Wednesday, June 12, 2019

USA: New Technology Can Salvage Additional 15% Power from Discarded Geothermal Fluids

PwrCor Collaborates with SMU Geothermal Laboratories to Pursue an Unexploited Geothermal Application (News Release)

PwrCor, Inc., an advanced technology company focusing on clean, renewable energy solutions for the Waste-Heat-to-Power, Geothermal, and Solar Thermal markets based in New York, has announced that Southern Methodist University (SMU) Geothermal Laboratories of Dallas, Texas has completed a significant industry research project that was instrumental in  assessing the potential of PwrCor’s proprietary technology to generate electricity from wasted ultra-low-grade heat (150°F to 250°F) discarded by existing geothermal power facilities.

New calculations indicate an additional 427 MWe, or approximately 15%, can be derived from the spent geothermal fluids utilizing the PwrCor bottoming cycle technology. An additional 100 MWe of output can be conservatively imputed from the remaining installed capacity for which there was insufficient available data.