Thursday, March 5, 2020

Global: Geothermal Magazine Now Available

GRC Bulletin - January/February 2020

Volume 49, No. 1 of the internationally-renowned geothermal energy magazine is now available - Usually only available as a benefit for GRC Members only it can be downloaded for free for a short time only!

In this issue:
  • President’s Message, by Andy Sabin
  • Executive Director's Message, by William Pettitt
  • Communication from the GRC, by Ian Crawford
  • Inside Geothermal: North America, Central & South America, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, Education, Science & Technology, Climate Change, by Ian Crawford
  • Plaine de Garonne Energies (PGE): A New Geothermal District Heating in Bordeaux, France, by Delphine Patriarche, et al
  • Geothermal Energy in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, by Luis Ruano
  • The Vikings & Geothermal Iceland, by Susan Fox Hodgson
  • An Introduction to the GRC Student Committee: Progress and Plans for 2020, by the GRC Student Committee
  • In Memoriam - Brian Berard, Mike Shook and John Pritchett  
  • Publications, Websites, Videos & Maps
  • Calendar of Events
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