Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Uganda: Update on Geothermal Energy Exploration

Uganda’s love - hate affair with Geothermal energy (Daily Monitor)

(Courtesy CIA.gov)
Uganda currently has no geothermal power. Power that is said to be cheaper than most of the country’s sources. Investors interested come and go without doing much.

In fact, government is looking for a development partner to aid its development costs to boost production. “We are looking for a development partner to support us with the development costs,” Ms Ziria Tibalwa, chief executive officer Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) says.

Development costs, she says, involve exploration and drilling which do not come cheap.

Five years back, seven companies received licences to explore geothermal energy. This figure has dropped to only three. Currently, Gids Consult Limited holds the licence to Buranga in Bundibugyo which is currently drilling while Ihimbo in Rukungiri is held by Moto geothermal project Limited at the surface exploration stage.

Panyigoro sits with Bantu Energy Uganda Limited which has only started with the surface exploration.

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