Monday, September 24, 2018

Science & Technology: Changing the Technology behind Geothermal Power Plants will Reduce the Risks and Timelines of Projects - Opinion

Opinion - Why geothermal power plants need to be modular, scalable and standardized (LinkedIn)

Ruben Havsed, Head of
Geothermal Sales at Climeon
by Ruben Havsed, Head of Geothermal Sales at Climeon

At Climeon, we believe that by changing the technology behind the geothermal power plant, it is possible to reduce the risks and timelines of projects, thereby creating revenues earlier. With lower risks the geothermal market will become more acceptable and bankable – and that will increase its market penetration.

We have already seen positive results in Iceland with this model. In a saturated market, the potential offered by our technology has re-awakened the opportunity for new geothermal developments within the country.

By utilizing standardized 150 kW units that works efficiently in the approx. 80 – 130°C temperature range, Climeon is able to cover a large portion of the addressable geothermal market with a standard product. The units can be delivered as and when they are needed. This means that a well can be tested, and then, based on the results, the relevant number of units can be deployed within a couple of months.

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Ruben Havsed will be attending the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo from 14-17 October in Reno, nevada, USA.