Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Canada: Binary Geothermal Energy Plant Could Power Lithium Extraction Facility

​E3 Metals moves a step closer to lithium extraction from oilfield brine with patent pending technology (JWN Energy)

The Company envisions that hot brine from the Leduc reservoir will pass through a heat exchanger. This heat will flash a secondary (or binary) fluid to steam that pushes a turbine and generates power.
Initial metallurgical test work on E3 Metals Corp.’s proprietary lithium extraction technology produced a lithium concentrate of up to 1,206 milligrams per litre, a concentration factor of 16 times, the Calgary-based company said.

E3 Metals conducted six bench scale metallurgical tests of its concentration technology on lithium enriched Leduc Formation water (raw brine) from the Exshaw West Project Area in western Alberta.

With high porosity and permeability, the Leduc Formation has demonstrated the ability to deliver high volumes of hot (70 to 100 degrees Celsius/ 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) brine. With extensive oil and gas infrastructure – including disposal wells, production sites and pipelines – and a mature regulatory regime, Alberta is an attractive jurisdiction for petro-lithium development, the company said.