Monday, June 25, 2018

United Kingdom: Hurdles Remain for Project to Bring Geothermal Power From Iceland to Great Britain

Iceland demands fixed price to give UK volcano power (Compelo)

Iceland's finance minister has called on the UK Government to offer a fixed energy price to enable plans for an undersea electricity cable between the two countries to move ahead.

Talks over a 1,000km (620 mile) long, 1,000 MW cable have been on the cards for decades but Bjarni Benediktsson said the project would need to “pass a lot of hurdles”, including environmental and planning concerns, before being approved. The project would use the power generated by Icelandic volcanoes to fuel British households. He added: “When you look at a project like the cable you will always have to look very long-term.

Construction is due to start in 2019 and the project will include 18 million tonnes of copper and 13 million tonnes of aluminium.

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