Monday, April 23, 2018

Finland: Drilling at 40 MWth Espoo Geothermal District Heating Project Reaches Final Depth of 6,400 Meters

New world record at St1’s geothermal drilling site! (LinkedIn)

by Mika Wiljanen, CEO at St1 Oy Finland and St1 Norge AS Norway

The first well in the Otaniemi project has now been drilled to the final depth of 6.4 km on Saturday evening and we have shown the world that deep wells can be drilled into Scandinavian granite in cooperation with St1 and partners. Our goal is to build industrial scale heat plant running on geothermal energy.

To date, three deeper wells have been drilled for research use; in Russia 12.3 km, in Germany 9.1 km and in Sweden 6.96 km. Our well is the deepest well ever drilled for energy production, a world record in its kind.

Production manager Tero Saarno's German influence from a drilling contractor took a supremacy at the emotional a world record moment, but in close crew this is how it goes. Congratulations to the whole drilling team!

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