Friday, August 10, 2018

Netherlands: Natural Gas Producer Vermilion Gets into Geothermal

Aardgasproducent Vermilion stapt in geothermie en biogas
 - Natural gas producer Vermilion gets into geothermal and biogas (Energeia)

(From Google Translate) With regard to geothermal energy, the plans are threefold, explains commercial advisor Michiel Ottevanger of Vermilion

In the first place Vermilion is exploring the possibilities to use dry or produced gas wells for geothermal energy. 

In the North Holland Middenmeer, just to the west of the Agriport A7 horticultural area, this idea has already taken concrete forms. 

Here, since 2016, the company has been conducting research together with Energie Combinatie Wieringermeer to use two of the three wells as doublet . There is now an SDE + decision and most of the permits have already been received.

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