Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Global: Opportunity for Students to Serve the Geothermal Community

GRC Seeking Students for 2020 Student Committee (News Release)

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is looking for dedicated students to represent their peers on a student committee that will have a direct say in association matters. The Student Committee is a legitimate committee of the GRC Board of Directors and provides a voice for the student members of the GRC.

From this committee, one student will be selected to act as student representative to the Board of Directors. This representative will attend all board meetings with travel expenses paid by the GRC.

The student committee consists of current students worldwide that are interested in renewable energy, particularly in the geothermal industry. Any student of any curriculum is invited to join; it is not only for science based majors.

Advantages of being on the GRC Student Committee:
  • Direct interaction with leaders of the geothermal industry.
  • A platform to develop or present ideas to the GRC and the geothermal industry.
  • Assist in advancing the industry for future development.
Expectations for members of the GRC Student Committee:
  • Average time dedication is 5 hrs per month.
  • Attend monthly conference calls with the student committee.
  • Contribute to discussions and projects.
  • Participate in sub-committee duties and responsibilities:
    1. Annual Meeting Sub-committee – Help organize, set up, staff, and develop student events at the GRC Annual Meeting held every fall.
    2. Article Sub-committee – Write geothermal articles from a student perspective to be published in the bi-monthly GRC Bulletin.
    3. Fund Raising Sub-committee – Develop ways to fund raise for future student activities and events.
    4. Chapters / Bylaws Sub-committee – Maintain standard practices for students and student chapters. Assist student chapters in various activities from formation to fundraising and beyond.
If you are interested please email Anh Lay at alay@geothermal.org with your contact information and a copy of your current student ID with a valid date or class schedule. You must be a student member of the GRC (cost of membership is $20). The first 2020 Student Committee conference call will be in April.