Thursday, December 27, 2018

USA, California: Research Opportunity on Addressing Impact of Real or Idealized Industrial Geothermal Activities

Determining deformation mechanisms at active geothermal fields in the western United States and their implications for seismic hazard (USGS)

Located in Menlo Park, California, USA

We seek a Mendenhall postdoctoral fellow to advance our capability to reconcile observed patterns in seismicity and ground deformation with physics-based models of geothermal field fluid and heat circulation, associated reservoir deformation and active stimulation. Ideally, this work would address the impact of real or idealized industrial geothermal activities.

We invite proposals to improve our understanding of aseismic moment release, fault friction dynamics, permeability alteration, migration of fluids, and/or changes in the state of stress, pressure, and temperature.

Additionally, we invite research to help determine the relative importance of these phenomena in geothermal environments using observations like seismicity patterns, surface deformation, pressure and temperature, borehole (or inferred) stress information, and injection and production volumes.

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