Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Republic of Ireland: Downhole Data Confirms 260 Degrees F Offshore Geothermal Resource

Technical Update - Dunquin North Geothermal Assessment (News Release)

Providence Presents Dunquin North Geothermal Resource Technical Paper

Providence Resources P.L.C., the Irish based energy company, today provided a technical update regarding its ongoing geothermal resource assessment of the Dunquin North Lower Cretaceous carbonate build-up.  Dunquin North is situated in Frontier Exploration Licence (FEL) 3/04 in the southern Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland.

Providence’s Technical Director, Dr. John O’Sullivan, presented a paper on the company’s latest assessment of Dunquin North’s geothermal resource potential at the American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s (AAPG) 3rd Hydrocarbon Geothermal Crossover Workshop in Geneva this afternoon.

  • The Dunquin North (44/23-1) well data confirms the presence of a massive porous over-pressured LK carbonate reservoir system in the southern Porcupine Basin offshore Ireland
  • Whilst residual oil is present, pressures and sampling have confirmed that the mobile phase is water 
  • Downhole data have confirmed a TD reservoir temperature of c. 260 Degrees F
  • Integration of seismic and well data support the potential presence of a large offshore geothermal resource (c. 7 Billion Barrels) with further upside potential
  • Further work ongoing to assess whether this geothermal resource could be developed to provide Ireland with a dispatchable green baseload power supply to underpin intermittent renewables such as wind and solar
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