Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Indonesia: Third Unit at Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant Begins Commercial Operation

Sarulla Geothermal Power Plant Expands To 330 Mw With Third And Final Unit Commencing Commercial Operation (News Release)

(Courtesy Ormat Technologies Inc.)
Ormat Technologies Inc. today announced that NIL 2, the third unit of the Sarulla geothermal power plant, has commenced commercial operation, bringing the project to its full capacity of 330 MW.

Located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, the 330 MW Sarulla power plant is one of the world's largest geothermal power plants and it includes three units of approximately 110 MW each, utilizing both steam and brine extracted from the geothermal field to increase the power plant’s efficiency.

SIL, the first unit of the power plant, commenced commercial operation in March 2017 and NIL 1, the second unit, commenced commercial operation in October 2017. Both units are performing well. NIL 2, the third unit, commenced commercial operation on May 4, 2018, reaching full completion under the Energy Sales Contract on schedule.

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