Monday, December 31, 2018

Africa: Energy Highlights 2018 from the UN Environment Africa Office

UN Environment Africa Office, Energy Highlights 2018

Africa Rift Geothermal Development Facility (ARGeo)
  1. Catalysed investment in geothermal energy development in ARGeo member countries
  2. Agreed with CTCN a Technical Assistance for Geothermal Direct Use Projects in ARGeo member countries
  3. ARGeo C7 Stimulated geothermal interest in the region and mainstreamed Direct Use application for geothermal power development (October-November 2018)
African Geothermal Center Of Excellence (AGCE)

Transformed the African continent through Capacity and skill development in Geothermal science and Technology
  1. Four parallel Pre-ARGeo C7 short courses
  2. First Level-1 geothermal training on ‘Introduction to geothermal science and technology’
Catalyzed Clean Energy Access & Energy Efficiency In Africa
  1. Enhanced Private sector engagement and developed technical skills through the Africa Women Energy Entrepreneurs Framework (AWEEF)
  2. Adopted a desk study report on Biomass Energy production and utilization in Africa
Regional Responsive Renewable Energy Information Systems

Partnership & Resource Mobilization