Monday, December 2, 2019

Greece: New National Energy Plan Mandates 100 MW of Geothermal Capacity by 2030

Greece aims to install 5 GW of PV by 2030 (PV Magazine)

Greece’s new strategy for its energy sector and the climate builds on an earlier version of the plan that was published in January by the previous government. However the authorities have tweaked the plan significantly to provide for the new government’s pledge to phase out coal by 2028.

The plan now requires renewables to supply 35% of Greece’s final energy consumption in 2030, up from 31% in the previous plan. Of this, renewable energy systems are set to account for a staggering 61% of Greece’s electricity consumption by 2030. Renewables will also provide 43% of Greece’s heating and cooling and 19% of its transportation needs by the end of the coming decade.

Greece’s new national energy plan mandates 7.7 GW of cumulative solar PV capacity by 2030, 7 GW of cumulative wind power capacity, in addition to 3.7 GW of hydropower, 300 MW of biomass and biogas, and 100 MW of geothermal capacity.

From the Global Geothermal News archives: