Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Science & Technology: Jersey Company Secures Funding to Complete Testing of Innovative Geothermal Drilling Technology

Strada Secures New Funding To Test Breakthrough Technology For Geothermal (News Release)

Strada, a Jersey (a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom) based geothermal project development company and an innovative technology company specialising in deep drilling, has today announced that it has secured new investment to complete the testing of its unique, patented, Fluid Hammer Operating System (FHOS). 

Once testing is completed, it is anticipated that Strada’s system will enable deep drilling, that could unlock previously inaccessible sources of geothermal energy, in any terrain. It is believed that the technology could also be applied for critical infrastructure projects that require deep drilling that is safe, fast and affordable.

From the Global Geothermal News archives: