Friday, September 6, 2019

Geothermal Event! Spaces Filling Up Fast for Supercritical and Superhot Geothermal Resources Workshop

GRC Workshop - Supercritical and Superhot Geothermal Resources

Saturday, September 14, 8am-5pm
Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California, USA
Cost: $375 (GRC Member), $475 (Non-Member), $175 (Student)

Organized by Wilfred Elders (Professor Emeritus, UC Riverside), with instructors from USA, Japan, and Iceland.
Flow testing the hottest well in the world. Krafla Power Station, Iceland. Well IDDP-1 at Krafla hit 900°C hot magma at 2.1 km depth. Since the well has been flow tested several times, photo from 9 August 2011, 10°C at 40 bar, 3150 KJ/Kg, -35 MWe. - Gudmundur O. Fridleifsson. 2011 GRC Photo Contest.
There is increasing interest in supercritical and superhot geothermal systems as wells penetrating such reservoirs could potentially yield an order of magnitude more power than that currently produced from typical geothermal wells. Such resources are likely wherever young volcanic rocks occur at drillable depths.


Wilfred Elders, University of California, Riverside, USA; Susan Petty, Alta Rock Energy USA; Samuel Scott, Reykjavik University, Iceland. Ingólfur Ö Þorbjörnsson, Iceland GeoSurvey, Iceland; Matthew Uddenberg, Stravan Consulting LLC, USA. Tatiana Pyatina, Brookhaven National Lab., USA; Hiroshi Asanuma, AIST, Japan. Þorleikur Jóhannesson, Verkis, Iceland,

  • Enthalpy and Flow Characteristics of Supercritical Fluids and Their Reactions With Crustal Rocks & Their Worldwide Potential. Wilfred Elders
  • Modeling Supercritical Systems Associated With Igneous Intrusions. Samuel Scott
  • Economics of Supercritical Geothermal Resources. Matthew Uddenberg
  • The Iceland Deep Drilling Project, Phase 1, Drilling Into Magma. Wilfred Elders
  • The Iceland Deep Drilling Project, Phase 2, Drilling Into a 600o Supercritical System. Wilfred Elders
  • The Japan Beyond The Brittle Project. Hiroshi Asanuma
  • Challenges of Drilling, Logging, and Completing High Temperature and Pressure Wells. Susan Petty
  • Casing, and Expandable Couplings For Hot Wells. Ingólfur Ö Þorbjörnsson
  • Very High Temperature Casing Cements. Tatiana Pyatina
  • IDDP Fluid Handling and Power Production Issues. Þorleikur Jóhannesson
  • The Newberry Crater, Oregon Superhot System. Susan Petty
  • Utilizing Supercritical Systems To Produce Flexible And Integrated Combinations Of Electricity, Hydrogen, and Minerals. Wilfred Elders
  • Panel Discussion: Overview and Prospects For The Future. Moderated by Wilfred Elders
Ample time will be provided for workshop participants and presenters to engage in discussion to explore select topics in more detail.

Space is limited; early enrollment is recommended.