Sunday, March 1, 2020

Global: Calendar of Geothermal Energy Events

Geothermal Energy Calendar from the Geothermal Resources Council

GeoTHERM - Expo & Congress - POSTPONED
5-6 March, Messe, Offenburg, Germany

Geothermal Project Development, Economics and Risks (IGA Academy)
11-12 March, Basel, Switzerland

MEET Geothermal Spring School 2020 (MEET Project)
16-20 March, CY Cergy Paris University, Cergy, France

Geothermal Production Technology (IGA Academy)
18-19 March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3rd IGC Invest Geothermal Finance & Investment Forum
25-26 March, Frankfurt, Germany

Webinar - Geothermal: State of Play (IGA Academy)
26 March, 13:00 CET

East Africa Conference on Occupational Safety and Health (EACOSH)
Investing in Safety for a Sustainable Geothermal Industry
26 March, Naivasha, Kenya

DGG/SEG Joint Geothermal Workshop: Geophysical Exploration from Fossil to Geothermal Reservoirs
27 March, Munich, Germany

Joint GRC-SPE Workshop - High Temperature Well Cementing
“Exploring Geothermal and Oil and Gas Synergies”
30 March - 1 April, San Diego, California, USA

9th ITB International Geothermal Workshop 2020
1-2 April, Bandung, Indonesia.

World Geothermal Congress 2020
27 April - 1 May, Reykjavik, Iceland

Geothermal Hackathon 2020 (Agile)Subsurface machine learning
2-3 May, IÐNÓ, Vonarstræti 3, Reykjavík, Iceland

EGU General Assembly 2020
Including session: Exploration, utilization and monitoring of conventional and unconventional geothermal resources
3-8 May, Vienna, Austria

Geothermal Regulations, Legislations and Incentives (IGA Academy)
6-7 May, Basel, Switzerland

The 7th International Meeting on Heat Flow and the Geothermal Field
(GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience)
12-14 May, Potsdam, Germany

Geo-Energy for Petroleum Engineers (IGA Academy)
19-20 May, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

14th International Conference on Energy Sustainability (ASME)
7-11 June, Denver, Colorado, USA

82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition
8-11 June, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GEOHeat 2020 (Research Geotechnological Center of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)
1-4 September, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatsky, Russia

Geothermal Volcanology Workshop 2020 (Institute of Volcanology and Seismology)
5-9 September, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatsky, Russia.

1st Inaugural Canadian Geothermal Summit 2020 (UAlberta Geothermal Research Group)
Commercialization and research of Canada's vast geothermal resources
9-10 September, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Geothermics for Petroleum Geoscientists (IGA Academy)
16-17 September, London, UK

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) - International Conference and Exhibition
Theme 7: Energy Transition - Subtheme: Geothermal
28 September - 1 October, Madrid, Spain

44th GRC Annual Meeting & Expo
18-21 October, Reno, Nevada, USA

Eighth Africa Rift Geothermal Conference (ARGeo-C8)
2-8 November, UNEP headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya

COP 26 - Climate Change Conference
9-20 November, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Der Geothermiekongress (DGK)

1st Geoscience & Engineering in Energy Transition Conference (GET2020)
16-18 November, Strasbourg, France

Geothermal for Heating and Cooling (IGA Academy)
18-19 November, Warsaw, Poland

45th GRC Annual Meeting & Expo
3-6 October, 2021, San Diego, California, USA