Monday, September 10, 2018

Netherlands: Conference on the Potential for Geothermal District Heating

System Integration: Gas Meets Geothermal (Oil & Gas Reinvented Community)

8th November 2018, Shell Technology Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This event is the third in a series within the 2018 theme System Integration. Where green power and hydrogen receive a lot of attention, the heating space sometimes seems to be forgotten. Natural gas as the main heating energy source for domestic and greenhouse heating will be replaced in the decades to come. District heating is one of the options in which hot water infrastructures within the building can be maintained, sourced by residual heating of nearby industries and-or from geothermal sources.

There’s a great potential for geothermal in the Netherlands: much of the subsurface is already known in detail from oil and gas exploration.

What needs to be done to unlock this potential successfully and what are the challenges to overcome? How will business develop this opportunity and create a new industry?

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