Friday, November 30, 2018

Geothermal Energy News from Around the World

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Monday, November 26

Canada: Drilling Begins at 5 MW Saskatchewan Geothermal Power Project - Final testing results from the drilling program will refine the assumptions made on the reservoir and effectively optimize the design parameters. This will be Canada’s first geothermal facility and will be a transformative energy innovation for the Saskatchewan.

Indonesia: Government to Allow More Foreign Direct Investment in Geothermal Energy Sectors - There is no change in respect of geothermal power generation of up to 10 MW (maximum of 67 percent FDI) and testing and analysis of electrical installation of low/medium voltage power generation and utility installation (reserved for domestic investment).

Europe: The Ruggero Bertani Geothermal Innovation Award - The annual European award for innovation in the geothermal field has been renamed in memory of Ruggero Bertani, who passed away in June 2018 at the age of 62. The award is now designated the Ruggero Bertani Geothermal Innovation Award.

Tuesday, November 27
Canada: Estevan Geothermal Energy Project Reaches 2,700 Meters - With the drilling rig having reached 2,700 metres already out of a planned 3,500 metres, the first well in a geothermal electrical power project was well underway on Nov. 23.

Science: Radio Program on Geothermal Energy in Cornwall and Tuscany - The new technology also promises more efficient geothermal energy in regions far away from geological hot spots like Iceland and Italy.

Climate Change: Avoiding the Worst Effects of Global Warming will Require Us to Source at least 85% of Global Power from Renewables by 2050 - IRENA - Limiting the global temperature rise to well below 2°C this century is one of the defining challenges of our age.

USA, Colorado: GRC Member Has Geothermal (Areothermal?) Experiment on Mars Mission - The instrument he helped design is called the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe, better known as HP3. It includes a self-hammering nail about a foot long and an inch in diameter that will penetrate Mars’ surface and collect temperature readings, as well as a tether that will also measure the temperature of the Martian soil.

Wednesday, November 28
Germany: Garching Geothermal Project - 125 Degrees Celsius Geothermal Waters at 105 Liters Per Second Meets all Expectations - The deflected drill path covers a total distance of 5,025 meters until it reaches the target depth of 3,827 meters. The first drilling in September reached a depth of 3,832 meters.

Thursday, November 29
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Drilling Contract Signed for 4 Wells at 10 MW Geothermal Power Project - St. Vincent Geothermal Company Limited and Jardboranir hf. (Icelandic Drilling Company, IDC) have signed a drilling contract for drilling 4 wells in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The wells are intended to supply steam for the geothermal power plant SVGCL is constructing.

USA: Top Business Leaders Urge Larger Investments in Energy Innovation - In its report, the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC), originally founded in 2010 and now comprised of executives in the energy, technology, chemicals and aerospace industries, makes a powerful argument for a robust federal role in energy research and development funding.

Friday, November 30
USA, Nevada: Ormat Plans Solar PV Field to Support Production at Tungsten Mountain Geothermal Power Plant - The proposed project would consist of producing renewable energy to serve some, or all, of the Tungsten Mountain Geothermal Energy Facility’s parasitic power load (and is not considered a commercial or industrial scale facility).

USA: Increase of 5.4% Year-on-Year for Geothermal Electricity Generation - In the year to date to September 2018, the USA generated 12,477 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity from geothermal resources, an increase of 5.4% on last year, from 2,499.3 MW of net capacity.

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