Tuesday, March 21, 2017

USA, California: Name Change for Company Involved in Surprise Valley Hot Springs Geothermal Project

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy Announces Corporate Name Change to PwrCor, Inc. (News Release)

Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation, d/b/a Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, a cleantech energy technology company launching advanced and disruptive solutions for the Waste Heat to Energy, Geothermal, and Solar Thermal markets, today announced that it has changed the company’s corporate name to PwrCor, Inc. The change is effective immediately.

Tom Telegades, Chief Executive Officer said that “With the onset of our first geothermal project that will convert ultra-low-grade heat into electricity in northern California advancing our commercialization program, the Board felt that now was the appropriate time for this change.”

In 2013, Cornerstone Sustainable Energy entered into an agreement with Warner Mountain Energy Corporation to begin the first phase of development of a geothermal energy plant to be located at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs in Cedarville, California.

The PwrCor™ technology efficiently utilizes supply heat of temperatures below 200°F.  The hot spring water in California's Surprise Valley comes to the surface at temperatures of approximately 190°F, which is considered ultra-low-grade heat.  Using just a small fraction of the water flow from the geothermal resource, the PwrCor™ engine is expected to be able to supply 100% of the power used by the resort.

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