Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Iceland: Geothermal Energy as a Tourist Attraction

How geothermal energy is powering tourism in Iceland (Business Destinations)

Hellisheiði Power Plant in Iceland serves as a window for the world to see how geothermal energy is being harnessed to power a modern economy

About a 20-minute drive from Reykjavik, surrounded by mossy hills and active volcanoes, lies one of Iceland’s most impressive tourist attractions. Hellisheiði Power Plant has become popular not just for its spectacular setting within the Hengill geothermal area, but as a place for visitors to learn about the pioneering activities at the forefront of geothermal power production.

Tourists are invited to witness the process first-hand by visiting Hellisheiði Power Plant, which hosts the popular Geothermal Exhibition and employs on-site staff to provide tours and answer questions.

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