Monday, July 9, 2018

United Kingdom: Geothermal Energy is Key to Revitalizing the Cornish Economy

Cornwall drills to get off the rocks (The Times)

A poverty-stricken county is reviving itself with geothermal energy and space tech

As the holiday season in Cornwall hits its peak at the end of August, a fleet of 75 lorries will wind its way along the A30, the main trunk road west to Land’s End.

The juggernauts will carry the components of a huge drilling rig from Finland — part of an ambitious £18m project to bring mining back to Poldark country. Not for tin, however, like the hero of the BBC’s Sunday night drama; this rig will test for geothermal energy at the Porthtowan Fault near Redruth.

From drilling deep into the earth in search of energy-rich hot rocks to flying thousands of miles above it, Cornwall’s plans to boost its economy are nothing if not ambitious.

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