Wednesday, January 4, 2017

USA, California: Engine Promises Electricity From 190 Degree F Geothermal Resource

CSE Selected for Clean Energy Project (News Release)

Receivable Acquisition & Management Corporation d/b/a Cornerstone Sustainable Energy (CSE), headquartered in New York City, has been contracted by the Modoc County Board of Supervisors to supply its PwrCor™ engine as part of a demonstration project that will convert ultra-low-grade heat into electricity.  The heat will be obtained from a geothermal well or hotspring.

Modoc County, located in northeastern California, is commencing a project to generate constant electrical power from the geothermal water using our new, entirely "green" engine technology. The project is starting immediately and is sited at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs resort.

CSE's PwrCor™ technology efficiently utilizes supply heat of temperatures below 200°F.  The hot spring water in California's Surprise Valley comes to the surface at temperatures of approximately 190°F, which is considered ultra-low-grade heat.  Using just a small fraction of the water flow from the geothermal resource, the PwrCor™ engine is expected to be able to supply 100% of the power used by the resort.

The project will be managed by Warner Mountain Energy Corporation. Warner Mountain Energy specified the PwrCor™ engine, which will be produced and commissioned by CSE.  GRC Board Director Dr. Roy Mink, Chief Executive of Warner Mountain and former manager of the US Department of Energy geothermal program, explained, "The demonstration project will illustrate how low temperature geothermal heat resources, heretofore not considered economically feasible for power generation for the geothermal industry, can be tapped using this breakthrough technology."

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