Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Europe: 50 Million Euros to Fund Nine Geothermal Projects

Geothermica Projects Start Kicking Off (News Release)

European Research Area (ERA) NET Cofund has selected nine high quality trans-national projects on geothermal energy for funding. The total investment in the projects is close to € 50 million. About half is funded by Geothermica and the other half comes from project partners. As soon as all contracts have been signed, the projects will be announced at the Geothermica website.

Projects cover a broad range of topics such as heat storage, managing induced seismicity, EGS drilling and completion, production operations, composite casing and integrated applications of geothermal heat. They have participants from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, France, Flanders, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Azores Portugal.

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