Tuesday, February 11, 2020

USA, Utah: Soda Lake Geothermal Power Plant to Power University of Utah

Most of the University of Utah’s electricity will now be fueled by renewable energy (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Cyrq Energy to provide 20 MW over 25 years from the Soda Lake geothermal power plant

In a landmark energy deal, the U. has agreed to buy some of its power from a geothermal plant. And with it, the school will now get more than 50% of its electricity through renewable sources.

Negotiations on the much-anticipated agreement began in 2017 and were finalized this November. Under the partnership, the university will get 20 megawatts of geothermal power from a plant in Nevada. It’s such a massive buy that the U.’s electricity will now be fueled 53.7% by renewable energy. Before the contract, it was only 4.6%.
The U.’s contract for the power, made with the Utah-based company Cyrq Energy, which owns the geothermal plant in Nevada known as the Soda Lake Field, will include a fixed rate for 25 years. The university declined to disclose the price per unit, but said it’s comparable to what it currently pays for electricity.

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