Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Turkey: Turcas Petrol Commits to Geothermal Energy Development

Turcas Petrol to double geothermal capacity in mid term (Anadolu Agency)

(Courtesy Turcas Petrol AS)

Turkish company Turcas Petrol AS plans to double its geothermal installed capacity in the mid term, Turcas Petrol CEO said on Wednesday.

During Anadolu Agency energy desk's hosting of Batu Aksoy, the CEO of Turcas Petrol, he said that geothermal investors are awaiting details of a replacement of the current Turkish Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM).

He underlined the importance of seeing an innovative mechanism in order that investors can take a serious and strong position for future undertakings.

Aksoy said that a vital request from lawmakers on the YEKDEM mechanism is to see sustainable support from Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

Currently, YEKDEM offers a feed-in tariff of $0.073 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for wind and hydropower projects, $0.105 for geothermal facilities and $0.133 for solar energy and biomass thermal plants.

However, Turkey’s Energy and Natural Sources Minister Berat Albayrak announced on Nov. 1, 2017 that the YEKDEM mechanism would not meet the demand from the clean energy sector, and would not continue after 2020.