Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Science & Technology: Water Hammer Drilling Could Revolutionize Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy

It’s Time for a Geothermal Revolution (Strada)

by Ben Strange, CEO, Strada Global

By developing low-cost, efficient deep drilling methods, we believe that we have a system that will make many geothermal projects viable and affordable, irrespective of resource depth and local geology. Until now, drilling for geothermal energy has only been possible in certain geographies and parts of the world with shallow or accessible resources. With our technology, we believe the map is unlimited.  

For this reason, after several challenging years trying to bring this technology to market, I am delighted to say that we began water hammer testing this month.  When our testing is complete at the end of the year, I hope to be able to share results which will mean that the world will be able to drill through deep-hard rock terrain in an affordable and sustainable way. It could be a game-changer for accessing hot dry rock geothermal energy and the way the world is powered.