Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Italy: Potential for Geothermal Energy in the Adriatic Sea

Geological Modelling of Abandoned – Hydrocarbon Prospects for Geothermal Use in The Adriatic Sea, Italy (Industrial Technology)

by S. Cognigni, et al

Collection and processing of geological and geophysical public data for a 3D geological and preo-physical modelling of rocks in the Adriatic Sea: two neighbouring areas located in different geological settings aimed to develop two different approaches for geothermal reservoir characterisation.

This work highlights that:
  • The Adriatic Sea is characterised by different reservoir parameters and thermal conditions even in relatively close areas
  • In carbonate reservoir, temperature values are about 10°C higher than the siliciclastic reservoir at similar depth
  • The Scaglia Reservoir in carbonate area has been identified as the preferential reservoir, due to its shallower depth and higher reservoir properties.