Monday, January 13, 2020

Science & Technology: Using Machine Learning to Enhance Geothermal Exploration Process

Harnessing heat: Applying machine learning to geothermal exploration (Colorado School of Mines)

Professor Sebnem Duzgun
Professor Sebnem Duzgun's work could help researchers identify the presence of geothermal resources based on surface and subsurface characteristics

What are the benefits of using machine learning to analyze remote-sensing hyperspectral images?

Sebnem Duzgun, professor and Fred Banfield Distinguished Endowed Chair of Mining Engineering: Hyperspectral images contain fine details of information about the materials. However, identifying a specific material — like geothermal indicator minerals — from a hyperspectral image cube is a complex process. Machine learning algorithms will allow us to map the abundance of the specific indicator minerals for geothermal sites with high accuracy. Later, these maps will allow us to correlate surface and subsurface characteristics of geothermal sites.

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