Thursday, May 30, 2019

USA: Enel to Use Innovative Predictive Maintenance Software to Optimize Field Operations at its Geothermal Facilities

Enel Green Power First in North America to Deploy New Predictive Maintenance Technology at Geothermal Plants (Oil and Gas 360)

Enel’s US renewable subsidiary Enel Green Power North America Inc. and Irvine, California-based NarrativeWave, a US company specialized in Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Things, signed an agreement under which Enel Green Power North America will deploy NarrativeWave’s innovative predictive maintenance software to optimize field operations at its geothermal facilities.

(Video1:55 Minutes)

This is the first ever use of this technology in North America at geothermal plants with electrical submersible pumps.

Enel Green Power North America’s 25 MW Cove Fort, 13.4 MW Salt Wells and 33.1 MW Stillwater facilities are the only geothermal plants in North America to use large-scale electrical submersible pumps  for the extraction of geothermal fluid, a cleaner and more efficient technology that ensures zero energy losses. These pumps operate 1,700 feet underground in 310-degree water, a challenging setting for monitoring and maintenance activities.

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