Tuesday, January 9, 2018

USA, California: Successful Trial Runs of Ultra-Low-Grade Geothermal Heat Engine

PwrCor to Deliver its First Geothermal Powered Engine (News Release)

New Breakthrough Heat to Power Technology

PwrCor, Inc., a cleantech energy technology company launching advanced and disruptive solutions for the Waste-Heat-to-Power, Geothermal, and Solar Thermal markets, today announced that the manufacture, initial testing, and trial runs of its first engine have been completed successfully.

The engine is built to operate using ultra-low-grade heat from a geothermal source. This marks a key milestone to provide clean, “green” electrical power to the Surprise Valley Hot Springs Resort in Modoc County, CA. The engine was designed and constructed at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, and is the first of its kind that deploys the company’s proprietary technology. The engine is continuing to go through the company’s rigorous preparatory testing regimen before its scheduled shipment to California later this month.

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