Thursday, July 5, 2018

Turkey: Zorlu Joins EU Geothermal Gas Emission Control Project

Turkey's Zorlu joins EU zero emissions geothermal project (Anadolu Agency)

EU project includes Zorlu Energy and Middle East Technical University as Turkey's participants

Zorlu Energy Group, one of the pioneer companies in Turkey's local and renewable energy sector, is now a party to the EU Geothermal Gas Emission Control (GECO) project, the company announced Wednesday.

Out of eighteen participant companies in the GECO project, Zorlu Energy Group and the Middle East Technical University (METU) are Turkey's participants, the company said, adding that other project participants include institutions and organizations from France, the U.K., Italy, Iceland and Germany.

GECO aims to reduce carbon dioxide and similar gas emissions to zero by providing sustainability in geothermal areas. The implementation of international field applications along with knowledge sharing is among the other goals of the project.

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