Thursday, October 3, 2019

Canada: DEEP Plans to Begin Construction of Geothermal Power Plant in Late Spring of Next Year

DEEP Continues Project Near Torquay (

A project near Torquay is getting set to enter its next phase as DEEP Energy continues to demonstrate the feasibility of geothermal power generation in southeast Saskatchewan.

The company recently finished drilling their first well, and are starting work on their second well which will be used to generate power through the use of water which has been heated underground.

“It becomes a production well, and the second well becomes the injection well, so that we have Canada’s first geothermal doublet, so we then produce out of one well, and inject into the other and run our long term 60/90 day flow test,” explained Kirsten Marcia, the CEO of DEEP Energy.

When the doublet is up and running, they can begin their flow tests and determine the viability of the project, as well as determine what changed need to be made.

“Once we have that detailed data, then we can refine our engineering plan,” said Marcia when talking about the next steps of the process. The goal is to begin the construction of the full-scale facility in the late spring of 2020.

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