Thursday, February 8, 2018

Netherlands: Well at Westland Trias Geothermal Greenhouse Heating Project Reaches 4,100 Meter Depth

Triassic drilling almost reached final depth (T&A Survey Group B.V.)

Well reaches 13,451 feet or 4,100 meters depth

The drillings for the Trias Westland geothermal project have reached the Triassic layer. The third section was completed at the end of January. The casings have been placed and the borehole has been firmly cemented. This was the most exciting section of the project and, despite a number of technical challenges, it was completed successfully.

Mid next week we expect to investigate the reservoir section. This is done with special measuring equipment lowered deep into the borehole. Among other things, the permeability of the rock, the chemical properties of the water and the strength of the rock will be measured. With this information we can determine which filters should be used at the plant and at what pressure the cooled water can be injected. The production tests (also called well test) is expected to take place in the third week of February. Based on this information, in March we will decide whether the Triassic layer offers sufficient capacity. 

From the Global Geothermal News archives: