the change in name during the annual meeting on April 12, 2016.

Trans-Asia has partnered with Petrogreen Energy Corp. and PNOC Renewables Corp. in the 20 MW Maibarara Geothermal Inc. consortium, whose expansion will deliver an additional 12 MW of power by next year. The company has a 25% stake in the geothermal project.

GRC Annual Meeting and GEA GEOEXPO+

Register now for the geothermal event of the year

Discounted early-bird rates expire September 23

Don't miss out on the early bird discount and register for the largest annual geothermal conference in the world, the GRC Annual Meeting and GEA GEOEXPO+.

There are several ways to register for the GRC Annual Meeting:

Register Online (preferred method)*:
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Turkey: World Bank Announces Procurement for Geothermal Energy Project Funding

Turkey seeks $290 Million funding for geothermal projects (Anadolu Agency)

The Government of Turkey has applied for up to $290 million in funding for its geothermal energy projects, according to a World Bank announcement Tuesday.

The World Bank has published a procurement notice for the bank's Turkey Geothermal Development Project, of which the primary objective is to scale up private sector investment in geothermal energy in Turkey.

The notice read that the funding is required to be used at the early stage of development in geothermal projects and foresees an amount of up to $290 million in support.

The Turkish government has set a target of developing 1,000 megawatts (MW) of geothermal electricity generation capacity by 2023 and has put in place a supportive legal framework to facilitate geothermal development.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Montserrat: Preparations for Arrival of Geothermal Drilling Rig

Montserrat Geothermal Energy Project Moving Forward (Caribbean Journal)

Montserrat Drilling Site on the Flank of the Soufriere Volcano, Bastien Poux, EGS, Inc.
Montserrat’s geothermal energy exploration project is moving forward. Preparations have begun for the drilling of what will be the island’s third geothermal well.

Montserrat is dredging Port Plymouth in order to accommodate the arrival of the vessel transporting the drilling equipment for the project.

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Education: Winning Geothermal Energy Infographic

Students Win Geothermal Design Challenge

Marisa Lu, Tiffany Lai and Susie Lee, three rising sophomores from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, won the grand prize in the 2016 Geothermal Design Challenge.

The competition was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office, in partnership with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and the Idaho National Laboratory. Teams explored the future of geothermal energy by designing an infographic to tell a compelling story.

Their final design, “Our Energy Future? A Down to Earth Solution” depicts a landscape of energy flowing from the sun down to the core of the Earth.

“I think something risky our team decided to do was incorporate information about other types of energy, so that our infographic wasn't only focused on geothermal energy,” Lai said. “We wanted to be realistic. We depicted statistics about current energy sources and what their status would be in the future.”

The team received a prize of $2,500 and expenses paid travel to the Geothermal Resource Council’s 40th Annual Meeting Oct. 23-26 in Sacramento, Calif.

Netherlands: Drilling Begins at Vogelaer Geothermal Project

Start of drilling at Aardwarmte Vogelaer

After months of preparation, the Aardwarmte Vogelaer geothermal project started drilling in Poeldijk, Holland on 12 August. Seven participating greenhouse companies are expected to begin using the geothermal energy station located at the Wateringseweg and the heat distribution network to be set up at the end of 2016.

First the production well will be drilled, from which the well water will be pumped up. Then the injection well will be drilled. Through this well the cooled water will be pumped back into the sand layer. Both wells will be located at 2,500 meters depth and extract hot water of approximately 85 degrees C (185 degrees F) . The heat from this water is used to heat the greenhouse farms in a sustainable manner. This way the related horticultural companies expect to annually emit approximately 23 kilo tonnes less CO2 and save more than 13 million m3 of natural gas. This is equivalent to the consumption by approximately 8,000 households.

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China: Geothermal Likely to Account for About 1.5% of Country's Energy Consumption By 2020 - Expert

China to more than triple geothermal power consumption by 2020 (Global Times)

China is expected to more than triple geothermal power consumption by 2020 to 72.1 million tonnes of coal equivalent from the current level, an expert said Monday. 

China consumed about 20 million tonnes of coal equivalent of geothermal resources for heating, power generation and other uses in 2015, said Cao Yaofeng, an academician of the China Engineering Academy, at a summit on sustainable development. 

By 2020, geothermal power will likely account for about 1.5 percent of the country's total energy consumption, Cao said, helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 177 million tonnes. 

In 2014, the amount of hot dry rock, the most abundant source of geothermal energy, on the Chinese mainland was estimated to be the equivalent of 860 trillion tonnes of standard coal, or 260,000 times China's annual energy consumption that year.

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+

California to Host Ultimate Geothermal Energy Event in October (News Release)

California will host the geothermal energy event of the year from October 23-26, just 9 weeks away. This event brings together key players in policy, technology, and industry at the Sacramento Convention Center -- the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+.

Last year, the event hosted more than 1,200 representatives from over 25 countries spanning six continents. With the strong growth in the world market and positive role of policy and new technology that supports that growth an even larger and more diverse crowd is anticipated this year.

The GRC Annual Meeting features over 40 hours of technical presentations, workshops, fieldtrips, a plenary session, networking events and more. The GRC Technical Session programs will cover a wide array of topics pertaining to geothermal energy. The program will cover exciting technological developments such as the work of the DOE in low-temperature systems, innovative drilling tech, and hybrid systems including geothermal mixed with solar at a time when new technological advances are advancing the geothermal industry at a rapid pace.

Four workshops and four fieldtrips will be held at the event. The two-day Conceptual Models of Geothermal Systems and Reservoir Stimulation workshops and a one day Operations & Maintenance workshop. In addition, there will be a special Geothermal 101 workshop. The fieldtrips will include excursions to The Geysers, the largest geothermal field in the world.

The GRC Annual Meeting this year supports the theme “Geothermal Energy - Here and Now: Sustainable, Clean, Flexible” highlighting the important role and values of geothermal energy today. “This will be the 40th year the GRC has brought together the US and international geothermal community,” said Steve Ponder, GRC Executive Director. Registration is now open for the GRC Annual Meeting.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Japan: More Aid for African Geothermal Development to be Announced

Tokyo switching on aid for African geothermal power (Nikkei)

Japan's government will provide financial assistance for geothermal power projects in Africa, with Japanese trading houses and plant builders eyeing new business opportunities in this underdeveloped area of the continent's infrastructure.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will announce the aid initiative next week at the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development, to be held in Nairobi.

The Japanese government will provide both financing and know-how for African geothermal projects from the initial stage, hoping to improve the odds of success in exploration. Grants will cover a portion of pre-construction-stage costs, which can run to $100 million. For starters, the government will appropriate more than 1 billion yen ($9.97 million) for grant provision as part of a supplementary budget for the current fiscal year.

In addition, Tokyo will make low-interest loans from the Japan International Cooperation Agency and other financing available for African geothermal projects that have reached the construction stage. The Abe government announced in May that it would provide $200 billion through such channels to support infrastructure exports. Some of this will go to projects in Africa.

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+

69 Exhibitors Sign Up for Geothermal Event

So far 69 exhibitors have signed up to display their products and services at the 40th GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+. The biggest geothermal event of the year will be held October 23-26, in Sacramento, California, USA. The Geothermal Energy Association organizes the trade show portion of the geothermal event.

  • 3J Tech
  • AltaRock Energy Inc.
  • AMSA, Inc.
  • Baseload Power Generation Parts and Service, LLC
  • BS&B Safety Systems, LLC
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Butting
  • Capuano Engineering Company
  • C-FER Technologies
  • Coastal Technologies, Inc.
  • Cooling Tower Depot, Inc.
  • Dewhurst Group
  • DOSECC Exploration Services (DES)
  • EGS Consulting Inc.
  • EthosEnergy
  • EvapTech, Inc
  • Exergy SpA
  • Expro
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Gardner Denver Nash
  • Geologica Geothermal Group
  • Geothermal Resource Group, Inc. (GRG)
  • Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)
  • GeothermEx
  • Geothermal Development Associates
  • Global Power Solutions
  • Horizon Well Logging
  • Hydro Resources
  • Indar Electric, S.L.
  • Industrial Cooling Solutions
  • International Cooling Tower USA, Inc.
  • John M Phillips
  • Kelly Pipe & Supply
  • Kuster Company
  • KMS Technologies
  • Mill Man Steel, Inc
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
  • Nalco Company
  • Nevada Division of Minerals
  • Ormat Technologies, Inc.
  • Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.
  • PM International Suppliers, LLC
  • POWER Engineers, Inc.
  • PowerChem Technology
  • Quantec Geosciences Ltd.
  • Reed Electric & Field Service
  • REXA
  • Rotork Controls Inc.
  • Sinclair Well Products
  • SNC-Lavalin Power
  • SPX Corporation
  • Tenaris
  • Tetra Tech
  • Thermochem, Inc.
  • TIX-IKS Corporation
  • TNG Energy Services
  • Torishima Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd
  • Toshiba American Energy Systems Corporation (TAES)
  • Turboden
  • US Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office
  • U.S.-East Africa Geothermal Partnership (EAGP)
  • Val-Matic Valves
  • Veizades & Associates, Inc.
  • Victaulic
  • Vooner FloGard Corporation
  • Wieland Thermal Solutions
  • Wolseley Industrial Group
  • WWT International
If you are interested in exhibiting at the GEA GEOEXPO+ please visit the GEA website.

The GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ is the industry’s largest annual gathering of leading geothermal energy scientists, producers, renewable energy industry stakeholders, regulators, utilities, and key associated business leaders. The four-day event will offer technical, policy, and market conference sessions, educational seminars, tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects, a trade show and numerous networking opportunities. Registration also includes entry to the GEA Geothermal Energy Expo.

More information at:

Germany: Research Could Pinpoint Geothermal Reservoir

Characterizing the Faults Beneath Germany (EOS)

General structure of the Molasse basin (Courtesy Hartwig von Hartmann,
David C. Tanner, Sandra Schumacher)
As Europe flexed down under the weight of the Alps, a foreland basin—the German Alpine Molasse, which today extends from Switzerland in the west to the Czech Republic in the east—formed. Within this basin, geologists have found large faults that displace sediments. Although they are parallel to faults within the underlying carbonate platform, the two groups of faults are not physically connected, raising the question of how such faults could independently develop.

Luckily, the basin has been under intense scrutiny for decades: First, oil and gas companies scoured the region for any available resources; more recently, speculation that a newly discovered, deep aquifer could be used as a geothermal reservoir fueled further exploration. However, to characterize the potential reservoir, researchers needed to better understand the fault kinematics.

(Thanks to GRC Member Marcelo Lippmann, Staff Scientist (retired) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the submission.)

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Indonesia: Geothermal Association is Against PT PLN/PGE Merger

Geothermal Companies Against PGE Acquisition by PLN (

Geothermal companies in the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) are against PT PLN's plan to acquire Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), a subsidiary of PT Pertamina. INAGA argues that PLN's reason to acquire PGN, which is for operational efficiency, is just an excuse.

INAGA chair Abadi Purnomo said geothermal exploration and development costs will not drop because of an acquisition. The reason is because geothermal business chains depend on investment climate, which determined by oil and gas factors.

"The acquisition plan is nothing but a plan to spend money. That fund is better off used for expanding electricity distribution or building new power plants," he told Tempo Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

PLN actually already have a subsidiary engaged in the geothermal business, PLN Geothermal. But the subsidiary has made no significant actions. Meanwhile, Pertamina's PGE manages eight geothermal power plants.

Pertamina president director Dwi Soetjipto said there is no certainty about PLN's plan to acquire PGE. The decision depends on the process of due diligence and feasibility studies.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Science & Technology: Lab to Help Develop Geothermal Power Project Using CO2 as Working Fluid

Lab collaborates with small businesses in gas turbine manufacturing and geothermal projects (LLNL)

The ECO2G System, in which carbon dioxide is circulated through deep well bores to harvest geothermal energy. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is collaborating with GreenFire Energy on the project.
Two small businesses working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) will receive more than $350,000 for expertise in advanced gas turbine manufacturing and geothermal engineering as part of the Department of Energy‘s (DOE) Small Business Voucher (SBV) pilot.

With vouchers in hand, these businesses can better leverage the world-class capabilities of the department’s national laboratories and bring their next-generation clean energy technologies to the marketplace faster.

LLNL scientists Joe Morris and Rick Ryerson will work with GreenFire Energy to develop a novel technology in which carbon dioxide is circulated through deep well bores to harvest geothermal energy.

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Canada: Geothermal Energy has Many Opportunities for Businesses in Valemount

Meet The Forestry Town Striving to Become Canada’s First Geothermal Village (Desmog Canada)

A forestry town is working to re-invent itself as a renewable energy leader with a project that promises community revitalization from the ground up.  

The mountain village of Valemount, British Columbia, located along the Rocky Mountain trench is eyeing the nearby Canoe Reach hot springs — one of the hottest surface hot springs in Canada — as a source of geothermal heat and renewable electricity generation.

“Valemount used to be a typical northern forest town,” Silvio Gislimberti, head of the Valemount Geothermal Association, told DeSmog Canada. “But now we would like to create a geothermal industrial park.”

An old mill that shut down in 2007 provides a near perfect location for Borealis Geopower, the company working with the community to make something of the region’s geothermal potential.

USA: Four Geothermal Projects Get a Boost from DOE

Energy Department Awards 43 New Business-Laboratory Collaborations Under Small Business Vouchers Pilot (DOE/EERE)

Today, the Energy Department announced 43 small businesses will participate in the second round of the Small Business Vouchers (SBV) pilot.

With vouchers in hand, these businesses can better leverage the world-class capabilities of the department's national laboratories and bring their next-generation clean energy technologies to the marketplace faster.

Four collaborations in the geothermal area will include exploring a recently discovered geothermal resource in Nevada, ensuring that new geothermal extraction and storage solutions are ready for the market, and developing lower-cost methods for extracting rare earth elements critical to clean energy technologies.

Anactisis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Anactisis will work with the national labs to further its selective extraction technologies for energy critical materials. This work will allow Anactisis to diversify and strengthen high risk commodity markets by exploiting unconventional resources. Working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Elko Heat Co., City of Wells, Nevada
Elko Heat Company and the City of Wells will utilize geologic data collected since the early 1980s, including data collected following the 2008 Wells earthquake, to develop an integrated conceptual model of the region’s geothermal resources using spatial and subsurface spatial and subsurface analytical tools. This work aims to produce a resource model of the area that will reveal the most
productive sites for drilling targets and direct use applications. Working with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Greenfire Energy, Emeryville, California
GreenFire Energy Inc. will receive assistance modeling the creation and behavior of a small fracture system in hot, impermeable rock as part of its CO2-based geothermal power system. Working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Hyperlight Energy, La Jolla, California
Hyperlight Energy will involve thermal modeling, assessment, and evaluation in support of thermal battery storage options for use in solar thermal/geothermal hybrid power plants. Working with National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Eastern Caribbean: Give Your Opinion on a Regional Geothermal Development Strategy

OECS Regional Collaboration on Geothermal

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission solicits your assistance in completing a survey aimed at informing a regional strategy for geothermal development. 

Your views and opinions are important for this process and we thank you for your collaboration.

USA: Latest News from the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

Heat Exchange Industry News (Geothermal Exchange Organization)

The latest GEO Industry News is now available from the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO).

Headlines and features in this month’s edition include:
  • GEO-IGSHPA States Advocacy Meeting 
  • From California to New England, State Geothermal Associations Discuss Their Efforts and Activities
  • NY-GEO Asks Cuomo to Sign State Geo Tax Credit Measure
  • Insightful Articles about Net Zero and GHPs
  • IGSHPA 2017 Conference Call for Papers
The Geothermal Exchange Organization, a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association based in Springfield, Illinois, USA that advocates the environmental, energy efficiency and economic benefits of geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling applications in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings in the USA.

GEO Industry News (PDF)

Chile: Power Auction Included Proposals for Geothermal Energy

Chile Awards Contracts in Its Largest Power Auction (Wall Street Journal)

Chile awarded several energy contracts Wednesday in the country’s largest-ever power auction, which authorities say will sharply reduce electricity costs.

Renewable-energy companies won many of the contracts to supply 12,430 gigawatt hours per year of electricity over 20 years starting in 2021.

The average cost of the contracts is $47.59 per megawatt hour, which was 63% lower than the average during the previous administration’s last auction, Energy Minister Máximo Pacheco said.

The proposals from 84 projects touched bottom at $29/MWh, and far exceeded sought-after supply of 12,430GWh/year starting in 2021. Wind accounted for 36.7pc of the total offered capacity, followed by solar with 29.8pc, LNG 22.1pc, hydro 7.2pc, and other conventional and renewables such as geothermal 4.3pc.

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China: Video of 24 MW Yangbajing Geothermal Plant

Tibet's green energy drive seeks more funding (Ecns)

Witness the amazing gifts from nature! The electricity generated by the Yangbajing geothermal plant is enough to power 50,000 Tibetan households.

Bian Dun, has seen 24 years of development, at China's first and biggest geothermal plant the 24 MW Yangbajing Geothermal Station located near Lhasa in Tibet.

He said, "The beauty is the stable supply. Geothermal diversifies Tibet's energy mix. Tibet mainly has hydro power, so there's a power shortage in winter. Geothermal is more stable, there's no seasonal impact."

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Global: Free Article from the GRC Bulletin - The Voice of the Geothermal Community

The Latest News from the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)

A free article from the GRC Bulletin - Volume 45, No. 4 - July/August 2016

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has made available the latest GRC Bulletin, a voice of the global geothermal energy industry, published continuously since 1972. 

The Bulletin is free with GRC Membership or subscribe (PDF) to six issues a year for $90 in the USA or $140 worldwide.

The GRC has generously provided 5 pages from the latest issue for free. However, the full issue is 48 pages!

In this issue, there is an article by GRC President Paul Brophy on Community Choice Aggregation in California - An Opportunity for the
Geothermal Industry. There are also updates on the 40th GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ and 14 pages of geothermal news from around the world.

Join the GRC or subscribe to get the complete issue.

Video: A Guide to Careers in Geothermal Energy

Geothermal 102: Geothermal Careers (Dewhurst Group, LLC)

The second in a series of educational animations produced by Dewhurst Group, LLC, a geothermal exploration company, in collaboration with the Geothermal News Report.

Geotermia 102: Carreras Geotérmicas

Mexico: Taking Steps to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Mexico to launch cap-and-trade pilot to help meet climate goals (Utility Dive)

Mexico will begin experimenting with a cap-and-trade system later this year, rolling it out for a 12-month test before moving to full operations in 2018, Reuters reports.

Mexico has been taking steps to address its pollution issues; the country committed to a 22% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2030 to help it reach the long-term Paris climate accord goals, and earlier this year struck a deal with the United States and Canada to pursue more low-carbon power. 

Research firm MEXICO2 will run the cap-and-trade program, Reuters said, which will involve verifying emissions levels reported to the country's carbon certificate registry.

As part of the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ being held October 23-26 in Sacramento, California, the GRC will host the eighth annual International Luncheon. The special event will highlight the geothermal energy market and developments in Mexico:
  • Mexico – International Cooperation - Emillio Camacho – California Energy Commission 
  • Mexico – Resource Expansion - Magaly Flores-Armenta - CFE

Canada: Using Abandoned Oil Wells to Generate Geothermal Energy

Disused oil wells to be converted to geothermal plants (

Shaye Anderson (ND),
MLA for Leduc-Beaumont
Courtesy of Legislative
Assembly of Alberta
Sometimes something just makes sense. For less than half the cost of making an abandoned oil well safe, they can convert it to a geothermal generator. When you look at the hundreds of thousands of abandoned wells this makes a lot of sense (saving money) to the oil companies,

Disused oil and gas wells dotting Canada’s energy heartland may bear fruit for Alberta’s farmers under a proposal to use waste heat from the idle facilities to allow crops to grow, even in the country’s harsh winter conditions.

Provincial legislator Shaye Anderson wants the Alberta government to allow an old well to be converted to geothermal energy to heat an 8,000 square-foot greenhouse. Currently the wells can only be used for extracting hydrocarbons.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

USA: Grant Applications Sought in Development of Advanced Methods to Access the Subsurface in High-Temperature and High-Pressure Environments

DOE Announces SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunity for Subsurface Technologies

The Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES), in support of the DOE Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Energy’s Subsurface Technology and Engineering Research, Development and Demonstration (SubTER) Crosscut Initiative, announces a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding opportunity that seeks to develop advanced methods to access the subsurface.

Grant applications are sought in Development of Advanced Methods to Access the Subsurface in High-Temperature and High-Pressure Environments.

  • Maximum Phase I Award Amount: $150,000
  • Maximum Phase II Award Amount: $1,000,000

Webinar: Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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Grant applications are sought to research, develop, and deploy new and original processes, techniques, tools, and/or sensors that support the SubTER crosscut initiative’s thrust areas of wellbore integrity and drilling technologies. Geothermal energy resources are often more difficult to access compared to other subsurface energy resources due to deep drilling through high-temperature, high-pressure, hard crystalline lithologies.

Responsive applications to this subtopic could include techniques to address wellbore instability, reduce lost circulation, or drill in the presence of CO2 (or other gasses). The innovations sought range from well log/petrophysical analyses to new packers, liners, and other completion tools.

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GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+: Deadline To Register For The GRC Golf Tournament!

Register for Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting (News Release)

Deadline To Register: September 1, 2016

Popular networking event for the geothermal energy industry in Sacramento, California. 

Just before the start of the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+, the GRC Annual Charity Golf Tournament will take place October 23 at the William Land Golf Course just three miles from the conference site. Registration for the tournament is now open.

Golf Tournament Flyer and Registration Form........

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This year the proceeds from the tournament will go to the GRC Scholarship Fund. 

The William Land Golf Course is Sacramento’s oldest golf treasure. In 1911 William Land left $250,000 “to purchase a public park within a suitable distance of Sacramento to be used as a recreation spot for children and a pleasure ground for the poor.” William Land Park was established on its present site in the 1920’s and the golf course was built in 1924.

More details of the tournament can be found on the GRC website at Download the GRC Annual Charity Golf Tournament Flyer and fill out a registration form which can be mailed or faxed to the GRC office. Or Register Online.......

Finance: No Technology Manages to Produce Renewable Power as Consistently and Reliably as Geothermal

Geothermal and Chill (Investing Daily)

Of all the ways to produce renewable power, no technology manages to do it as consistently and reliably as geothermal. In fact, according to data collected by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), only nuclear power has a higher average capacity factor:

Capacity factor compares the power produced with the maximum generating capacity. The long-term average is around 90% for nuclear, 70% for geothermal and 50-70% for coal-fired and natural gas-fired power sources.

Wind and solar power technologies are much more variable and have much lower capacity factors that can and do drop to zero when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. This means that these energy sources generally have to be backed up by other sources of firm power (power that is available on demand). Unlike most other renewable options, geothermal is considered a firm power source.    

Indonesia: Further Details of the PT Sokoria Geothermal Sale Financials

XPED Ltd Update on Sokoria Project and Management Change (News Release)

Perth based Xped (formerly Raya Group Limited) has announced that KS Orka Renewables Pte Ltd has provided an initial USD $700,000 in funding to PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI). 

The funds are being used towards land tax and exploration duties needed to progress the 30 MW project and were provided under the terms of the Conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement (CSPA), whereby Orka would loan up to USD $1.5M for necessary working capital in the project. SGI has now remitted this first tranche of funds across to the relevant Indonesian government agencies and continues to work with Orka to fast track the Sokoria project. 

As announced on 2nd August 2016, completion of the CSPA is subject to approval of PLN and BKPM (the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia), the extension of the exploration period under the IPB held by SGI for one year, completion of the sale between Bakrie and Orka, all warranties remaining true and correct and there being no material adverse change in SGI. The sunset date for satisfaction of all conditions is 3 months after the execution date and failure to satisfy or waive all conditions by this date gives either party the right to terminate the CSPA. 

Xped will be entitled to a payment up to USD $947,368 via payment commitment agreement between the parties.

USA, California: New Tarriff Agreement for CalEnergy's 171 MW Geothermal Energy in Imperial Valley

IID approves tariff agreement modifications with CalEnergy (Imperial Valley Press)

The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Board of Directors voted unanimously on Monday to approve the transmission service rollover to a new tariff for CalEnergy's geothermal facilities at the Salton Sea.

The proposed change would move CalEnergy from a funding and construction agreement to IID’s open access transmission tariff.

In the late 1980s, Imperial Irrigation District entered into a funding and construction agreement by which the 230kV KN/KS line was constructed. A number of generators were participants in that transmission project. CalEnergy owns a number of those generating facilities. CalEnergy desired to roll its plants from the FACA format to the IID's open access transmission tariff.

For consistency, IID desires to have all of its generating facilities and transmission service provided under one tariff. Accordingly, effective July 1, 2016, CalEnergy's existing FACA transmission service agreements will be transitioned to the IID OATT.

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Mexico: Drilling Begins at 30 MW Ceboruco Geothermal Power Project

Drilling Begins For Geothermal Power Station in Nayarit, Mexico (

Mexxus RG (Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico), a joint venture between Mexico's Mexxus Drilling and Iceland's Reykjavik Geothermal, recently began drilling for the 30 MW Ceboruco Geothermal Power Station. 

The power station will be located about 17 kilometers northwest of Ixtlan Del Rio, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. The total estimated value of this investment is about $115 million.

Kenya: Tender to Repair Geothermal Turbine Rotor Blade at Olkaria

Tender for Complete Repair of Olkaria 1 Unit 3 Generator Rotor at Geothermal Power Project (News Release)

(Courtesy KenGen)
Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) intends to carry out complete repair of  the Unit 3 Generator Rotor at the Olkaria 1 Geothermal Power Project.

The company invites sealed tenders from eligible firms for repair of generator rotor whose specifications are detailed in the Tender Documents.

A complete set of Tender documents may be obtained by interested tenderers upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of Ksh. 1,000 and can also be viewed and downloaded from the website at

Tenderers who download the document are not required to pay any charges but are advised to notification of download to

Deadline is 16 September.

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Indonesia: Tata Power Completes Sale of Geothermal Energy Asset

Tata Power arm closes $30 million stake sale in OTP Geothermal  (

Tata Power today said its Singapore-based subsidiary Tata Power International Pte (TPIPL) has completed sale of its 50 percent stake in OTP Geothermal Pte to KS Orka Renewables (KS Orka) for USD 30 million. 

TPIPL, wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power, had inked the stake sale agreement with KS Orka in April this year.

OTP is a 50:50 joint venture between Origin Energy Ltd and Tata Power International Pte (TPIPL). The company is developing the 240 MW Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power Project in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Philippines: NGAP Wants Pre-set Power Price Guarantee for Geothermal Energy

Geothermal players seek FIT accreditation from DOE (The Manila Times)

In order to address barriers related to costs and resource exploration risks faced by geothermal energy developers, the National Geothermal Association of the Philippines (NGAP) is calling for coverage under the feed-in tariff (FIT) program of geothermal emerging technologies currently not commercially viable under existing market and pricing structures.

FIT is a pre-set power price guarantee for qualified renewable energy providers. Under RA 9513, the 2008 Renewable Energy Act (RE Act), FIT given to solar, wind, and other renewable energy companies with “emerging technology” for the Philippines, but not for geothermal energy producers.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

New Zealand: Efficiency Improvements Adds 70 GWh Geothermal Energy For Contact Energy

Contact optimistic after result in line with expectations (Otago Daily Times)

Contact Energy reported a statutory loss for the year ended June 30 following $204 million of impairments relating to the closure of the Otahuhu power station, an assessment the Taheke geothermal resource was unlikely to be developed in the foreseeable future and a write-down of inventory gas.

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2016 Full Year Results Presentation-Year ended 30 June 2016 (PDF)

USA: Putting a Price on Greenhouse Gases Creates Incentives for Developing New Technologies

Fixing a major flaw in cap-and-trade (Energy Institute at Haas)

While many Californians are spending August burning fossil fuels to travel to vacation destinations, the state legislature is negotiating with Gov. Brown over whether and how to extend the California’s cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). The program, which began in 2013, is currently scheduled to run through 2020, so the state is now pondering what comes after 2020.

The program requires major GHG sources to buy “allowances” to cover their emissions, and each year reduces the total the total number of allowances available, the “cap”. The allowances are tradeable and their price is the incentive for firms to reduce emissions. A high price makes emitters very motivated to cut back, while a low price indicates that they can get down to the cap with modest efforts.

(Thanks to GRC Member Marcelo Lippmann, Staff Scientist (retired) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the submission.)

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GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ ~ Four Fieldtrips Announced

Fieldtrips Announced for Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting

Popular excursions from the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ in Sacramento, California. 

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has announced more details of events at the world’s largest annual geothermal conference in Sacramento, California, USA.

In addition to the main event of the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GEOEXPO+ taking place October 23-26, 2016, there will be three fieldtrips before the conference and one fieldtrip just after.

There will be three fieldtrips to The Geysers, the largest geothermal field in the world. A one-day and an extended two-day trip will see how the area has recovered from a devastating wildfire that caused infrastructure damage and some loss of life in September 2015. The fieldtrips will also look at how the geothermal reservoir beneath The Geysers has been recharged using recycled water from neighboring communities. Another post-meeting one-day fieldtrip will visit Calpine’s EGS field demonstration project.

In addition, there will be a half-day trip to the headquarters of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), in nearby Folsom, California to learn how CAISO keeps the 25,500 miles of the California transmission grid reliable and efficient.

Philippines: EDC Plans Careful 60 MW Expansion of 222.5 MW Southern Negros Geothermal Power Plant

EDC plant expanding within geothermal site (The Standard)

Energy Development Corp. (EDC) said over the weekend the 60 MW expansion of the Southern Negros Geothermal Power Plant (SNGP) in Valencia, Negros Oriental will not encroach into a biodiversity area.

EDC, the country’s biggest geothermal energy producer, is expanding Southern Negros Geothermal’s capacity to 282.5 MW from 222.5 MW to meet the region’s growing electricity needs.

“We will confine our expansion within SNGP’s existing geothermal production block in Valencia,” EDC’s Negros Integrated Geothermal Business Unit head Jay Joel Soriano said.

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Latin America: The Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America

Podcast: Opportunities For Geothermal In Latin America (Frontera News)

The funding will support surface studies and early stage drilling (first 3 wells) with a goal to create 350 MW of geothermal power in the region 

The Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America (GDF) is a privately managed, Mauritius-based foundation with an initial capitalization of €50 million from the German government (KfW) and the European Union (EU). Other investment in a similar collective amount from multilateral development financial institutions (CAF, IDB, World Bank, CABEI, Norfund, AFB, DFID etc.) is under consideration.

GDF’s purpose is to provide early stage grant funding for geothermal development in 10 countries in Latin America in order to overcome the significant exploration cost hurdles which curtail the economic development of geothermal project.

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