Monday, April 16, 2018

Indonesia: PT Supreme Energy Boss Reaffirms Commitment to Geothermal Energy Projects

Supramu Santoso: It’s Challenging, but We Stick in Geothermal (TheInsiderStories)

TheInsiderStories interviews President and CEO of PT Supreme Energy Supramu Santoso.

Q: How is the progress of Supreme’s Business? We will start the construction of geothermal plants in June this year and targets the operation in 2020. It takes around three years. The project capacity is 91 megawatt.

Q: It is your first project? No, we earlier drilled some geothermal wells, but we should continue to drill around 13 wells. We currently have three geothermal concession in West Sumatra, South Sumatra, and Lampung.

Q: How much is the potential power capacity of the project? Around 80 megawatts in West Sumatra project.

Q: How about the other projects? In South Sumatra project, we will start drilling in July this year. For Lampung project, we hope we can build a road to the project this year.

Q: How much is the total capacity of the project? We do not know. It depends on. It is difficult to estimate. In the past, we expected around 600 megawatts for the three projects but the exploration result is different. So we do not dare to estimate, we hope to discover around 200 megawatts.

Q: Do you have a project that already in production phase? The West Sumatra project will (come) on stream on 2019, (with) approximately 86 megawatt of gross production.

Q: The renewables business faced many obstacles, but are your company stick in this industry? When we first entered the geothermal industry, it was very promising. The energy demand projected to grow around 9% per year while the oil and gas production dropped. In addition, Indonesia has huge geothermal sources. So, I was thinking that it’s a good investment, but it is not easy.

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