Monday, January 13, 2020

Iceland: Geothermal-Powered Biodome Planned for Reykjavik Suburb

How a ground-breaking biodome being planned in Iceland could change cities around the world (Arctic Today)

An artist’s rendering of the planned ALDIN Biodome Resort at dusk, shown in the Elliðaárdalur Valley and Park in Reykjavik, Iceland. (WilkinsonEyre)
By combining geothermal and vertical farming technologies in a resort-style biodome, a new Reykjavik project could become a model for 21st century sustainable tourism.

The Aldin Biodome Resort secured planning permission late last year to build the world’s first geo-climate biodome, a new type of heated greenhouse resort that grows its own exotic food, hosting dining facilities, yoga classes and other events, and providing comfort, health and nourishment all-year-round, while being entirely naturally carbon-emissions free in operations.

The whole complex will be heated by tapping into the region’s abundant geothermal energy in the form of excess hot spring water from a direct source on site, which is part of Reykjavik’s supply system.

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