Friday, December 8, 2017

Netherlands: Westland Trias Geothermal Greenhouse Heating Project on Track for 4,000 Meter Deep Well

Trias drilling approaches depth of 2,550 meters! (Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience)

(Courtesy Westland Trias)
The Trias drilling for geothermal Westland Trias project in Naaldwijk, in the Netherlands, started a month ago. The drilling of the first section went well. The first section is about 1,300 meters deep. In the weekend of 18/19 November, the steel tube (casing) with a diameter of approximately 50 cm was inserted into the borehole. The space between the borehole and the outer wall of the casing was cemented to reinforce the borehole.

The drilling of the second section started November 29. The borehole in this section has a diameter of approximately 45 cm. The drilling runs smoothly with an average speed between 10 and 15 meters per hour. We expect to be finished with the drilling of this section in a few days time, having reached a depth of 2,550 meters.  A casing will then be inserted and reinforced with cement.

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