Tuesday, January 8, 2019

United Kingdom: Bath Abbey Geothermal Heating Project Gets Underway

Bath Abbey to be heated using water from city's hot springs (The Guardian)

Green energy scheme uses 1.1m litres of hot water flowing through Roman baths each day

The Roman Baths with 
Bath Abbey in the background. 
Photo by Ian Crawford (2017)
Work to install eco-friendly heating in Bath Abbey using hot water from the city’s Roman baths is beginning.

Contractors are surveying the great Roman drain, which carries steaming water from Bath’s hot springs to the River Avon, as part of a project to use the springs to warm the nearby abbey that starts on Tuesday.

Every day, 1.1m litres (250,000 gallons) of hot water flow through the Roman baths from the thermal spring located at the heart of the site. A large quantity of this hot water eventually ends up in the Avon via the great Roman drain.

When harnessed and converted, the abbey says it could potentially produce 1.5 MW of continuous energy to support a 200 kW ground-source heat pump system.

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