Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Austria: Excellent Video Demonstration of the Vienna Basin Hydro-Geothermal System

An interesting geothermal energy prospect in the Vienna Basin…and its connection to oil and gas (The Field - AGU)

By Philip S. Prince, Virginia Tech Active Tectonics and Geomorphology Lab

(Video 4:31 Minutes)

I think the hydrogeothermal plans for the Vienna Basin are particularly interesting because some projects intend to target specific deformed sedimentary layers within the buried thrust structures. Carbonate sedimentary units are of particular interest because they should permit adequately rapid flow of waters into the producing wells and out of the re-injection wells. The targets are also sufficiently deep to offer elevated temperature (>100 degrees C). The same Zimmer and Wessely (1996) cross section that was originally prepared to show hydrocarbon plays has actually been re-purposed to show hydrogeothermal target layers in a few reports.

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