Wednesday, May 30, 2018

France: More than 70 Geothermal Plants Provide Space Heating

France, a European leader in geothermal energy (EGEC)

Geothermal is already a key sector in the development of renewable energy in France to reach the mid-term and long-term objectives fixed by the French law on energy transition ‘Loi de Transition Energ├ętique pour la Croissance Verte (LTECV).

Thanks to its great experience in the Paris basin, France is leading the geothermal district heating market in Europe. More than 70 geothermal plants provide space heating in France. The majority of these installations have been installed in the 80s, and today they supply heating to around 300 000 Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). In the Paris area, geothermal supplies heat to more than 187 000 EDU, which corresponds to more than 240 000 tonnes of CO2 avoided annually. In 2015, the French geothermal market represents 388 M€, in comparison with 282 M€ in 2013 (+38 %).