Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Belgium: One Day Symposium on Deep Geothermal Energy

Vito Symposium: Deep Geothermal Energy

Wednesday, 14 November 2018, Conference Hall - VITO Mol, Belgium

Geothermal energy is a local, sustainable, reliable and affordable source of energy deep below our feet, which will play a substantial role in the sustainable energy mix of the future.

During this geothermal symposium the different steps from exploration to operation will be discussed. A new geological model of the deep subsurface of Flanders and the results of novel geophysical exploration techniques will be presented.

The Flemish legislation (guarantee scheme and permits) for the geothermal market is in full development. Both the Flemish and European context will be explained here by specialists.

After lunch, at the end of this symposium, you can visit the Balmatt geothermal power plant at VITO in Mol.