Thursday, January 9, 2020

Turkey: Geothermal Heat Enough to Increase Greenhouse Temperature by 25 Degrees

Turkey: Geothermal greenhouse to be built in Didim (Horti Daily)

(Courtesy Aydin Hedef)
The environmental assessment process for a geothermal greenhouse to be built in the Didim district of Aydin has officially started. The greenhouse which will cost around 50,000 USD to build, will be 3-hectares in size with a geothermal well drilled within the area. The heat generated from the well will be enough to increase the greenhouse temperature up to 25 degrees by itself.

The greenhouse will be built with a PE greenhouse cover at the top of the galvanized steel construction and polycarbonate cover on the sides. The greenhouse is expected to become operational during 2020 and will be used to grow tomato, green pepper, cucumber, and cut flowers. 16 people will be employed at the greenhouse when it becomes fully operational.

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