Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Netherlands: Well Test at Trias Westland Geothermal Project Scheduled for Mid-February

Geothermal drilling is approaching Triassic layer! (Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience)

(Courtesy T&A Survey/Studio Zwemmer)
The Trias Westland drilling project at Naaldwijk, in the Netherlands, has reached a depth of approximately 3,600 meters. 

After some setbacks in December, the work is now proceeding relatively smoothly. And there is good news: the first measurements show that the Lower Cretaceous layer has a lot of potential for regular geothermal projects. 

In mid-December the second section of the drilling up to 2,500 meters depth was completed without major problems, except for a worn drill bit due to the presence of flint. The casing has been placed in the borehole and firmly cemented. 

The well test in the Triassic layer is now scheduled for mid-February. 

From the Global Geothermal News archives: