Tuesday, January 14, 2020

USA, Nevada: More Electric Vehicles Will Boost Geothermal Energy Development in Silver State - Report

Electrifying Nevada’s 21st Century Transportation System: Actions, Opportunities, Aspirations (Governor’s Office of Energy)

Converting the transportation sector increases load on Nevada’s electric system, accelerating new energy resource development — both solar and geothermal —  to serve the State’s growing needs and also demand beyond its borders.

Nevada’s future is electric, powered by its abundant sunshine and geothermal resources. Since the late 1990s, the State’s energy policy has been to maximize the use of these resources for energy independence and also develop the markets for it. As recently as 2016, Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval emphasized the strategic importance of the energy industry, directing a path to “become the nation’s leading producer and consumer of clean and renewable energy.”

The disruption of the transportation sector is no longer speculative. It is happening all around us. With the appropriate strategic leadership and execution, as opposed to waiting and seeing, Nevada is poised to benefit significantly from the convergence of the transportation and energy sectors. An electric, 21st-century transportation system will support Nevada’s goal to be a leading producer of renewable energy, and also the pioneer that is defining and pushing the limits of advanced mobility in the United States. To be that vanguard, it is imperative that Nevada mobilizes a regime to accelerate the electrification of all modes of transportation.

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